Obama: Hero of Crimean Tatars

Erbil Writes Obama: Hero of Crimean Tatars

Crimean Tatars have always been big trouble for the Russians. Yet, Tatars have also been a force in that region a lot longer than Russians have been around. Their origins date back to Turks: The Huns and the Khazars. They compete with Greeks when it comes to tragedies. Along with that, they also have their share of heroes and heroines. Yet, on the other hand, no one in their wildest imagination would have thought one of them would be from America. Of all of them, who would have thought it would be Obama: Hero of Crimean Tatars!


Briefly, Ottoman Turks captured the Genoese fortress in Crimea and created a Khanate. In 1774, Khanate proclaimed independence from the Ottoman Empire and Kerch became a Russian city. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Crimea became an autonomous republic inside independent Ukraine. In 2014, the parliament of the autonomous Republic of Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine. Annexation to the Russian Federation was also approved.


In America, Barack Obama, the 44th president, lives with the legacy to have lost Crimea to the Russians. In fact, au contraire, he must be credited for a noble cause. He is responsible for turning Crimea over to its rightful owners after 250 years.

Crimea belongs to the Crimean Tatars first and foremost. That is what New Turkey believes in and the Tatars of Crimea are in agreement. Even worse, these two are now in a position to do something about it, like for instance, declaring the peaceful Independence of Crimea.

Obama: Hero of the Crimean Tatars

Independence of Crimea has always been a far fetch idea if a Crimean Tatar talked about it until a decade ago. The Russians made it a possibility when they made a claim and acted on it when Obama was president. Obama turned it into a probability when it allowed Russians to take it away from Ukrainians.

Not until “Obama lost Crimea,” it was a pandora box, no one wanted to touch because Crimean Tatars are great warriors. Add to that, equally though Ukrainians and Russians, Crimea makes great a nation-state with character and culture. All the more reason, it deserves to be an independent state.

Now that Obama has done his job, New Turkey can bring it home. Considering the close relationship it has with the Russian Federation and Ukraine, in no time, Crimea can enjoy independence. It can easily become the 194th member of the United Nations. After that, it can join local organizations like the Turkic Council and the Black Sea Economic Council. It can prosper very fast.

New Turkey Is Everywhere  

New Turkey is the only country that is in a position to deliver independence of Crimea. It has a good relationship with the Russian Federation and Ukraine, as well as leverage over both of them. More importantly, in the region and beyond, everyone understands the geostrategic importance of the Crimean peninsula. The necessity to find a peaceful resolution to this crisis does not escape anyone. 1853-1856 Crimean War is still fresh in memories thanks to Hollywood and descendants of the survivors. Russia, the Ottoman Empire, the United Kingdom, Sardinia and France were part of the tragedy. Now, if New Turkey indulges to make it a peaceful transition into independence, everyone will be obliged to find solace in the outcome.

New Turkey: Power Broker with Ukraine

New Turkey recently made a grand overture towards Ukraine, The rapprochement between the two countries has mutual economic and military benefits. They are both parts of the Black Sea Economic Council, along with Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Georgia, Armenia. The purpose of the council is to promote peace and prosperity. The fact that two members are at odds with one another, makes it even more viable for New Turkey to come and find the common ground for everyone.

New Turkey and Ukraine nowadays are at work in a number of areas. Co-production of engines for the indigenous Turkish tanks are only one of the major items. The sale of now very much in demand Turkish drones to Ukraine is yet another. Planing to restart co-production of Antonov series cargo planes is also on the agenda. So are the corvettes, New Turkey to provide Ukraine for its newly built navy.

That is only a start because there are other projects in the pipeline that will further unite Ukraine and the Russian Federation, only because there is rapidly growing New Turkey in the mix.  New Turkey acts as an economic engine for the whole region so much so that every country benefits, especially the Russian Federation.

New Turkey: Power Broker with the Russian Federation

Like everybody else in the region, New Turkey is also in bed with the Russian Federation and it is longer than with Ukraine. They are big trading partners and tremendously cooperate on the military transfer of technology as well. What is more important, so far, no third-party attempts were able to stop their growing relationship anywhere. They are able to overcome obstacles working together because they understand very well that economic and military interests override them.

What they put up so far is not a chopped liver

Considering what took place already explains how they are handling each crisis one at a time. They continue with progress uninterrupted. For example, Turkey shot down Russian aircraft over the Syrian border. Then, the Russian ambassador was assassinated in Ankara at point-blank range by a Turkish policeman working as a rogue agent of a foreign power.

New Turkey confronted militarily Russian forces in the company of the Iranians and Syrian regime forces in Idlib. In Libya, the Russian forces are still against New Turkey-backed and UN-recognized government forces. In Azerbaijan too they were on the opposite sides, but they came in as “interlocutor valuables” to both sides.

Not everything is conflict resolution with the Russian Federation

Two countries have set up a 100 billion dollars yearly trade volume target and they are halfway there. The Russian Federation supplies one-third of oil to Europe via pipelines over Turkey. Next, they should cooperate on the natural gas explorations in the Black and the Mediterranean Seas.

On the military end, the Russian Federation is building a nuclear reactor in Turkey to be completed by 2023. Turkey buys major military platforms that its Western allies do not want to sell. The probability of co-production of the next generation military platforms is not far either.

In view of this fruitful and progressive aspect of the relationship, adding Crimea to the bucket list should not be a big deal for them. After all, they can also use Crimea as a bridge to new horizons. For example, there is the possibility of a highway encircling the Black Sea, crisscrossing Armenia, Georgia, the Russian Federation, Crimea, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. It will start on the eastern end of Turkey and end on the West, in Thrace.

This way the whole region will be tied to the newly developed network and high-speed railways of New Turkey second only to China. The bridge the Russian Federation is currently building to connect the Crimean peninsula could be the final piece in this uninterrupted highway and railway network that would bring everybody together.

Crimean Tatars: Membership in the Turkic Council

Why not make Crimea a member of the Turkic Council all the same while at it?

A membership to the Crimean Tatars in the Turkic Council fits them well. The independence of Crimea means, it can join old brethren once again.  Some claim, there are 12 Turkic Republics in the Russian Federation, vying for the same in this century. Crimean Tatars are one of them.

The Turkic Council, officially the Cooperation Council of Turkic-Speaking States, is an international organization comprising some of the Turkic countries. Currently, it has five members like the Republic of Turkey and four former Soviet republics. Other countries like for example Hungary has observer status because of ethnic and cultural ties. Ukraine may also join this union in a similar category.

After all, it is set up to create interaction among countries with common values. Like for example, the European Football League, which by the way, independent Crimean will be part of. On that note, Crimean Tatars may finally come home and celebrate their newly found freedom and independence with their hero Obama. The 2026 World Cup will be held in Canada, the United States and Mexico. There is time to qualify for that for Crimea.