If Greece Understands the Western Ploy This Time!

Greek Tragedy Still Avoidable

Everyday next-door Turkey makes economic and military progress, some believe the future becomes bleaker for Greece. Yet, at this stage, despite all the evil in play, there is still hope. A new Greek tragedy is still avoidable.

Some see the fear factor is exacerbated by outside forces. Some are able to discern the plot of the foreign factors in play. Yet, some others also singly point at the Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime in power.

In truth, Greeks are prone to tragedy of their own making. Most likely, they are at it, once again. Worse, like always, they most likely will not even realize it in time and another tragedy will be in the books.

In the wake of the new world order, there is no reason Greeks should put their country into crosshair. The Republic of Turkey is transforming into New Turkey, fulfilling a role imposed by the new world order in the making.

Greece has nothing to fear from this international transformation unless it interferes with the progression of its most powerful, and currently, benevolent neighbor.

The Republic of Turkey:

New Turkey in the 21st Century

The Republic of Turkey has been walking this current walk ever since it was founded in 1923. In 1922, it won a war of liberation against seven invading foreign powers, acting in concert.

The sinister plan of the invaders did not last more than a year. Turks were victorious. They declared a newly formed republic to replace their dismembered empire.

Greece was part of the plotting forces. They were aiming to eradicate Turks as a nation from the history of the region.

Considering, the losers today may still have an account to settle after a century of frustration. New Turkey, in turn, may also very well feel the same. Naturally, it will accordingly be taking precautionary measures.

In that regard, New Turkey does not necessarily mean, reestablishment of the seven century long old empire back again. Rather, it may simply mean that Turkey is making a rejuvenated beginning to a second century.

After all, the track record clearly shows that all 16 previous Turkic states in history had great second centuries. Why should not the 17th not follow what has been a great tradition for the past 2000 years?

From that perspective, the Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime, which has been in power since 2002, is right on the money. The progress, past two decades, reflects the new heights towards the 2053 and 2071 visions and milestones.

Avoid War with Turks 

Avoid Greek Tragedy

For Greek forebears, tragedy took place in biblical proportions, twice, in the hands of Turks. First, Turks entered Asia Minor after they won the war at Manzikert in 1071. Next, the fall of Constantinople to Turks in 1453 opened the gates of Europe.

In comparison, 1922 or 1975 defeats and devastation do not constitute major tragedies. Turks, then, simply took back what was already theirs, but taken away when they were down.

In short, message must be clear with these four historic footnotes. Greeks must avoid war against Turks to avoid the next Greek tragedy.

Greek Tragedy Still Avoidable

Ironically, the New World Order that is in the making may actually become salvation for Greece. New Turkey will be a big part of it. It will have a greater responsibility in the region and among the major powers of the world.

For Turks, Turkic Council will be a priority in the 21st century. Simultaneously, they will also focus on building leadership in the Muslim ummah. Consolidating heritage in Asia and Africa will take precedence.

Russia, China, and India will be in the crosshair of New Turkey in cooperation and competition. Greece will not be in the same league. It has only about 10 million population and meager resources. New Turkey will show no interest for a long time.

New Turkey not much to do with Greece:

Covid-19 Pandemic Showed

Turkey already demonstrated its will and capacity, but most importantly its priorities during the Covid-19 pandemic. It reached out to everyone from Europe to Africa to Asia with assistance and humanitarian aid. Italy and Spain were the biggest beneficiaries in Europe.

Many countries in Asia and Africa benefited. So much so that currently Turkey is the biggest donor country in Africa. It has the biggest national airline, serving the entire continent like no other, pandemic or not.

Soon more economic and military aid sure to flow to the dark continent and to the rest of the needy in the Muslim ummah. No one expects Greece to benefit from charitable New Turkey when it is in bed with adversaries.

Turkic Council Has Priority

Historically, Chinese, Russians, Christians, and Arabs know Turks very well. None fared well when they warred against them. Hence, there is no reason to awaken a sleeping giant.

Now on top of everything, there are seven independent Turkic states, contemplating to become one unified nation again. Soon, they will surely be thinking about how to become a “Turan” state as well.

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Turkey already formed the Turkic Council towards that eventuality.

Turkmenistan is scheduled to become part of it officially in 2021 as well. After that, it is the turn of the North Cyprus Turkish Republic. The Council is already in the process of unifying them linguistically.

No doubt, military projection will also follow economic cohesion down the road. No one beyond Turkic or Muslim domains look forward to such a progression. On the other hand, there is no reason to worry so long as there is no ill-will in play by the adversaries.

Least of it, such an ill advised ploy should not originate from a small and neighboring state like Greece. Turkey is soon to become one of the top ten major powers in the world.

What recently happened to Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh is a good example to heed. Azerbaijan, in the company of New Turkey, recently, demonstrated how justice will be served.

Muslim Ummah Have Precedence 

The new world order will surely bring justice elsewhere too. In specific, soon to make up one third of the world population, Muslims will look for leadership and answers.

Turks are the most likely candidate to take up the role and the mantle. They have a track record, having unified the “ummah” once before, and elevated it to new heights. No other nation can claim anything similar or close to it.

Secular republic of Turkey and political Islamist regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan also recently demonstrated what is in store. Since 2002, Muslims from Europe to Asia to Africa have already noticed the signs of what Turks call another “Gokboru” reappearing.

Mythologically speaking, Gokboru is a sky-colored wolf that comes to life once in a Millennia. Like it did about two thousand years ago with the forebears of Turks: Oghuz Khan. Like it did when Chinggis Khan ruled the universe.

The founder of the 16th Turkic state, the Ottomans that unified the Muslim ummah like no other, reportedly, also was yet another.

Greek Fallacies

Like Greek Mythologies

In view of these myths, and Turkic and Muslim realities, Greek fallacies are glaringly obvious. Greek tragedy is still avoidable if Greece and Greeks understand that waiting for France, China and the US to come for help are far fetched dreams.

From market access to geo-strategic importance, Greece has nothing comparable to offer to major powers in return.  Plus, there is also a religious divide in Christianity to keep in mind.

Meanwhile, Turkey presents vitally important options to most major powers. With its sheer size and population, coupled with buying and production powers, it is a geo-strategic and socio-economic-military reality.

Fallacy One:

France is for Greece

Meanwhile, rapidly decaying France, in truth, needs Greece as a consumer market. In the face of “former colonies” in Africa that are no longer as accommodating, France needs new markets.

“Rafael” aircraft sales represent the best example. They are overpriced. France could not sell them to no one. Greece is expected to receive some deliveries.

Secondhand warships are yet another set of good examples, showing how France is not for Greece.

Economic deprivation aside, Greece has a bigger existential threat when it is strongly associated with France. Let us not forget, France is a catholic nation-state, first and foremost. Greece is orthodox.

What is worse, France in economic and military decay already shows desperation. For that reason, in Libya, France easily sided with Russia against the strategic interest of the US.

Greece has not only the US betrayal by France to take into consideration but also what happened to Armenia. France never went to help Armenia when Azerbaijan and Turkey took back Nagorno-Karabakh at will.

Finally, but most importantly, France needs the fast-growing Turkish market to remain among the top ten economies in the world.

Selling to Greece, what no one else is buying or what is second hand, will never bring France economic growth. Trading with Turkey does. In the new world order, France needs Turkey like China or the US does.

Fallacy Two:

China to Save Greece

On that note, China will not come to save Greece from the ire of Turkey. Greece is only a shipping port for China but Turkey, together with New Turkey, is a lot more.

It is a socio-political security in the Central Asian Republics. It is also a military power to ensure freedom of seas with “Mavi Vatan.” Turkey is also the most viable land bridge for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

That is how China will become a superpower. Railroads and highways go through Asia Minor and Turkish straits to connect Beijing to London.

Alternative route for the BRI soon to go over Pakistan, Arabian Sea, Iraq, and Turkey as well. The third alternative land line for the BRI is via Russia. It is hampered by severe weather conditions half of the year.

Depending so much on Turkey proper, it is ludicrous for Greece to even contemplate to rely on China on anything. Furthermore, China is adamant to establish the new world order and without resorting to war.

China plans to buy its way to economic and military superiority. War can only delay or damage targets. Hence, China with all the economic leverages in the world in its hand, will not support a disruptive or prolonged war in the region.

On the other hand, if there is war with New Turkey, it will be quick for two reasons. One, the new world order requires it. Two, New Turkey does not have time to waste. The military conflicts in Syria or Libya or Nagorno-Karabakh were over in a month’s time.

New Turkey already has superior technology and resources in place to get the job done quickly and effectively. If only Greece and Greeks were to understand this simple fact Greek tragedy will still be avoidable.

Fallacy Three:

The US to Protect Greece

Considering the US is seven thousand miles away, it is an even worse option for Greece to rely on. A military supply ship takes two weeks to make up the track. New Turkey will always have the upper hand.

More importantly, the fact that the US needs Turkey is an even better reason not to depend on the US. France, for example, has to worry about Turkey only for economic reasons. The US needs Turkey for more reasons.

For example, Turkey is an integral part of keeping balance of power both in Europe and in the Middle East. In fact, if one cares to read the “GameChanger,” facts are clearly listed there.

The book simply argues: If the US does not cooperate with Turkey, the US cannot exist as the sole superpower of the world much longer.

In view of these realities, for Greece to bet the house on the US support is nothing but welcoming yet another Greek tragedy sooner than later.

Greek Miscalculation: New Turkey

Greek fallacies clearly point to Greek miscalculations. New Turkey is not an attempt to make the Republic of Turkey a regional power. New Turkey is the by-product of the new world order.

It is already an economically and military domineering power for the neighboring countries. It has influence in the Caucasus, Middle East, and countries with borders to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey also exerts formidable presence in the Black Sea basin and over the Balkan countries. In that regard, New Turkey is exactly what the new world order is looking for.

It is a country with will power and capacity to enforce international precedents, norms, and regulations in the region. Accordingly, it makes calculated, judicial and fair moves.

As a result, it primarily serves the interest of Germany, Russia, Iran, Arab states, but also China and the US. Hence, it becomes an indispensable part of the international system.

Turkey in Bed with Germany and Russia

So much so that Turkey, Germany and Russia are in a bind together in more ways than one. Half of Turkish trade is with the European Union (EU). One third of the energy supply of the EU from Russia flows through Turkey.

Then there is the current state of affairs in the EU. Germany at the helm of the 27-member union will eventually be needing more input from Turkey.

13 of these states, including Italy and Spain, may desire to sever ties with the union. The Covid-19 pandemic reflected this eventuality when Turkey provided existential help to them when Germany refrained.

Russia has even more urgency to remain in close association with Turkey. On one hand, Russia, soon, has a potential to become the second biggest trading partner of Turkey. On the other, it can also join forces with Turkey to alleviate the pressures coming from the US and China.

Russia is all in with Turkey

In fact, Turkish-Russian cooperation has never been so solid in history. Not even the belligerence against Russia from Turkey was able to break it on two occasions.

First, Turkey shot down a Russian aircraft on the Syrian border. Then a Turkish assassin killed the Russian ambassador to Ankara at point blank range on live TV. Nothing came out of either incident.

Turkey and Russia continued business as usual. In fact, they became closer partners. In Syria, Libya, and Nagorno-Karabakh, they worked together and made mutual accommodations.

Turkey to Hold Sway in the Middle East

Turkey simply is a dominant regional power. Soon, it is also expected to hold more sway across the Middle East and beyond.

One of the first major powers to notice the ever growing power of Turkey, early on, is Russia. Recently, France too got a taste of it. It forced its hands in Libya and then it sent warships to Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Turkey promptly countered the moves.

Egypt and S. Arabia were already aware of the fast growing power of Turkey long before everyone. Turkish bases in Qatar and Somalia were signs they could have never ignored for about a decade.

Ignoring the growing Turkish power, for Egypt and S. Arabia, was easy during the Trump Administration. When the Biden Administration came to power, these two leaders of the Arab world immediately switched sides. They decided it is better for their national interest to work with Turkey.

Until then, they were also working closely with Greece. The fact that they are willing to switch sides on a whim, must be a good warning for Greece. If small powers can do that what would the US and China not do for their own strategic interest?

Turkey to Handle the US and China

Meanwhile, Turkey knows how to deal with the US and China.

Turkey as the third, final and most important piece of the puzzle, with Iran and Iraq already in the bag, is the biggest prize for China in the region. Two of the most preferred BRI routes pass through Turkey land bridge to connect Beijing and London.

Meanwhile, the US is in disarray in the region. It is clinging to the Arabian peninsula after having severed ties with Turkey because of F-35 aircraft and Patriot missile battery fiascos.

None of these is good news for Greece. While China no longer needs Greece as much when Turkey is on board, the US will have to work hard to win Turkey back.

Greece Has To Find Its League

Summarily, Greece is not in the same league with Turkey.

Moreover, it does not fit the bill for New Turkey either. It has nothing to offer to become a viable partner or a worthwhile client state.

In this precarious state, what Greece must not do is to fall prey to the major power conflict.

So long as it does not, another Greek tragedy will still be avoidable because New Turkey believes Greece proper belongs to Greeks.