The Last Thing The World Wanted

Clinton's Libya Brought Turks

It is ironic but Clinton’s Libya permanently brought Turks back to Libya after a full century. In Clinton’s Libya, the civil war ended second time within a decade, in October 2020. At the end, it was clear: Turks brought peace to the country, relatively speaking.

The Secular Republic of Turkey and political Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s regime in power became a Gamechanger there. They carved a viable portion of the country away for the National Transitional Council (NTC) from the rebel-held eastern sections.

The United Nations General Assembly voted on 16 September 2011 to recognize NTC. Libya’s seat at the United Nations passed to the NTC 114 to 17 vote. On 20 September 2011, the African Union officially recognized the NTC as the legitimate representative of Libya as well.

Clinton’s Libya 

Seven months earlier, civil war erupted in Clinton’s Libya in February 2011. It came to an end when Muammar Gaddafi was deposed. The second time, the civil war lasted 6 years and ended when Turks came into the picture with military muscle.

On the opposing end, Turkey faced there Russia, France, and Egypt, their cohorts like UAE and a variety of mercenaries. Turkish military power was overwhelmingly superior. Antagonists had to sue for peace to stop the advancing Turkey supported NTC forces at the gates of Sirte.

Interestingly, Turks were also part of another war in Libya a century ago. Then they were against the Italians during the last days of the Ottoman Empire. That war lasted from September 1911 to October 1912. The Ottoman Turks lost the ordeal.

Now, it seems like Turks are taking the mantle into their hand again. They will continue from where the Ottomans left it. Though they are not acting like the old empire, but rather like “New Turkey.” Turks have shown that they are coming again but this time with an open invitation.

Clinton’s War

On February 15, 2011, anti-government rallies were held in Benghazi by protesters. They were angry because Fethi Tarbell, a human rights lawyer was arrested. On 20 October, rebels captured Muammar Gaddafi and killed him in Sirte. On 23 October, the NTC officially declared an end to the 2011 Libyan Civil War.

Why is it Clinton’s War?

It is because Hillary Clinton was the 67th US Secretary of State during the Barack Obama Administration from 2009 to 2013. In other words, Clinton’s War could not and would not have taken place if the regime in America did not want it. The US Six Fleet was lurking in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and there was no power around to challenge it. For example, neither Russia nor Turkey had any naval presence like now.

It is a Globalist Mess

When the first civil war took place in Libya in 2011, Globalists were in power in America and Europe. They decided to embark on a grand plan for the eastern Mediterranean Sea because of newly discovered hydrocarbon reserves. Israel was the first country bordering this closed sea to discover the hydrocarbon reserves in 2009. Globalists from the West did not want these reserves to go to the remaining states bordering this sea. Instead, they wanted to decide how it should be partitioned by the Westerners. They ignored legitimate sovereigns, the Muslims in the region.

North Africa

Where It All Began

The Globalists set their site first on three North African countries. No sooner, President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, and President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia were deposed. The next regime change in line was in Syria. After that, it was Turkey’s turn.


A Tough Nut to Crack

Regime change never took place in Syria no matter how hard the Globalists tried. Instead, the mess they created in the region, translated into a mass migration of refugees heading Western Europe. One million walked to Europe in 2015.

The ripple effect became clear in the parliamentary elections. In Austria, Netherlands, France, and Germany, radical right rose in popularity in the ensuing years. It became a force to reckon with across the old continent and nationalism started to rise against Globalism. Brexit also “coincidentally” took place at this time!


The Last & Biggest Prize

The Globalists also failed miserably, in Turkey, and twice. In 2013, the Globalists, in cohesion, worked hard to manipulate the elections in Turkey. They failed. They tried again in 2016. This time, they attempted a coup d’état against the Erdoğan regime. They failed again.

Nobody in the West must have ever imagined how consequential the actions of the Globalists would be in the end. The fact that Turks would come to Libya, exploiting the opportunity that Globalists created, was one thing.

For Turks, setting a foothold in Libya was only the first step towards an end game in the Eastern Mediterranean. They were to come there to finish the business. They ended what Globalists were attempting to achieve when they started the the Clinton’s War in early 2011.

Arab Spring: Clinton’s Folly Brought Turks

Clinton’s War, aka Arab Spring, sprung with the overthrow of the government in Tunisia on 14 January 2011. On 11 February, the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak resigned and transferred his powers to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. With Gaddafi gone, by mid-October, within 8 months, the job of the Globalists was over and done with. Three decades-long-enduring regimes of North Africa were gone within few months.

According to Britannica, “in early 2011, there was a wave of popular protests in countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. They were largely peaceful demonstrations against entrenched regimes in  Egypt and Tunisia, seeking quick transfers of power. In Libya, the uprising against the four-decade rule of Muammar al-Qaddafi led to civil war and international military intervention.”

Libya Civil War 2011

The first Libyan Civil War was an armed conflict in 2011. Forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and foreign-supported groups fought between themselves. The goal was to oust the Gaddafi government. In the end, it erupted into the Libyan Revolution, also known as the 17 February Revolution.

Libyan Civil War 2014

In the second civil war, hostilities first broke out early in the morning of Friday, on 16 May 2014. General Khalifa Haftar‘s forces assaulted the bases of certain Benghazi Islamist militia groups.  Among them, there were the ones that were blamed for the 2012 assassination of US ambassador Christopher Stevens. Helicopters, jets and ground forces took part in the assault, killing 70, and injuring at least 250. Haftar also vowed not to stop until the extremist groups are purged. Shortly before the assault, Haftar reportedly asked a close friend, “Am I committing suicide?”

Apparently, Haftar was right to worry. That was enough for Turks to finally act after a century of isolation and non-interference. They came, saw and started to get rid of Haftar’s forces, soon after in 2020.

Did Globalists Ever Know

About The Original Turkey and Libya Meeting?

Then, Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya met few weeks before the Globalists interfered in North Africa. Erdoğan was there to present a maritime proposal to Gaddafi. The proposal was making two countries border states in the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, by the time the visit was completed, they had agreed on the deal and Erdoğan was to put it in effect upon his return to Turkey. The Globalists promptly interfered to stop it.

Second time around, Erdoğan did not leave anything to chance. Turkey and the Government of National Accord have signed the same Maritime Boundary Treaty on 27 November 2019.  They established an exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean Sea, allowing both countries to claim rights to ocean bed resources.

Here Come Turks: Clinton’s Libya

The Turkish military intervention in the Second Libyan Civil War came in support of the Government of National Accord. Military intervention was approved by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on 2 January 2020. It passed a one-year mandate to deploy troops to Libya. Turkish military deployments to Libya began on 5 January.

Turks Are Coming

The West maliciously interpreted the Turkish military intervention in Libya. It portrayed it as an attempt to secure access to resources and maritime boundaries in the Eastern Mediterranean. By 2020, the world was already quite familiar with the Blue Homeland Doctrine (TurkishMavi Vatan).  Ensuing ratification of the Libya–Turkey maritime deal was all the proof, the West needed to make a case against Turkey.

The West also believed that the Turkish military was there to counter Egyptian and Emirati influence in the Middle East and North Africa. Turkey, long before, having set up overseas bases in Qatar and Somalia, was not leaving any doubt in anyone’s mind either. Coupled with the military incursions to northern Syria and Iraq, everyone was sure that Turkey was rebuilding the Ottoman Empire again. 

Turkish Objectives

Yet what the West never understood or refused to accept was something completely different. Turkish objectives in North Africa were two-fold.

One, Turkey was against Globalist and Imperialist methods and strategies. Foreign interference into domestic matters in Turkey or in Libya was no not acceptable anymore. Historical accounts notwithstanding, what the Globalists conspired to do in Turkey in 2013 and 2016 now had to have consequences.

Two, New Turkey, in principle, did not want to play Catch-22 with the West any longer. It decided since the turn of the Millennia to respond promptly, effectively and every time. Being defensive was no longer an option. The best defense was offense and conspiracy behind Arab Spring or Clinton’s War was suspect enough to react.

In other words, the Turkish military went to Libya to bolster the defensive line in North Africa for Turkey proper. Eastern Mediterranean in that context was simply the front yard that naturally had to be taken care of. So they began with the Blue Homeland Doctrine (Mavi Vatan). The Libya-Turkey maritime deal became the pinnacle of their achievement in this strategy.


Clinton’s Libya Brought Turks

to Africa and Eastern Mediterranean

Clinton’s Legacy, for many, may seem to be the First Woman Candidate for President in the United States of America. For others, it will also always be the American ambassador, John Christopher Stevens. He was killed in Benghazi during her watch.

But in reality, there is more to her legacy. One, Turks came back to Africa, militarily, with Clinton’s War, aka Arab Spring, for the first time after a century. Two, Turks found an opportunity to further consolidate their stand in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Simply put, Clinton’s Legacy ended up becoming lose-lose for America and France and became a win-win for New Turkey.

Libya Now

No Man’s Land for America and France

Clinton’s Libya today is a no man’s land for America only because Turks made Libya a “home away home” for themselves thanks to Clinton’s Legacy. The Republic of Turkey smartly invested in the UN-recognized regime in Tripoli.

France on the other hand, as a decaying European power, was desperate. It not only betrayed America but also tried to undermine Italy in Libya. France tried to join forces with Russia against Turkey which infuriated America, never realizing Russia was in bed with Turkey.

Unfortunately, France did not stop there and challenged Turkey militarily in the Eastern Mediterranean. On June 18, 2020, Turkey showed who is the boss. A Turkish frigate made a French frigate obsolete, dead in water, with superior electronic warfare technology.

New Turkey Now

Militarily Domineering Power of the Eastern Mediterranean

Further insult to the injury came when Turkey completed a maritime deal with Libya. The Libya-Turkey Maritime Delimitation Agreement simply cut the eastern Mediterranean Sea from the rest of the world. It made Libya and Turkey maritime neighbors.

The principle of the “creation of diagonal lines” gave Turkey unprecedented opportunities. No one ever thought existed until then. The agreement is long registered at the United Nations and became the ruling regime of the sea.

Incredibly, this tilted geographical position of planet earth now gives Turkey the right to conclude similar agreements. Turkey may sign one with Egypt and another with Israel. As a result, Greece is effectively kept out of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.