Swedish-Finish NATO Hypocrisy

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will not become stronger and more effective when it acquires more members. The continental Europe has already become more vulnerable ever since NATO expanded to the eastern European countries. The expansion is the main cause of the Russia-Ukraine War of 2022. Consequently, the US lost credibility as the leader of the alliance. Further to injury, Sweden and Finland formally applied for membership. Now, NATO must brace for a fatal blow. Their membership may very well spell the end of the journey for Türkiye in the Western Alliance. The second biggest military in the international organization cannot co-exist with these two prospective members. They have irreconcilable differences. In fact, the act of applying for membership is nothing but a Swedish-Finish NATO hypocrisy. NATO will pay the price for it. It may very well be the end of the alliance and the US supremacy in the world.

Swedish-Finish NATO Hypocrisy

The Swedish-Finish NATO hypocrisy is glaringly black and white for everybody concerned.

One, NATO does not have the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact to kick around anymore. Sweden and Finland chose to remain outside the Western Alliance all throughout the Cold War. At that time, the menacing power of the Soviet Union was a serious threat. Russia, currently constituted, can never present a similar challenge. If Sweden and Finland survived seventy years without NATO membership, why would they need a membership now? It is a suspect at best, if not a hypocrisy.

Two, Article Five of NATO states that an armed attack against one of the member states is an attack against all members. Consequently, all members must assist the attacked member. Unfortunately, Sweden and Finland are not in a position to fulfill this responsibility when it comes to Türkiye. Over many decades, Sweden and Finland made themselves bastions for radicals that became fugitives in their home countries. As a result, Sweden and Finland advocate for them. Consequently, they interfere with the domestic affairs of other countries.

Türkiye to Forgive and Forget

Swedish-Finish NATO Hypocrisy

Türkiye has outstanding differences with these two free-spirited Scandinavian countries. First, Türkiye demands extradition of thirty three fugitives that are in refuge there. Two, both countries must lift all embargoes against Türkiye. Three, they must stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.

In fact, even if these three demands were met, Türkiye still has another card to bring to the table. Türkiye had lifted its veto in 1980 against Greece so that it could be readmitted to the alliance. However, since then Türkiye understood it was a mistake. Greece became the main impediment, but more so a threat to the Turkish national interests in the “Islands Sea.”

Consequently, current Turkish demands may surely include a contingency for Sweden and Finland. If they were to join misdeeds with Greece directly or indirectly, Türkiye may even elect to leave NATO membership. That is a threat the US and Germany cannot afford in the face of mighty Russia. Never mind what will be the purpose of Sweden and Finland joining a military alliance in the first place if not hypocrisy.

End of NATO  

NATO was created by Pentagon as a bulwark against the Soviets and expansion of Communism. The alliance also includes two major European powers like the UK and France. However, Germany and Türkiye are the primary and essential pillars of this defensive mechanism. Without either one of them in the alliance, there is no NATO. Remember, France also left NATO once, temporarily, yet the alliance remained strong!

When and if Türkiye leaves the alliance, there will not be a NATO. During the last days of the Andrea Merkel leadership in Germany, radical elements increased their criticism against Türkiye. Yet, when the question of “what if” Türkiye were to leave the alliance was raised, everybody quieted down. It is a reality no one can deny. Without Türkiye, it is the end of NATO.

End of US Supremacy

End of NATO would surely mean the end of the US supremacy. If taking Türkiye out of the equation means ending the US supremacy by getting rid of NATO, then it all makes sense. Like for example why Ukraine became a sacrificial lamb and Greece may be next with the current Globalist policies in play.

In that regard, doesn’t Swedish-Finish NATO hypocrisy looks like a conspiracy to get rid of NATO and US supremacy? If Swedish-Finish membership will eventually give enough excuses for Türkiye to leave the alliance, then the question is who else is in this ploy.

After all, France is adamantly pursuing PESCO, as an alternative to NATO in the continental Europe. Considering the UK already lifted all embargoes against Türkiye, what is to stop France from working closely with Türkiye, for example? They are already cooperating on the defensive missile batteries. All the while, aren’t the rest of the twenty nine members for Swedish and Finish entry?

In other words, at least to me, the end of US supremacy is in play. Ending NATO once and for all is the goal. Agitating Türkiye is the means. Swedish and Finish application for membership are the instruments. Some have to wake the Americans up. Alas, they are in deep sleep, never recovered since Globalists put them into ever since the disintegration of the Soviets in 1991.

GameChanger Has the Answer

Against Swedish-Finish NATO Conspiracy!

It is funny how the world revolves around. The US got rid of the Soviet empire by flexing economic muscles during the Ronald Reagan Administration. Globalist leaders in the US with the help of international intrigue and “conspiracy” now are trying to get rid of US supremacy. I have written the answer in the GameChanger how to avoid these pitfalls. Unfortunately, no one is at home in America for the moment.