In Decay & No Hope in Sight

Sick Man of the Planet: America

America grew from 1776 to 1976. It eventually became an economic and military superpower on Planet Earth. Since then, it has been on a roller coaster with the steepest dive from 1992 to 2016. Nowadays it is like a bottom feeder, as if it is surviving, satisfied with its sustenance. As the sick man of the planet: America is basically at the mercy of domestic bickering and bewildering international transition.

It is not who to blame but it is what the problem is about. It is what can not be reversed back to normal without radical changes. How to go about it is also in doubt, as well as when to embark on a new beginning. The sick man of the planet: America is in decay and there is no hope on the horizon to stop it. The Globalists have done irreparable damage over the past century, and they continue to do so now.

Sick Man of the Planet:

America & Multiple Symptoms 

The symptoms that made America the sick man of the planet today vary. They range from the ineptitude of the elected officials to historical justifications. Considering the decay in America has accelerated since 1992 is important to note. It lasted uninterrupted until 2016, until Donald Trump, the 45th president to put a brief stop for four years. Three previous US presidents consistently weakened America.

On the other hand, the domestic problems of America since the 1970s are for some the symptoms of decay. For others, America has faced deep-rooted issues since 1776 that was never promptly resolved. Race and religion today still dominates everyone’s agenda. No other country in the world has these two as number one and two problems like they are in America. On another note, Europe may be a close second in some cases!

Sick Man of the planet:

America in Perspective

It took a century for the 1776 Republic to become an international player. It took another century for America to become a superpower and start decaying immediately thereafter. Since 1976 or so, America faced deep-rooted problems that it could not overcome. President Jimmy Carter reflected the lowest point in recent history.

Ronald Reagan gave a brief respite with a victory over the “Communist evil,” the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The disintegration of the USSR was ironically also the new beginning of the end of the superpower-America. In 1992, America controlled twenty-six percent of the global GDP. In 2016, it controlled only fifteen percent of it.

At one time in the middle of the twentieth century, America controlled almost half of the planet’s economy. That journey lasted only a decade or so. The downward vortex from the summit was fast and steady. In 2021, it will continue as rapidly as it was between 1992 and 2016. First-quarter economic growth numbers are clear signs.

America Got a Second but Brief Respite

America grew about three percent from 2016 to 2020 when the 45th president was in charge. In the previous eight years, America never saw three percent economic growth. Worse, China and the rest of the rising powers of the East were constantly and rapidly growing. So much so that China and India, with less than a trillion-dollar economy each, had come strikingly close to America in twenty-four years.

President Trump halted everything. America grew three percent. So did China and the rest of the handful of Eastern powers. Come the first quarter of 2021 though, it was recently announced that China grew fifteen percent. It was back to fastest growth by a wide margin. Turkey was second with seven percent growth. It was back to business as usual like in the pre-Trump era. S. Korea was third with 1.8 percent.


Sick Man of the Planet

& No Hope in Sight

America lost moral high ground during the Clinton era. The Monica Lewinsky affair in the Oval Office damaged the reputation of America to no end. Since then, a great part of the planet views a lack of morality in America. Not that the other two administrations since 1992 were any better. The moral decadence was reflective in their foreign policy initiatives.

As if losing the morality card was not enough, military atrocities during the Bush (43) era came like a second blow. Mayhem in Iraq and Syria was sure to hunt the leadership of America everywhere on the planet. Ensuring total withdrawal of military forces from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan is reflective of the negative trend in 2021.

Today, American forces are no longer in the Middle East, Africa, or Central Asia like they used to be in the twentieth century. They are not welcomed there anymore but the reason is not military nature. The economic decay of America during the Obama era was devastating. Eight trillion-dollar Obama Care burden aside, America lost its competitive economic edge altogether when Obama was in charge.

America simply became the sick man of the planet in the hands of “three stooges” with overbearing moral, military and economic symptoms. Each one of the three novice presidents not only caused a specific problem to America but also jointly brought collateral damage. America, in the 2020s, no longer has the economic and military power to leverage its foreign policy objectives.

Not a Moral Authority Anymore

Does anyone remember “American Exceptionalism?” It was the pride for every citizen in America for more than a century. So much so that friends and foes on the planet knew and recognized the power and dignity this “exceptionalism” exerted. Nowadays, it is impossible to utter these two words in public in America, never mind overseas.

Not only no one cares about them internationally, domestically, but half of America also becomes antagonistic if one tries to loud them as a virtue. Is it fair to blame President Clinton with Monica Lewinsky affair for the loss of morality in America? No, but, that affair became the stigma that can no longer be erased easily.

Not a Military Power Anymore

Let’s make one thing clear!

America is still the sole military superpower of the planet. It will continue to remain as such for the foreseeable future. America has nuclear superiority second to no one.

The Air Force, the Army and the Navy are not much behind with overwhelming superiority against everyone on the planet. Now, it also has the Space Force to reckon with.

Having said that, the sick man of the planet constantly shows symptoms of decay and ill effects. For example, the Air Force does not have a fifth-generation aircraft.

America will have the life with fourth-generation aircrafts because it will not have the fifth generation until about 2040. Meanwhile, China and Russia already have and are operational. Turkey will have one, totally indigenously built in this decade.

Advances in missile, laser, drone, stealth, radar, battery, electromagnetic, electrical, quantum technologies are no less a threat to America. In the East, there is constant innovation and implementation of new technologies in the military platforms.

In the past, the advances used to come from the West. Now, China in the lead, America keeps sixty percent of its navy in the Pacific to keep the biggest danger in check.

New Turkey on the other hand dominates the Eastern Mediterranean Sea with its navy. New Turkey will soon have air superiority over the entire Mediterranean with the first-ever drone carrier, no less.

The TCG Anadolu, the first of the two of these drone carriers, is to be commissioned to the Turkish navy in 2021. Its sister ship the TCG Trakya should arrive within few years for a double whammy.

Other technological innovations in miniaturized missiles, radars, lasers are equally overwhelming. So much so that the Western powers are now actively seeking a technology transfer from New Turkey!

Go figure!

Not an Economic Power Anymore

America is still the number one economy in the world, which seems to be the only good news, perhaps nowadays. It has a more than twenty trillion dollar economy.

Yet, China is fast closing the gap. So does India. The predictions are widely available indicating America will regress to the third-ranking economy in the world. China and India are expected to pass America in less than a decade.

Worse, there will be Indonesia and Turkey in the fourth and fifth spots by 2030. Two Muslim countries will flank the only Western economy in the top five according to some leading British forecasters.

The rise of the Eastern economies and half a dozen Muslim countries to the top twenty economies of the world’s list are not state secrets.

China, India and Turkey Menace

Basically, towards the bitter end, economically, the sick man of the planet: America is losing ground with each technological discovery in the East.

China and India aside, Turkey is taking a big bite from Western technologies every day. It is making strides at every aspect of the economy from offshore gas and oil exploration to construction of the world’s biggest to manufacturing ingenuity.

Plus, there is the Belt and Road Initiative of China. In great partnership with about sixty countries, one-third of the world’s 193 countries are expected to prosper under the guise or control of China.

All the while, the weak leadership in divided America will continue to cause economic decay. America will simply not be able to compete well in the international arena.

Struggling for One America

Me and my partner Daphne Barak, are soon to release our eight books called: Struggling for One America. There we focused on the division in America, exacerbated with race problems and the Trump persona during the presidency. We noted these other problems and avoided existential moral, military, or economic issues.

We discovered that before anything, the sick man of the planet: America must struggle for One America. America must learn how to accept the other half and embrace it. Otherwise, we concluded that much worse days could be in the future for America.

As an example, we began this book with a reference to the Civil War of 1861-1865. Domestic bickering then caused the lives of seven hundred fifty thousand people in America. In today’s numbers, it amounts to seven and a half million people dying or being wounded in an atrocious conflict.

Based on the state of affairs in America today between divided halves, the sick man of the planet: America will continue to remain sick for a while. Simply because America has to struggle for One America before it can tackle the mess of the three stooges and those prior to them afflicted on America.