Democracy in America  

Democracy in America in Practice

Is Democracy in America in practice today?

On 5 November 2020, the results of the 2020 presidential elections, gained a new perspective. The Fox News Ingraham Angle program host Laura summarized it. “China gave us the Corona, the Corona gave us the Mail in Voting, and we ended up with a lot of questions instead of election results.”

Two Sets of Questions Beg Answers

  1. How come counting suddenly stopped in N. Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin at the same time? How come they automatically resumed in the morning? What happened in the interim for numbers suddenly to go up fast for Biden instead of Trump right until then?
  2. Why my mother who passed on 14 August 2020 received a Mail-in Voting envelop just a month before voting? If I had mailed her ballot in her place would anyone have noticed it? Why did we received the ballot after her passing in the first place?

Democracy in America in Practice Not

Democracy in America in Practice

I don’t have much fate in Democracy any more simply because Democracy in America in practice is no more of late. It is not like it used to be what Alexis de Tocqueville was talking about. Nowadays, I have a feeling I am being taking advantage of. I will never know who voted after November 3rd, 2020 and counted. Also, I am still contemplating if I should have voted in place of my mother as well.

If there is this doubt today in my mind, it means America has already arrived at a turning point. Did not I come to America to run away from the inconsistencies in the continental Europe. At this juncture, what is the difference between Democracy in America and the rest of the world?

That also further validates Laura’s argument. China needed to bring America down, in order to catch up, in the economic sphere. This could have been done if only the Globalists were at the driver seat in America. What could have served better than creating chaos in America then?

GameChanger China

I wrote GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan. The leading publishers printed it in America and Australia. In October, the equally big publisher will make it available in bookstores in Turkey. After that, we will learn the release date in Japan.

All four countries are to print my book for one common reason. No, I am not talking about the Democratic process. I would never talk about Democracy, let “Greeks” do that! But about rising China, Yes! GameChanger China will do anything and everything to lead.

Why not?