NATO: Revisiting Turkish Manifesto

With a blink of an eye, it is another yearly summit for NATO: Revisiting the Turkish Manifesto must be the most important item on the agenda. That’s toxic masculinity for you! Who in their right mind would bring “Turkish” or “Manifesto” when there are other vital issues to deal with! One of them must be about millions of Ukrainian refugees in Europe. The other has to be the energy insecurity that interrupted life in the Old Continent.

I emphatically say: “No!”

The Russia-Ukraine War began in February 2022. It was four months before the NATO Summit in Madrid. No one was then thinking it would last this long. No sooner, the summit was over but there was a Turkish Manifesto at the table. It was there like a hand grenade, which came as a surprise, least expected by the US. 12 months later, nothing has changed in Europe. No, I am not talking about the Russia-Ukraine War. That Turkish Manifesto is still there yet to explode.

NATO: Revisiting Turkish Manifesto

At the Table, Like an Unexploded Grenade

NATO in Vilnius will revisit the Turkish Manifesto first, second, and last before it adjourns for another Tuesday, next year, at the least. Why will “Turkish Manifesto” be considered by every member at that table as an unexploded grenade?

Here are some questions

  1. Who in the Pentagon will decide NATO can exist without Turkiye?
  2. What European power will argue Turkiye will not open the “Floodgate”?
  3. Where will the other half of the energy supply arrive in Europe from?
  4. Which countries will turn their back to the EU, if Turkiye walks away?
  5. When will Western Alliance finally say: We made a catastrophic mistake?

Here are some answers

  1. Haven’t you read “Resurecting NATO Before Killing” yet?
  2. In 2016, a million refugees came through Turkiye: Any one remembers it?
  3. How much energy is trans-shipped via Turkish mainland and Mavi Vatan?
  4. Weren’t Seljuks and the Ottomans that built empires Turks?
  5. What if Russia and Turkey joined forces again the way Kanuni and Ivan did?


NATO: Revisiting Turkish Manifesto

The Other Two Questions and Poor Joe Biden

Back to the original question. Wouldn’t Joe Biden say: “If it is Tuesday, it must be another NATO Summit in Europe!” Please read my latest article in the Daily Mail and leave poor Joe alone until we can elect, for example, a virile Bobby Kennedy or Donald Trump like a patriot!

Until November 2024, America must not be allowed to commit suicide. It is too much as it is for Joe. It is inhumane to top his plate anymore than this at age 80. In the meantime, just read “Swedish-Finish NATO Hypocracy!” It will give a plenty of thought how patriotic Americans and Europeans are being taking advantage of.

The Russia-Ukraine War

Revisiting the Russia-Ukraine war also helps at this stage. As it will be clear how “Turkiye Helps Ukraine, Not America” when I pose: “Why is America no help?” Two answers may serve this question best. One, America does not have the means. Two, America does not wish to help Ukraine. Unfortunately, both may be true.

The European “Insecurity”

I think I found the real answer to the original question above. “Why the Turkish Manifesto will be on the table in this NATO Summit in Vilnius first, second, and third?” I don’t think anyone would like to talk about how Globalists envision to make Europe a “Sacrificial Lamb To Feast”.

NATO Summit in Vilnius

New Destiny For Europe

Maybe it is time to set up a new destiny for Europe in Vilnius so that it can avoid becoming a “sacrificial lamb to feast” for anyone or anything. What happened to Ukraine, and related to the rest of Europe, should already be enough to understand.
Like Bobby Kennedy wrote: “A Letter to Liberals,” reminding the danger America is in on another vital matter, it is equally important to leave this “grenade” unexploded at the NATO table in Vilnius for another two years until someone with wherewithal to make the right decision come to power in America and save Joe Biden from the misery he is in.