New Turkey: What Gives?

New Turkey: What Gives?

On one hand, it can be explained militarily, economically, culturally, historically, politically, or religiously. On the other hand it can also be explained ideologically or through brinkmanship or electronic warfare or Mavi Vatan or ecosystems or drones, supersonic jets. Simply put, it does not end. It is too complicated.

One thing is for sure though. Globalists reigned the world from 1992 to 2016. In the US, there were three Globalist administrations in succession. They simply messed it up. When they woke up, there was New Turkey to deal with. Now, everybody is trying to understand what it is.

New Turkey 

It is called the modern Republic of Turkey, founded in 1923 from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire. It is not an official name change. Rather, it is a popular reference where Turkey is heading as a state since the turn of the Millennia.

There are plenty of reasons why to call the modern Republic of Turkey “New Turkey.” It is no longer anything like the republic that everyone knew in the twentieth century. First of all, Turkey went through significant socio-economic and politico-military transformations since the turn of the Millennia.

Second, the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan regime in power faced existential challenges from the Globalists. It won every time. Third, Turks openly set up milestones in reference to their victorious and glorious past. Finally, as a secular Republic and political Islamist regime, Turkey is now considered a Gamechanger: It preaches security and justice for the downtrodden and then delivers what it preaches.

Turkish Century: Not Chinese

The Chinese claim the twenty-first century will be their century. For many in the world, the Chinese may seem right. Not for Turks and those in the know who the Turks are. Especially, when Turks make the same claim that the Chinese are making, it is no longer a sure bet that the century will belong to the Chinese at the end.

Turks repeatedly proved most everyone wrong over the past two thousand years. The Chinese witnessed first and most what a menace Turks could be. In fact, it is the Chinese that first coined the “Turks Are Coming” to reflect their fear, not the Christian Europeans. For that reason, they built the “Chinese Wall.” They did not know any better how to stop the Turkish hordes from harassing them.

Since the Millennia, Turks have clearly and repeatedly reminded the world about the coming of “New Turkey.” For example, Turks rejected outright the invasion of Iraq from the north in 2003. The US armed forces had to make a detour to land Iraq from the south. A decade later in Davos, the president of Israel was stranded on the world stage by a Turk. The prime minister of “New Turkey” walked out on him.

Do two recent symbolic moves make a century? No, but they have become glimpses about what daring Turks do nowadays. Hence, the question is what could be the biggest impediment to Chinese ambitions in the twenty-first century? They are the Central Asian Republics and a mass of Turkic people. They are also part of the so-called Turkish Council under the leadership of “New Turkey.”

Turkish Will: No More Globalism 

Globalism ruled from 1992 to 2016. In America, the Donald Trump Administration tried to put a stop to it. The Russia Collusion, the Ukrainian Whistleblower, the Mueller Investigation, and the Impeachment Trial ensued. China Virus appeared out of nowhere. Finally, stolen elections claim rigidly divided America. Ever since, there have been “Two White Houses” to deal with in America.

In Turkey, the effects of Globalism are listed as dates of infamy: 2007, 2009, 2013 and 2016. One has been a false accusation of 367 Turkish military personnel for attempting a coup d’état against the regime in power. The other  is a clandestine secularist organization accused of plotting against the government. 275 people were falsely accused. Lives ruined.

Of the last two, one was an attempt to manipulate elections and the other was another coup d’état attempt. All four plots failed miserably. Ever since, the regime in Turkey started to cleanse itself from Globalism. So much so that by 2016, the “chickens came home to roost” in America.

It is important to note that the last suspicious foreign interference in Turkey took place on 15 July 2016. Russia Collusion in America began as early as February 2017. Otherwise, it is a great coincidence. But there is a lot more to this sequence. Summarily, Turkey put an end to the illegal activities of foreign agents in its domain and sent them home to continue their dirty deeds there.

Milestones for the Ages

In that regard, the emergence of New Turkey may have begun in 2002. What transpired in Turkey in 2007, 2009, 2013, and 2016 may be the proof in the pudding. Yet, a better picture becomes clear when two thousand year Turkish history is examined. For example, who in the world pencils in 100th, 600th and 1000th-year anniversaries ahead of time nowadays?

Turks do. “New Turkey” does. Plus, Turks look forward to them like they are to be celebrated in their lifetime. They adamantly work to realize them, with zeal. They call the driving force “Kızıl Elma” but that is another story for another day. Let it be sufficient to say that, when they pursue their mystical ideal like Kızıl Elma, they also bring alone the Muslim ummah soon to reach a three billion mass of humanity.

Hence, it is easy to conclude why Globalism would have a challenge in the twenty-first century alongside China first and foremost from Turks. So to answer the question “New Turkey: What Gives?”, a quick look at the Turkish anniversaries on the agenda may shed plenty of light for everyone’s sake.

Hundredth Year Anniversary

Time To Set A New Course

2023 is the 100th year anniversary of the modern Republic of Turkey, founded out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire. For Turks, it will only be a celebration to welcome the second century of their seventeenth state. Past sixteen Turkic states always had better second centuries than their first.

Turks have remained subservient to the West all throughout the twentieth century. It was a calculated decision to wait until 2023 to declare independence from the Western yoke. Though it does not mean enmity against long-time allies, nevertheless Turks will look for a relationship on equal grounds from there on. It is nothing like how the Globalists in America or Europe would have ever envisioned it.

That is also the date when New Turkey will also start playing Zero Sum Game against Western Europe. It will do it formally from the Middle East to Africa to the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The game all throughout the twentieth century between the two was Catch-22. At the turn of the Millennia, New Turkey switched the game to “Chicken.” Western Europe did not notice the change or wanted to ignore it but it was to its own detriment. Tally shows, New Turkey won every challenge ever since.

Six Hundredth Year Anniversary

Turks Are Coming Home

2053 is the 600th year anniversary of Constantinople. That is when the Ottoman Empire wrestled the city from the Byzantine Empire after the 1000 year long reign and renamed it Istanbul. The Ottomans made the city the capital of their empire and brought the biggest Muslim “Ummah” together. They became subjects of the Sultan.

Turks with New Turkey have a unique agenda. They are enjoying the “Power of Two.” The Secular Republic of Turkey and the political Islamist regime of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan make a formidable duo. They are a “GameChanger” together. Thus, Turks of New Turkey will be able to build an even bigger audience in this millennium than the Ottomans did in the last.

Time would tell but in the next thirty years, New Turkey is expected to make new strides. Founder of the modern Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had set them a high bar in 1923. Erdoğan is sure to elevate this bar to new heights in 2023 towards a destiny in 2053. Destiny? Not so mythical “Kızıl Elma,” of course.


New Capital of New Turkey

Istanbul is the symbolic capital of “New Turkey.” Unfortunately, the Globalist regimes of America since 1992 never realized it. The 2016 coup d’état attempt became their linchpin. New Turkey renamed the first of the three bridges on the Bosporus in Istanbul, each as big as the Golden Gate or bigger, “15 July Bridge.”

A statue is erected prominently at the entrance of the bridge to commemorate the dark deeds of Globalists. It is within the eye site of millions of passer-byes every day. The symbolism of the city is even bigger as a result. Clinton’s Folly! Sorry, Freudian slip, please read Clinton’s Libya to understand the big Globalist mess when all these misdeeds took place.

Thousandth Year Anniversary

Remembering Manzikert

2071, for the moment, is a date too far away in history to delve on. Briefly, it is the thousandth year anniversary of Turks entering Asia Minor after defeating the Byzantine forces for the first time in Manzikert.

The victory opened the gates of Asia Minor to Turks. As a result, Christians pulled back into Europe.

In view of the fact that in the next 30 years, Europe will face massive migration from Asia and Africa, this date is a reminder of what will become of Europe by 2071.

That is also another reason why I authored “GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan.” I argued “unless America works with Turkey, it can kiss good bye being the sole superpower in the world.”

New Turkey: What Gives? 

Turks and New Turkey have been making history for the past two decades. Some would argue they are only catastrophic Globalist mistakes. Some others would point to more divine reasoning. When the list below is examined another picture becomes very clear. New Turkey is nothing like the modern Republic of Turkey of the twentieth century: It is assertive and demanding.

New Turkey: Next to Downtrodden

  1. Qatar: When S. Arabia and UAE wanted to replace the regime there with the US backing, New Turkey prevented it
  2. Iraq: New Turkey operates in the region where Kurds also live. The regime in Baghdad works with New Turkey against terrorist Kurds and other terrorists. The US no longer has much presence in the region
  3. Syria: 4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey and a significant number of displaced Syrians in Syria are under the protection of Turkish armed forces which basically is a Turkish domain under New Turkey
  4. Libya: UN recognized government is secure and prospering since Turkish armed forces are deployed there. France lost face and the US is no longer a player when Russia cooperates with New Turkey instead
  5. Azerbaijan: With Turkish military support, Nagorno-Karabakh got rid of the 28-year long Armenian occupation. Russia, the US and France were no match when New Turkey operated at will
  6. Ukraine: Obama-Biden lost Crimea. Biden put Ukraine at greater risk with misguided policies: New Turkey stands as the only viable leverage against Russia short of an all out war
  7. Ethiopia: Western powers attempted to create chaos in the rapidly developing jewel of Africa until New Turkey interfered for the country to continue its independent path
  8. Somalia: Is it true that New Turkey paid off Somalia’s debt to the IMF to free the country from the Western yoke? No one in the West has so far reported the bad news

New Turkey: Flexing Muscles

  1. Eastern Mediterranean: Blue Homeland Doctrine and Libya-Turkey maritime deal have clearly established the New Turkey economic zone in this closed sea
  2. Russia: Cooperates with New Turkey in Libya, Syria, Mediterranean Sea, Nagorno-Karabakh but also on building a nuclear plant and transferring military technology
  3. America: New Turkey will never accept old methods and strategies of Globalists even if that means entering into a Zero Sum Game that neither side can afford to play
  4. France: Like the 18 June 2020 naval incident or Libya quagmire proved, New Turkey already is an overpowering military force in the region, including entire Africa, and against France, primarily