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2023 Turkey: Ready or Not

2023 Turkey: Ready or not will be here soon. When it does, a series of unveilings and announcements will ensue. One hundred year old Republic will suddenly appear to have metamorphosed into something new. It will start with a name change. “Türkiye” will replace “Turkey.”  Economy will be free of the Western shackles. It will display extraordinary growth. A unique model based on investment, employment, production, and export will deliver. Research and development inside massive and varying ecosystems will unravel an untold number of inventions. Everything will be propelled with military industry. Military procurement will become nearly one hundredth percent indigenous.

Diplomatic, cultural, linguistic, and spiritual reach of the country will go even further and wider. Bilateral relations will increase. Status and roles of this rising star of the East in the multilateral organizations will change. More third world countries will benefit from the Turkish ripple effect. Türkiye will emerge as the leader of Turks, becoming a guiding light for about four hundred million people with common values. It will also become the spiritual leader of the Muslim Ummah, soon to become as big as the Christian world. In other words, a cluster of states will form a tighter union around the center state Türkiye which will deliver socio-economic and politico-military means and security to everyone.

Cluster of States and Türkiye

The formation of a cluster around a center state is part of the framework of the New World Order. Some may want to call it a multipolar world but these clusters will overlap hence they will not polarize. Türkiye will display a semi-formal “cluster” with this centennial anniversary. As a result, a good part of the European Community will seem to have turned east, towards Türkiye for leadership in 2023. Much like those in the Horn of Africa, North Africa, and in the Middle East. They will seek even further integration with Türkiye there on. The further formalization of status between Turkic Central Asia and Türkiye will also gain additional momentum. It will pave the way to the eventual proclamation of the “United States of Turks”.

Hence, it becomes curious why President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently made that statement. During a speech last month, he said that Turkey will have a major announcement in January 2023. Considering there is a much expected unveiling on 18 March 2023, an earlier and more important announcement is all the more intriguing. What could be bigger than the maiden flight of Hürjet and the fifth generation fighter aircraft TFX, coming out of a hangar with a roaring engine? Moreover, could this announcement be limited to Türkiye? What if it has something to do with the United States of Turks, even worse with the Muslim Ummah? After all, 3 March 2024 is another date to note with urgency.

In short, what will start in January 2023 will not come to an end until the third month of 2024 for a cluster of states and Türkiye.

2023 Turkey: Ready or Not 

GameChanger Türkiye 

On 29 October 2023, the Republic of Turkey will officially celebrate the centennial anniversary of the seventeenth Turkic state in history. Earlier in the year, the 23 April, 19 May, and 30 August national holidays will commemorate the pillars of this fledgling republic. 10 November will also be meaningful because that is the anniversary of the passing of the founder of this republic. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk will be revered even more. From there on, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will also start getting the due respect he deserves with his contribution to this seventeenth republic.

All in all, 2023 will be a year long celebration. It will be marked as an important milestone for Türkiye. It will become the first of three centennial celebrations for Turks everywhere but also for the Muslim Ummah. The others will be in 2053 and 2071, one is six hundredth and the other is one thousandth year anniversaries. Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453 and renamed it Istanbul. Turks also defeated Byzantines in 1071 and entered Asia Minor for good.

2023 Turkey: Ready or not will mark a turning point for the Republic, Turks, Muslims, and everyone in the cluster and beyond as well. The rising eastern powers like China and India, plus Russia, will further acknowledge the arrival of Türkiye as a military power. The Western powers led by America will stomach Türkiye no longer in their orbit, rather as a formidable economic competitor. The Muslim Ummah will notice the prayers are answered. Turks everywhere will see for the first time that they are united like never before since 200 BC.

2023 Turkey: Ready or Not

Türkiye, a Military Power

The Turkish Navy already dominates eastern Mediterranean Sea. For example, TCG Istanbul is the first of four indigenously built frigates with extraordinary features soon to be divulged. The sea trials have already begun. Three more of the same are soon to be built, and simultaneously. They follow four indigenously built stealth corvettes that marvel everyone in the West and the East. The bidding for the first of four Turkish air defense destroyers, namely TF-2000, is also underway. Meanwhile, TCG Ufuk corvette, recently commissioned intelligence warship, make Türkiye one of ten countries with this technology.  Add to that, TCG Anadolu, the first ever in the world, a “drone carrier.”  Together with six Piri Reis class air independent propulsion submarines to enter service by 2027, they will more than double the power of the already domineering Turkish Navy in the region.

The Turkish Air Force, in the meantime, is relatively unknown. Yet, in light of how Turkish drones became second only to America in a decade, a caution is in order. Plus, there is the electronic warfare edge. The Turkish military displayed it numerous times against the likes of Russia and France. It has to be taken into account also regarding the Turkish advancements in space and cyber, technologies, and industrial revolution 5.0. Then, there are the likes of Som, Bora, Atmaca, Bozdoğan, Gökdoğan, Orka, Akya, Gezgin to name a few. They make the Turkish air, naval and land platforms even more formidable. On that note, the Turkish navy or the air force are not what makes up the Turkish military power. The land force has been second to none in its glorious past. Currently, there is no power in the world that would dare to challenge this reality either.

2023 Turkey: Ready or Not

Türkiye, an Economic Power

Military build up, that Türkiye has gone through so far, could not have been possible if the economy was not in order. The disinformation or misinformation from Western sources do not change these realities. Türkiye continues to have a fast growing economy that will grow even faster after 2023. Economic growth from 2002 to 2022 has been phenomenal like China or India grew out of nothing in the same period. Yet, the world did not witness the real economic growth of Türkiye that is soon to be displayed. The statistics will show the difference and that 2023 was a Turkish milestone.

Future exports will not be limited or dominated by military sales. Türkiye will sell plenty of warships small and large. Two different supersonic fighter jets and a handful of helicopter brands will also be widely available for sale. Variety of drones, missiles, electronic warfare systems and others like smart and precision bombs or ordinances will dominate markets. Guns, rifles, munitions, batteries aside, motor or electrical or unmanned vehicles will surely saturate markets with price and technology.

Turkish made tanks to trucks and everything in between will replace “Jeeps” or “Toyotas” of the twentieth century. “Hürjet” may very well become the “Kalashnikov” of avionics. Third World countries and NATO members alike will procure them. Military exports that stood at about three billion dollars before 2023 will go over ten within a few years. The total exports that were two hundred twenty billion dollars at the end of 2021 will hit the five hundred billion dollar mark. By then, the Turkish electrical car sales are projected to take market share from Europeans. Türkiye may even become a net energy exporter.

2023 Turkey: Ready or Not

Türkiye, the Leader of the Muslim Ummah

2023 Turkey: Türkiye will basically be selling to the Muslim world with intent. Türkiye will make everything available from machinery to the military. It will ensure many countries get away from the Western yoke. The chances are no Western economy will have the means to prevent Türkiye empowering the helpless. Considering not even China or Germany will be able to compete with Türkiye, respectively, in price and technology.

Türkiye will influence many countries. It will act as the de Facto spiritual leader of the Muslim Ummah of about two billion people. I argued this point in the “GameChanger.”  Simply put, Turkish economic and diplomatic reach, coupled with the military projection, will ensure that more Muslim majority countries will side with Türkiye.

Meanwhile, Türkiye will continue to mesmerize brethren Turks and Muslim Ummah alike with great projects. For example, currently, Türkiye is building “Kanal Istanbul.” It will be bigger and better, more enjoyable and profitable than Suez or Panama canals. Türkiye, having already built the biggest airport and longest bridge of the world, continues with numerous wonders of the world, unabated.

In that regard, Türkiye will also build with TIKA across the Muslim world. It will continue to win hearts and minds, primarily inside the Muslim Ummah. In other words, as soon as the 2023 centennial celebrations are over, 3 March 2024 will be in the cross hairs of Türkiye. As a result, by 2037, the Muslim world will also see equally significant changes having taken place in their lives.

2023 Turkey: Ready or Not

Türkiye, the Leader of the Turan State

Before jumping ahead, first thing is first though. 2023 Turkey: Ready or not primarily is a milestone for Türkiye to lead Turks to a new destiny. Transforming Turkey into Türkiye is the first step towards the proclamation of the United States of Turks (UST). Unlike what all the loudmouths in the West have been constantly blabbering about lately, Turkey will not transform into an empire in 2023.

Rather, Türkiye, first will consolidate further, one nation two state status with Azerbaijan. After that, it will continue integration with the four Central Asian Turkic Republics. The goal would be to pursue the six nation one state transformation. In short, what Türkiye and Azerbaijan achieved in Nagorno-Karabakh in 2020 will set an example for Turks everywhere. The road to “Kızıl Elma” will be clear to everyone.

Turks already embarked on this path ever since 1991 when the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics disintegrated. Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan joined Turkey and formed the union of Turkish speaking countries in 1992. In 2009, it became the Turkish Council. In 2019, Uzbekistan also joined the Council. Hungary applied for membership. By 2021, Turkmenistan completed the list as a full member.

During the 12 March 2021 meeting,  the Turkish States Organization replaced the Turkish Council. By then, Ukraine and Afghanistan had already applied to become observers in this organization towards an eventual membership. In that regard, the 2023 centennial celebration marks when Türkiye will take this organization to next level as yet another de Facto leader to bring more countries on board, building on the Turkish kinship.

2023 Turkey: Ready or Not

2023 Turkey: Ready or not is upon the New World Order.  Türkiye will rise as a powerful leader. Unveilings and announcements will demonstrate the direction after 2023. Otherwise, Türkiye has already arrived and displayed what it has in heart and mind. What already transpired in northern Iraq and Syria, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh, and ongoing in Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Mavi Vatan are good examples.

Yet, Turkish power and leadership will manifest itself further and more all throughout this decade. The rest of the twenty-first century will also prove who is right. In order words, 2023 Turkey: Ready or not is here for Turks to start claiming this century as their own. Despite what China may seem to be odds on favorite in the eyes of many, Turks will start setting the stage right to prove everyone wrong.

Meanwhile in America, we continue to live with Globalists at the helm, unaware of lot of things. While the rising eastern powers set the framework for the New World Order, America is in oblivion with all the disinformation and misinformation floating around. Never knowing that 2023 Turkey: Ready or not is a fait accompli for Türkiye to appear as a friend or foe all depending on what America does.