A Matter of Survival

Europeans Back to the Dark-Ages

If the winter of 2022 does not send “Europeans back to the Dark Ages”, what does? I originally began this posting with this question regarding the state the Europeans currently are in. After that, I decided that it was a too pessimistic way to start it. So, I replaced the headline with the “Modern Day German Migration.”

German Migration

In Germany consumers received letters from utility companies warning that prices will soon rise. They may from seventy to two hundred percent. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, described the situation as “social dynamite.” He warned of public unrest if gas prices rise drastically.

The situation is so dire that Sholz is also contemplating sending elderly to Türkiye. So that they can have a better life there. If life is to become unbearable in Europe what exactly is going on that the public does not know? Leaving people in the “dark,” literally and physically, does not work in Modernity.

Democracy requires informed voters. That is why Europeans are back to the Dark Ages in 2020 when there is no ripe environment for genuine dialogues. Everything is hush hush. Elected officials do not know what they are doing. Worse, they don’t have answers.

Europeans Back to the Dark Ages

A Sinister Globalist Idea

To put it into another perspective, the sinister Globalist ideas were at work for a long time in Germany led Europe. Creating chaos and then transforming dynamics of the society were the plans.

Hence, recently, “Resurecting NATO Before Killing” and “Swedish-Finish NATO Hypocrisy” took place. Before that, Covid-19 was in play for two years. That is why, I posed the question of “What’s Wrong Over the Horizon.” I did it for sarcastic reasons.

Joe Biden is part of the grand plan of the Globalists. Much like Bill Clinton, George Bush (43), and Barack Obama were. That is why I also wrote: “Türkiye helps Ukraine, not America.” Globalists never cared about Ukraine.

Their goal was to create chaos by making Russia do the work or, alternatively, Türkiye against Greece. Türkiye did not bite. Unfortunately, Russia did. Nevertheless, so far the sinister Globalist ideas are still on a limbo.

New World Order

à la Globalist

Jim Clayton at Conservative Daily News writes. “They are a group of highly influential elitist millionaires and billionaires. They have evil plans.They hope to accomplish by the year 2030. Proponents and supporters of this New World Order (NWO) are George Soros, Bill Gates, and assorted corporations. The NWO believes the ideal sustainable world population is 1/2 Billion. So seven billion people have to be eliminated. It means they will totally rule your whole life, Totalitarian style. The original idea was a Utopian idealism.  No border, no money needed, just one benevolent government for all humanity. It will be so advanced we will hardly have to work, and spiritually evolved.

Europeans Back to the Dark Ages

Good news: Europeans Back to the Dark Ages will be a temporary phase in life. Russia and Türkiye together will most likely spoil Globalist attempts to create chaos in the world.

There is even worse news for Globalists. Wasn’t it David Rockefeller that said when he was 107 years old: “To give good life to one billion people on earth, we had to enslave five billion.”

Globalist controlled projections indicate that by 2050 the world’s population will be about nine and a half billion people. So the question is: What went wrong with the twentieth century Globalist plans? How did this five billion already become seven and a half in one century?

More importantly, how do Globalists plan to annihilate so many billions by 2030. It is already two years into the decade and only about ten million Ukrainians are displaced. Much to the chagrin of Globalists, by the end of the century there will be more than eleven billion people on Planet Earth.

Globalists Must Replace Their Economists

Otherwise: God Helps Them

Economics is not an exact science. Unforeseen circumstances may occur to derail forecasts. For example, there are natural disasters. Reportedly, Globalists do not consider that there is a God. So, we would like to know. Where exactly these earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, hurricanes come from.

Then, there are also wars, political upheavals, epidemics, and pandemics. By now, the whole world knows how Globalists are behind most of them. Consequently, enough with Globalist hypocrisies. They don’t have answers for the ultimate questions of humanity on life and death, but when it comes to making life miserable to billions, they are the masters.

Simply put, Europeans back to the dark ages is a simple and sinister Globalist plan. People should not believe them. Instead, those that are in Europe should reach out to the helping hands of Russians and Turks. So that everyone on Planet Earth can live in peace and leave Globalists to their own misery in their own bubbles.


Modern Day German Migration

Last time Germans arrived the region as the Crusaders about a thousand years ago. Then, they were not welcomed. Ever since, they welcomed Turks and others after WWII to Europe. They even did it with open arms, at least in the early stages. Now, the region would surely return the favor to the German migrants. On that thought, at the end, maybe this sinister Globalist plan may have something good to offer for everyone involved!