Erbil Writes Armenian Destiny Is With Turks

It is about time Armenian destiny finds its rightful place in history: Armenian destiny is with Turks. What transpired in 1915 and 2020 must finally be put into perspective. On both occasions, Armenians failed. Somehow, they allied wrong and got crushed. Did Armenians learn anything from these two calamities? Do they really know who their friends are today? Do they realize where their destiny is now?

Armenian Destiny

In peril with Wrong Partners

Armenians put their destiny in peril twice in one century because they did not ally well. First, they revolted against the Ottoman Empire during WWI. On 24 April 1915, Ottoman Turks arrested some 556 Armenians for betraying their homeland. Some Armenians ended in Diaspora and the rest, in disarray, found themselves subjugated to the Soviets for the ensuing 70 years.

It was a grave mistake for Armenians to try to take advantage of the decaying Ottoman Empire that was fighting wars on multiple fronts during WWI. They joined forces with the invading Russians against their motherland. That also means they were in quasi alliance with the French and Brits because they were simultaneously attacking the empire from Dardanelles.

Turks stood their ground at all fronts against seven different aggressors. They came out victorious against all of them, but during the process, lots of people perished, including Anzacks from New Zealand and Australia. They were dragged into this fight by the “Commonwealth.” Yet, Armenians did not learn that it was a mistake to exploit an adversary when it was decaying or vulnerable.

Armenians revolted again in 1992. This time it was against Azerbaijan, another motherland for them for much of the 20th century. With the help of Armenia proper and their so-called “Minsk Group” cohorts, they were misled. They thought they could ethnically cleanse Nagorno-Karabakh and declare it an independent republic of Artsakh.

On 10 November 2020, Azerbaijani armed forces took back with brute force and brought justice to Nagorno-Karabakh. Who is at fault when Armenians elected to go for a Greater Armenia and betray their homeland in 1992? Is it not clear, Armenians were exploited twice in one century by the so-called allies, encouraging them to revolt?

Lessons for the Armenians

First, revolting and Diaspora are contradictions. They do not co-exist. Two, friends and foes are also complex terminologies. They are not the same things for people and countries.

Never Betray Homeland Again

First, revolting against the motherland, the Ottoman Empire, did not bring the desired result. The same result in Azerbaijan proved the point once again. At this time, no one in the right mind would think that the third time would be the charm. Yet, if so, where would that take place?

Second, a Diaspora always adopts a new motherland and changes its priorities overtime. Today, the Armenian Diaspora in France and in California have new motherlands to worry about. Are they expected to revolt there too when the time comes?

Third, revolting cannot be done by relying on other people or countries. There is a reason why no one came to help when Armenians were in a dire shape in one of their far-away locations where they were revolting. It was not the motherland for those in Diaspora! They had to worry about their own homes and homelands first.


Two Friends from East with Two from West

It is a simple fact that life continues with nearby friends and distance estranges everyone. For Armenia to have next-door New Turkey and Azerbaijan as friends over others is most natural when they are genuine, but also when there is a balance of power.

America or France or Russia or Iran

Where Were They When Armenia Needed Them?

Two friends from the East, as far as Armenia is concerned, are supposed to be Russia and Iran. But, they are friends of Armenia only because they are both eternal adversaries of Turks in the region. As a result, they simply exploit Armenia at every opportunity for their own natural national interest.

As for friends from the West, they are not much different than friends from the East. In other words, the USA and France can and will do only so much for Armenia and even less when in times of greater peril. Simply because they are too far away and they cannot extend their resources too much. Plus, in this recent case, they were depending on Turkic states in more ways. As a result, they did not have much leverage and they could not spare much of it for Armenians.

Otherwise, how can one explain when Azerbaijan decided to take back Nagorno-Karabakh with brute force and no one came to help. The US, France or Iran were not there. They did nothing. Russia, on top, according to reports, as if it threw Armenia under the bus.

Friends of Armenia: Turkic States

It is ironic but Armenia has, in fact, two true friends and they are both Turks. One comes from New Turkey. The other is, none other than Azerbaijan. In fact they are because they displayed their true intentions numerous times, but Armenians never listened to them. They also repeated their offer even after the bloody liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Objectively speaking, Armenia with these two countries in the company can become very prosperous within a decade. They have energy sources, markets, vibrant economies and societies, formidable and progressing technologies. Plus, they can benefit from what Armenia brings to the table from natural to human resources to geo-strategic location. They all also share culture, having lived together for centuries.

New Armenian Destiny Is With Turks

Turkey and Azerbaijan made an offer to Armenia in the aftermath of the cease-fire agreement over Nagorno-Karabakh. They proposed that, together with Russia, Iran and Georgia, six countries can come together and form an economic union in the region. It will be a win-win for everyone, consisting of three major powers and three smaller local economies.

Turkey extended this “olive branch” to Armenia ever since its independence in 1991. Unfortunately, Armenians decided to yank instead a large portion of Azerbaijan to incorporate into Armenia proper. Three decades later, Turkey and Azerbaijan are two very prosperous countries in the region while Armenia is one of the most impoverished in the world.

It is about time Armenians in Armenia take their destiny into their own hands and build Armenia with all of its five neighbors in its immediate surrounding. They can cumulatively provide so much to Armenia that no Western power can compete or complement as much, simply because they have the dynamics to prosper together.