Resurrecting NATO Before Killing

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created in 1949. Originally, it was formed as a counter force by France and the UK against German and Russian aggression. When Türkiye and West Germany joined as members with America, the raison d’être of the organization changed. The Soviets became the sole target of the Western Alliance. In 1991, when the Soviet Union disintegrated, NATO lost its purpose in life. Yet, now there was a Globalists led America at the helm with a dilemma. Oddly, NATO, rather than the Communist menace, was their problem. Plus, pro-NATO forces in America were a powerful adversary because NATO was the brainchild of the Pentagon. In a hurry, Globalists had to come up with a wickedly genius formula. No sooner they did. It was “resurrecting NATO before killing”.

Globalist America

Resurrecting NATO Before Killing

Globalists understood well. Getting rid of all too powerful NATO required a game within a game. First they had to find a sacrificial lamb or two. After that, it was time to trap a beast by throwing a sacrificial lamb into its path. The ensuing mess in the plunder had to be big enough to cause a fatal blow to the foundation of NATO.

Globalists did not look far to find not one but two sets of international players that would fit the bill. One was none other than political Islamist led Türkiye with sacrificial lamb Greece. The other was Russia. Ukraine, in this case, was to be thrown under the bus to lure the nemesis.

Russia at the Crosshair

Globalists have been at work towards this end since the 1990s. In fact, Vladimir Putin of Russia had innocently inquired if it was time for mother Russia to join NATO. President Bill Clinton, most likely, had pondered if Putin was pulling his leg with this question.

Putin should have understood the Globalist game in 2013 when the pro-Russian regime in Ukraine was replaced with an uprising. Nevertheless by 2015, there would no longer be a mystery. Globalists were coming in full swing. Moreover, Ukraine, Russia, and NATO were not the only ones in their crosshair.

Türkiye at the Crosshair

Türkiye was also in their list of main targets. In fact, Globalists were hard at work through a parallel channel. They were successful in 2009, having done damage to the rank and file of the Turkish navy. After that, they also instigated a similar social uprising in the country like they did in Ukraine. It was called the “Gezi” movement in 2013. Yet, their ploy, same year, fired back during the national election.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s regime was reelected to continue the reign. Globalists, this time, attempted the ultimate sin against Türkiye, a long time ally. On 15 July 2016, they were behind a coup d’état against the Erdoğan regime. They failed once again and then “they went home to roost” against the newly elected Trump Administration.

Resurrecting NATO Before Killing

Antithesis of GameChanger

When I authored “GameChanger” in 2020, I argued that for America to remain the sole superpower on Planet Earth, it had to join forces with Türkiye led Muslim Ummah. America to work with Türkiye, the second biggest military in the alliance, was no brainer. President Donald Trump understood this equation.

He also openly displayed his strategy. As a result, at home, he was widely criticized for his behavior against G-7 members in their meetings. Instead, he was making great progress in the G-20 meetings where the likes of Russia, Türkiye, and other rising powers of the East were congregating.

All the while, Globalists were trying to undermine the 45th president. Short of impeachment, their primary goal was to win the presidential election in 2020. Only after that they were going to focus on their ultimate goal. They were going to finish in the international arena what they had miserably failed by the time Barack Obama Administration completed its Globalist mandate by 2016.

NATO was at their crosshair but to bring it down they had to do “The Potomac Two Step” to unravel Russia, Türkiye, Ukraine and Greece. Chaos, on a global scale, was their plan. Patriots in these four nation-states were targets in their crosshair.

NATO Begins and Ends with Dominant Türkiye

Alas, in their quest of getting rid of NATO, Globalists never understood one simple fact. NATO began functioning in earnest in 1952 with the Korean War. Ever since, Turkish brigade returned as the Hero of the war having fend off the Chinese and N. Korean attacks that were sure to annihilate U.S. 2nd Division, losing 717 men in the process.

There was no longer a doubt about the fate of the organization anymore. Without Türkiye on the southern flank, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was sure to overrun the Middle East. The fate of Europe or the Sixth Fleet or Africa were also going to be in jeopardy. Türkiye, as the sole Muslim member of the Christian alliance, had become a bulwark against Communism expansion.

The irony was that Globalists never realized that the Republic of Turkey was intentionally staying dormant all throughout the twentieth century. The fledgling republic needed a disguise, and NATO was it until the time was right.

It was very naive for Globalists to believe that Türkiye would not have started to distance itself from the Western Alliance ever since 1991. Three decades later, most with common sense and some knowledge of history in the Western Alliance surely did not have any doubt anymore. The fate of NATO was in the hands of Türkiye all along, if only it decided to leave the alliance.

Before Killing Resurrecting NATO

Globalist Ploy

Further to the irony, that is exactly why the ever resourceful Globalists came up with their insidious and wicked strategy after the 2020 elections. Resurrecting NATO before killing might have seemed freaky for most others, but it was the “Perfect Storm” for them. Globalists were experts on how to operate in such chaotic environments, irrespective of the fact that they failed repeatedly in the past in their ill will attempts against Türkiye.

Resurrecting NATO

Ploys Against Türkiye Failed Every Time

The 2009, 2013, and 2016 misdeeds by Globalists against Türkiye were pretty despicable. Even though these fiascos were adorning Globalist Hall of Shame, they still had the audacity to continue with their vile intrigues. In 2021, they began encircling their long time NATO ally with military deployments. The goal was to entice Türkiye so that it would overreact with military aggression against helpless Greece.

A simple misstep by the Erdoğan regime was going to be enough to turn the tables around and against the staunchest ally of America and NATO. However, Turks did not take the bait and spoiled it one more time for Globalists. As a result, in 2022, Globalists were left no choice but to embark on Plan B. The seeds they had planted in Ukraine in 2013 were by now ripe to collect the fruits of their labor with little push against Russia.

Resurrecting NATO

Russia Was Plan B

After admitting nine former Soviet or Warsaw Pact countries into NATO, excessive military deployments in the Balkans were the initial steps against Russia. No sooner, Russia began massing troops by the Ukrainian border to counter the threat as early as March 2021. Erratic messages from Globalists were misleading. So much so that Russia partially withdrew troops by June only to amass them again by December 2021.

In short, Globalists played Ukrainians and Russians for a whole year. After that, as soon as the invasion began, Globalists left Ukraine at the mercy of the already boiling Russian military machine. Russia, on its part, did not realize until it was too late that it was sucked in to an unwinnable war. Two weeks into the Russian military incursion, resurrecting NATO was finally complete. First part of the plan was successful.

Resurrecting NATO Completed: Now What!

Resurrecting NATO required victims and villains. By 2021, Germany was already a victim. It was financially crippled with the Covid-19 ploy. The IMF had loaned over 600 billion dollars to the biggest economy in Europe. France, by then, was in worse shape. It was militarily and economically helpless against the rapidly rising Türkiye in the Mediterranean Sea and in Africa.

Coupled with the Russian aggression soon to envelop Ukraine, there was also seemingly a villain for everyone to recognize. The Russian Federation, under the circumstances, was being portrayed to become as big of a threat as the Soviet Union has been. NATO, now, had acquired a raison d’être that it had lost in 1991. It was going to protect continental Europeans like Germans and French from the Russian Bear.

As a result, it was no surprise that the entire Western economy, public and private, joined the Crusade against Russia in one week. For Globalists, now it was time to move to the second and final phase of the insidious and wicked plan. Killing resurrected NATO had to be completed as soon as possible. If not by the 2022 mid-term election, the task had to be accomplished long before the 2024 presidential election.

For that, the target was now going to be none other than Türkiye.

Resurrecting Easier Than Killing  

Resurrecting NATO would always be easier than killing it because it has become more than a military alliance in the past seventy years. It has transformed into a deep rooted international forum of importance for Europeans. Member states like Türkiye or Germany have learned how to manage crises between them, as well as keeping Russia at bay.

Considering the fact that NATO has never mobilized for war in Europe, except for weeks long bombing Serbia, proved its value. Yet, when NATO was used in Korea and Iraq to galvanize global support, America was blamed for overbearing. Insult to the injury, since 1992, Globalists have employed the resources of the alliance for parochial interests.

As a result, Türkiye, at this time, for example, would like to see NATO transformed. If it is going to become more inclusive like it has recently, by increasing the membership to thirty, it must also become open and modern. More importantly, it must purely serve nation-states in mediation and conflict resolution, rather than deciding who is the victim or villain.

In other words, a resurrected NATO might very well become something that Türkiye, Russia, and Germany would be able to live with. Such that even the ever conspiring Britain and prickly France might even find it useful. Such transformation would surely benefit America the most if only because the balance of power would be reestablished in Europe.


Türkiye, second biggest military force in the alliance, would prefer to keep NATO intact, so long as the organization shapes up and restructures itself.  In that regard, Türkiye has not been sitting hands tied for the past three decades since 1991.

The outreach towards Turkic states of Central Asia and Muslim Ummah opened new horizons. Nevertheless, for Türkiye, joining new organizations never meant ending relationships with the long established global organizations, unless they are restructured of course.


Russia would work with Türkiye as well as with Germany when they would continue as NATO members. Even though they would be forming a Bermuda Triangle in Europe, they will not become an axis.Their economic interdependence would ironically be an impediment. For example, Russia will grow economically bigger and faster in this stable environment. It will keep pace with America, China, and India.


Germany would equally cherish such an environment. The biggest economy in Europe would continue to become the engine of Europe. As one of the main destinations of the Belt and Road Initiative coming from China, Germany will prosper even more. The balance of power in Europe will be most welcomed by Germany. It will have a leverage across the world from America to China to Türkiye led Muslim Ummah.

Resurrecting NATO Before Killing

Globalist Folly

Simply put, Globalist ploy, resurrecting NATO before killing would end up becoming only another folly for Globalists.

Russia is a nuclear power, second only to America. Türkiye already demonstrated that it has will and capacity to play Zero Sum Game against any major power under certain circumstances.

As a result, they are the last two adversaries Globalists should have ever selected as targets. Plus, there are three other factors that are equally important to note.

One, America is divided. There are battles to win in 2022 and 2024 elections. Who knows who will be at the helm!

Two, China will become the number one economy in the world within this decade. It will have resources and leverages to lure both Russia and Türkiye to join forces.

Finally, Japan and Germany are number four and five economies in the world today. While Germany and Türkiye are NATO members, Japan is a global partner of the organization. Resurrected NATO restructured will make all three to work much more cohesively towards prosperity.

Globalist folly has long been an attempt to make one world by dividing everyone into pieces and destroying nation-states. Where as the nation-states today are a closer bunch, doing their best to avoid war or destruction. They also want to keep their identities and values.

In that regard, resurrecting NATO, in fact, is going to be serving their purpose well. Since NATO kept peace in Europe for seventy years, with restructuring, it could also spread the peace to the rest of the planet.

Thanks to Globalists! Perhaps?!