Europe: America's Sacrificial Lamb

America has been in socio-economic decay since 1992, simply because it did not vote better. Starting with Bill Clinton, continuing with George Bush and Barack Obama took its toll. Each did untold damage to the great Republic. At this time, the truth is hard to swallow. However, America must find a way to get out of this mess. So, how about making Europe: Sacrificial lamb to feast!

Donald Trump had the idea however he was too vulgar to the fragile majority in America. As a result, the know-it-all-dim-witted majority agreed on Joe Biden to lead. However, in 2021, the picture became clear to everyone. America was in deep trouble and no one had answers. Now, there was no choice but to go after Europe much like Trump did.

Europe: Sacrificial Lamb To Feast

Covid-19 in 2020 and the Russia-Ukraine War in 2022 were enough to get Europe ready to be devoured. During Covid-19 months, Europe tattered into pieces when between northern and southern members. During the Russia-Ukraine war one thing became clear. Now, it was time for France, Germany, Italy, and Spain to contemplate how they would secure their future.

The UK had long severed itself from the continental mess and was ahead of everyone else.Together with Türkiye on the other end of the “Union”, they were now consolidating their place at the table. Now, it was a matter of time how America and Russia were going to share their spoils of riches. After all they also had to consider what would fall to China’s share from this feast.

European Union

Sacrificial Lamb To Feast

By 2023, it will be time for Europe to realign itself. However, it will no longer be as a unified entity that it decided to become on 1 November 1993. In fact, it will be the beginning of the end for the European Union. After thirty years, it is likely that it might no longer exist.

In 2017, each one of China, the US, European Union, and a total of 150 third world countries controlled 16 percent of the global GDP. The disintegrating 27 countries from the Union, together with 15 other economies with over 1 percent of global GDP each, will make the new world order.

At one time, there were speculations that the 14 of the 27 members in the Union would coalesce around Germany. The remaining 13 will become cluster states around center state Türkiye in the east. In other words, European Union will be like a mythological Pandora Box, presenting itself like a precarious gift box to all those ready to feast.


I authored “GameChanger“, published in the US and Australia in 2020. I argued that a balance of power must be established in Europe between Germany, Russia, and Türkiye. Short of that, the sole superpower status of America will come to a quick end.

Was I right? Of course, I was.

Unless free and independent Germany consolidates power in central Europe, Russia and Türkiye will have to pursue their national interest elsewhere.Together with China, they will form another balance of power in the rest of the world and leave the West to its misery.

However, that does not mean that they will not collectively continue to feast on Europe but also nibble on America.