Worse Than Direct Sanctions

Hidden Embargo Hurts America

Hidden Embargo of the West against New Turkey backfires. The embargo against the Turkish state is nothing new, but in 2020, hidden or open, it no longer works.

Donald Trump understood it well and tried hard to avoid it but he was alone. Not even Republican members of the US Senate helped him to rectify the long-time-wrong against Turkey.

In fact, they went overboard with their Democrat partners by recently approving CAATSA 231 against Turkey. Now it is time to pay the price because “Turks Are Coming!”

A Disaster: Hidden Embargo Hurts America

Hidden embargo is a bad amen for a deadly cycle: It comes back and hunts the instigator.

Hidden embargo from the West began soon after the modern Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923. After the Liberation War of 1919-1922 gave total victory to Turks, the West had to live with Turkey. Turks were the formidable enemy and they had to be kept under leash without aggravating or offending them outright. After all, they had manhandled the Russians, French, Brits, Greeks, Armenians, Italians and Arabs at the same time.

A half a century later, the West understood that it was a mistake to try to tame Turks with a hidden embargo. But it was already too late. In 1974, Turks took one-third of Cyprus with a military incursion. Even the nearby presence of the indomitable US Six Fleet was not enough to stop them. The threat from the Soviet Union did not deter them either.

The West was left with no choice but to slap sanctions on the long-time ally in the midst of the Cold War. This was mistake number Two. Turks took notice and moved on, accordingly and quietly. They started to invest to create everything indigenously. So, they would not be subjugated to other sanctions, hidden or otherwise, anymore.

By the turn of the Millennia, they were ready to launch mass production of their industrial and military needs with their own means. No sooner, they realized the West was at its game again with a hidden embargo. That was the last nail in the coffin. They understood that it was now time to become independent from the Western yoke.

Hidden Embargo Hurts America

Because It Comes Back & Hunts

Supporters of hidden embargo believe that it is better than outright sanctions. Unfortunately, hidden embargo is no different than a drug. It makes someone feel good until the after effect kicks in.

Hidden embargo is the worst because it is insidious and shows the weakness of the instigator. Those that are subject to a hidden embargo learn in the second time around how to hit back.

The US and Germany:

Guinea Pig or Pig Headed?! 

The US has been the main supplier of technology and know-how to Turkey since 1930s. Germany joined the US, supplying its own indigenous technology since 1960s. From there on, Turkey became solely dependent on both for its vital industrial needs and military platforms until 2002.

First, there was complacency:

The US thought it was smarter

The US first convinced Turkey, in 1930, not to invest in heavy industries. It offered to supply finished products instead. Turkey was already mass manufacturing its own aircraft. The factory was bolted shut within a few years. In the 1950s, Turkey came back under a new regime and sought out-right know-how and investment for a major iron and steel plant. The US rejected the request. The Soviet Union filled the vacuum, building one in Iskenderun and with technology transfer.

Big Mistake was next:

The US and Germany ganged up against Turkey together

In 1960, there was regime change in Turkey, again with US interference. Incoming Turks, this time came up with an automotive factory in mind. No sooner, they indigenously produced prototypes. Germany, by now, was in a position to provide further know-how.

Instead, Germany toed the line behind the US. As a result, Turks understood that their hands were tied. The project was dead from birth. In the aftermath, Germany flooded the Turkish market with its own version. Some came with licenses from the US.

From there on, Turkey always received everything second hand from either the US or Germany. Everything was an earlier or older model: aircraft, tanks, missiles, radars, machinery. Plus, they all came with additional delays.

Turkey had enough:

Third Strike

In 1974, Turks had enough. They took the initiative into their hands, with the military incursion to Cyprus. The West promptly slapped them with an embargo, that lasted three years under Jimmy Carter’s regime. Turkey, as a staunch NATO ally, did not take it lightly and this embargo became the breaking point in the relationship. At that stage, the trust factor was no longer there between Turkey and the West.

The Globalists Made It Worse

In the ensuing Ronald Reagan years, there was hope if the US worked with Turkey openly on the outstanding issues. Unfortunately, with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Globalists came to power in the West. Everything went down the drain from thereon. Hidden embargo became the soup du jour every day for these Globalists.

Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, the 42nd, 43rd, and 44th presidents of the US abused the hidden embargo against New Turkey. They did not have the luxury to take this path but they chose the easy way out. They kicked the can so to speak as they did on most matters when they reigned.

New Turkey and The Future of the West

New Turkey, with the Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime in power starting in 2002, took advantage of the novice US administrations. The 43rd and the 44th presidents were no match. They never noticed how New Turkey was playing its cards and building indigenous military industry at a rapid pace before their eyes.

By the time the 45th president, Donald Trump came to power, it was already too late for the US. New Turkey was all but independent of the Western yoke. Trump understood well and quickly, New Turkey was also soon to leave NATO if this recklessness continued. In the first meeting, he noticed G-7 was not worth attending at all. Instead, he had to focus on the G-20 meetings. There, countries like New Turkey had to be won back again.

Trump knew well by 2018, how far New Turkey was ahead in development on all fronts. Hidden embargo or open sanctions were not the ways to rely on anymore. The US had to work on equal grounds with New Turkey. The future of Western Civilization in Europe was at stake. Military platforms, automotive industry and energy explorations aside, New Turkey, by-now, had one of a kind technologies and that was only the beginning!

Military Platforms

In 2020, New Turkey is leaving no military platform in the hands of a foreign power. Seven Turkish companies are now among the 100 biggest military behemoths in the world. Nearly a dozen more are making great strides to make the prestigious list. Five of them are reportedly expected to make the top ten list within a decade.

Automotive Industry

In 2022, a fully automated and electrical, totally indigenous car will roll out from the massive assembly line. The vehicle will be a by-product of an expansive echo-system that will be the Silicone Valley for new generation intelligent transportation.

By then, no one should be surprised if this car, called TOGG, to go about lot more than 500 miles with 10 minute ordinary charge. They are never heard of numbers in the West, but for Turks, they are only small details to work on. They may be off a few hundred miles up or down, or a minute either way, respectively.

This technological wonder is expected to diminish ten percent of the German car exports for the start. What kind of additional damage will the eco-system will come with, no one knows!

Energy Explorations

By 2025, New Turkey will be the energy giant of the future. The first nuclear plant will long be operational but that is beside the point. From oil and hydrocarbon explorations on land to offshore platforms in the surrounding seas, massive proven reserves are reportedly already discovered. Within five years, they are projected to be on ships or pipelines heading to markets.

That is on top of the current pipelines going over Turkey, supplying  more than 30 percent of the energy need of Europe. They come from Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran and Iraq. Turkish pipelines and ports are their most efficient and in some cases the sole access to the European markets.

How EastMed Pipeline Fallacy
Robbed Israel Ten Years

This Turkish factor, being an energy pipeline hub, is the reason for that. Hidden embargo against New Turkey ironically came back to hunt this time Israel of wealth and growth for a full decade. Israel could have supplied hydrocarbon to Europe like 6 other major suppliers have been doing it all along with no drop to waste.

All the smart Alecs of the West could not build an alternative pipeline for Israel to export without going over the Turkish pipeline network. They had a whole decade since 2009 to make it happen. However, nothing came out of their effort. They ignored one simple fact. How could they have thought to be smarter than the six major exporters from the East that were using the Turkish hub?

Here is a good example of why these “Erbil Writes” articles carry “ALL THE NEWS That is Not Fit to Print in America” title. No one writes about these topics. Others prefer to serve the agenda of hidden embargos here and there. So, read this article or “GameChanger” ten years from now and rob Israel another ten years of wealth and prosperity!

Hidden Embargo Hurts America

But also Germany and the West

Meanwhile, it is easy to notice that New Turkey turned to the East every time the US or Germany came up with an embargo. Russia and China capitalized alternatively on the opportunity. In the interim, Turkey primarily acquired missile and nuclear technologies from them.

Others from Asia like Japan and S. Korea and from Europe like Italy and Spain provided technology transfers as well. They allowed New Turkey to make great strides in warship building, electronics, helicopter and tank productions. That is how Trukey elevated indigenous development and production from 20% to 70% in two decades.

Last two decades

Indigenous Military Production of New Turkey

Up from 20% to 70%

Within two years, New Turkey, reportedly, will complete hundreds of small and large military projects. Some of the major platforms tare already under production. Having stealth technologies and indigenous engines reflect their range and sophistication.

  • Half a dozen submarines with cruise missiles can stay under the water longer than two weeks without nuclear technology. Manufactured one per year for now
  • Miniaturized laser guns that are already truck mounted
  • Rail gun and related technologies and know-how
  • More than a dozen one of a kind missiles that are faster, deadlier, more accurate, untraceable, cheaper, longer range than the currently available versions
  • Never before seen or heard of radar systems on land, sea and air, working in cohesion
  • Microsatellites and low altitude space platforms
  • Nano-technologies of the third kind
  • Nuclear production, not limited to uranium
  • Massive production lines for tanks, military trucks, warships, drones, helicopters, small and large armaments and ordinances
  • First of the two amphibious assault ships in 2021 with newly developed and superior fire and electronic power

Even bigger military platforms

All the while, New Turkey has even bigger military platforms underway and they are on schedule. The first, of the four super frigates, F515 Istanbul, is already at sea trials. Next comes seven destroyers, 5th and 6th generation aircraft, over ten-ton heavy attack helicopters. They are at various stages of development or production.

Then, there are two other gigantic projects. They are recently announced in early 2021. One has to do with an indigenously built carrier. New Turkey plans to have one completed by 2030, with one or two more to come thereafter. The other is a set date: Hard landing to Moon by 2023.

Until then, in the next two years, New Turkey will announce projects in that realm. One of them involves, a space station of the sort.

Enough With The “Hidden Embargo” Already!

In that regard, it was brilliant of the US Congress and the Republican members of the US Senate for passing the CAATSA 231. They did not see any merit in the “hidden embargo.” They decided they can do better.

Since New Turkey responded well each time in the past, there is no reason not to believe that the carrier will not be built within a decade or Moon will not be reached within two years.

What else will New Turkey come up with that it did not announce yet is the real problem, but is it fair to ask to the US Senators to think that far?