What's Wrong Over The Horizon

Lockheed Martin (LM) introduces LMXT as a “GameChanger” that may determine who wins the next war. Retired Air Force Generals Buzz Moseley and John Corley argue: it is the new tanker plane for the US Air Force. LM believes LMXT will prove successful but also implement President Biden’s ‘Over the Horizon’ military strategy. I would say that is a bridge too far when what’s wrong over the horizon is examined.

Two problems are brewing over the horizon ever since Globalists came to power. One involves decay in the West and the fast-rising East. The other is no different than the problems America faced in military spheres overseas in the mid-20th century. Does anyone remember when Dwight Eisenhower came to the White House and made that statement? He basically said that air wars do not win wars, boots do the winning.

Not that America won all the battles in the world when it sent boots, except for WWII! That’s an altogether another matter. Nonetheless, he was right.

What’s Wrong Over the Horizon

On one hand, there are two dozen nation-states in the East soon to acquire great economies. On the other hand, there are non-state proxies, like militia, that would soon turn against the West. Neither was treated well during the 19th and the 20th centuries by the West. On the 21st, they came of age and are about to set their sight to correct the wrongs of the past.

What is the West to do in the face of this calamity? That would be nothing but to establish a balance of power between the West and the East on a global scale. Yet, since the West is divided to no end, America must do what it can within means. For that, first, it must establish a balance of power among lesser evil, in Europe and in the Middle East.

Balance of Power

The West has been decaying since Globalists came to power in the 1990s. Unfortunately, America did not know how to capitalize on the hegemony when the bipolar world disappeared. As the sole superpower of the world, America wasted 24 years under Globalist leaders like Clinton, Bush-43, and Obama. As a result, America can no longer establish a balance of power against the rising eastern giants like China or India on its own.

Instead, America has no alternative but to turn back to what it can do. It can establish two balances of power in smaller scales. One in the Middle East and the other in Europe would be the best and the only alternatives. Regrettably, when Donald J. Trump was at the helm this could have been possible. He would have turned into “Realpolitik” to achieve both.

With Globalism in charge again, this is not possible anymore. Simply because Globalists are led to believe that they can control what is transpiring “over the horizon” from the blue skies only. Never mind it is also necessary to resort to a wide range of tactics from brinkmanship to gunboat or shuttle or triangular diplomacy to achieve anything in the international arena.


“Over the Horizon”

GameChanger is my book about Turkey & Erdogan. I put certain realities into perspective when Donald J. Trump was the President of the United States of America. I argued that America can only establish balance of power in the Middle East and in Europe if it cooperates with Turkey.

Considering Turkey is one of the handful and fast-rising Eastern powers, reportedly, soon to become even one of the top five economies and militaries in the world. One would think America would keep Turkey in the company instead of making another enemy alongside China, Russia, and India.

Plus for those in the know, “New Turkey” is the natural third part of a three-legged balance of power (BOP) in two geographies. In the Middle East, BOP will always be between Turks, Arabs and Persians. In Europe, in the 21st century, it is none other than between Russia, Germany-led European Union and Turkey.

No matter who is in the Oval Office, ignoring this reality has detrimental consequences. Not knowing facts about powers to be in Europe and the Middle East is an even worse predicament. The 45th President of the US understood this equation from the get-go. Globalists cannot understand it so long as they are shackled by the Globalism ideology.

Hence there is no hope America will ever be able to establish a balance of power against rising China-led East. With two soft bellies in the Middle East and in Europe, America and the West will always be vulnerable. LM’s LMXT project is a valiant effort and like argued, it will take care of the strategy in the air but the big picture on the ground is bleak.

 Over the Horizon with LMXT

LMXT may very well be the right choice over its alternatives in America. Since some US Generals with wisdom also believe LMXT is the better platform, the case is closed. The problem arises when LMXT tries to help the helpless US foreign policy objectives in the Pacific against China. In the rest of the world, supporting militia without reliable nation-state allies, no one should expect anything but catastrophe.

Sooner or later, calamity is sure to descend on isolated troops across the planet. That was the wisdom of the 45th president when he decided to pull troops back from Syria and then Afghanistan when everybody cried wolf. He knew what was wrong over the horizon and was soon to come back and hunt America.


What’s Wrong Over the Horizon

America no longer has allies where it can land boots. That is the real problem. The 43rd president effectively lost the Middle East. Africa has been a precarious place long before that. The recent pullback from Afghanistan completes the surrender in Central Asia. Meanwhile, in the old continent, France is seeking a European version of NATO without America.

All the while, the current administration is considering deployment of troops to the Balkans. This decision not only makes Russia more aggressive but also alienates Turkey. No one can argue Germany would agree with this deployment either. Hence, forget about Europe being a soft belly. Now there will be stomach pain that would require a surgical procedure.

If this is the best part of the “Over the Horizon” strategy, there will be the deuce to pay for America. Sooner than a decade, China will emerge as the number one economy of the world. India will follow to take the second spot pushing America to third. Indonesia will be right behind America in fourth place. “New Turkey,” according to the growing number of reports from the West, will wrap up the top five.

What is wrong over the horizon one might ask… Maybe it is the regime in Wash DC! Has anyone given serious consideration to it? If what transpired from 1992 to 2106 is not enough, what will happen to America until 2024 should reinforce it. Not even LMXT and a lot other genuinely American innovations like it would save America from leaving the leadership post to the rising Eastern powers.

We will just have to wait and see, won’t we?