Globalist Coup Against Boris

Boris Johnson or Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson will have an extraordinary legacy. First, GameChanger Boris served Britain well in a three year span. Second, his reign came to an abrupt end in a spectacular fashion. So much so, it was nothing but a Globalist coup against Boris. It was a most unusual revolutionary phenomena in the evolutionary Kingdom.

For that reason only, how the Boris Johnson reign came to an end will always be a suspect. Yet, not until, the assassination of Shinzo Abe in Japan, another nationalist leader that was brought down radically, political avalanche Boris Johnson faced in the UK did not make sense. It was only forty eight hours earlier that nearly sixty political elites suddenly decided to quit on Johnson. Nothing that radical had ever happened in the Kingdom to date.

On the other hand, when observed, Globalists have done this type of one-two punch all throughout their short history. Today they are still at it. The Russia-Ukraine War and Swedish-Finish application for NATO membership were their latest, however they failed. Hence, it was natural for them to find a new one-two punch to reignite the flame. Earlier on, they had gotten rid of Trump, but it was also a long hassle.

Before that they had, and still have, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Türkiye in their crosshair. No matter how many times they tried since 2002, they failed miserably to bring him down. Nevertheless, they will not rest until they not only get rid of the regime in power in Türkiye but also divide the country into pieces. Yet, it is a tall task, if not impossible. In the meantime, eliminating a few nationalist leaders should help them in the interim.

Globalist Coup Against Boris

Globalist coup against Boris Johnson had to wait for the right timing. The damage that the Boris Johnson leadership was doing to the Globalist causes was irreparable. Plus, he had momentum on his side. What started with Brexit had endured all throughout the Covid-19. In its aftermath, collaboration between nationalist regimes like the ones in the UK and Türkiye were not healthy for Globalism.

Having already gotten rid of Trump and replaced it with the Biden Administration was a relief for Globalists. Yet, the presence of Boris Johnson, Shinzo Abe, and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan like nationalists at the helm were still too detrimental to the cause. Together with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, there were too many of them to deal with. Soon, they were going to assume center state roles, with their cluster of states around, as part of the New World Order.

Hence, suddenly, it dawned on Globalists. The Madrid NATO Summit 2022 was the right time to start the next phase of operations. The summit had shown how their original plan “resurrecting NATO before killing” and the “Swedish-Finish NATO hypocrisy” had already backfired. Türkiye had just manhandled the organization. On top, Boris had made a speech, on the last day of the Summit, that was nothing but another assault on Globalism.

From 2020 Presidential Election in the US

To the Shinzo Abe Assassination

As a result, Globalism could not have allowed anything to chance at this stage anymore. What had begun with the toppling of the Trump movement in 2020 had to end with a big bang in 2022. Bringing down Boris Johnson was an immediate goal, but why not eliminate another nationalist like Shinzo Abe. No one suggested at this time Globalists were behind the assassination. Yet, the “usual suspects” were on display, making it obvious if nothing else.

In other words, elimination of Johnson and Abe from the scene were going to allow Globalists to focus on the remaining three. Vladimir Putin bogged down in Ukraine, nevertheless he had become a bigger problem than it was before the war began. Xi Jinping, meanwhile, was sitting pretty. There was no one with enough resources to interfere with the progress he was making in the South China Sea and beyond. Finally, there was the everlasting problem of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

On top, there was an urgency. Six months to the 2022 midterm elections, Conservatives in America were ahead in polls. They had the good possibility to take over the control of the House, but also the Senate. They were a bad amen for the 2024 presidential election. A new conservative leadership in the White House, coupled with a half a dozen nationalist leaders from the UK to Japan to Türkiye to Russia to China, was a nightmare like no other for Globalists.

Globalist Coup Against Boris

A Far-Fetched Baloney?

Not really.

In July 2022, a revolutionary coup d’état took place in the United Kingdom against Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Considering it came like an insidious plot within the Conservative movement was reflective how Globalists operated. Suddenly and unexpectedly, inside the camp, a weakling or two, in this case sixty, appeared out of nowhere.

It was a Globalist coup against Boris, no doubt, with a well known trademark. It was common knowledge that when it came to Globalist moves, they were relentless. In this case, they had first tried the vote of confidence in the Parliament. Once it failed, only a month later, they came up with the massive resignation scheme.

Globalists Tried The Same Everywhere

Globalists repeatedly tried the same one-two punch everywhere from America to Russia to Scandinavia to Türkiye.

In America

Against the Trump Administration, for example, they were at work in full force. As if every other day there was someone coming out of the Trump Administration, betraying the 45th president, with a damaging book.

In the final tally, didn’t Globalists first come up with the “Russia Collusion” hoax, only to follow up with the “Ukrainian Whistleblower?”  After that, they came up with the “impeachment trial” when all failed.

Finally, they resorted to the eleventh hour vote counting stoppage on November 3rd. After a sleepover, on November 4th, the divide in America was now rigid, when the vote count resumed. By then, half of America had stopped believing the election results.

During Russia-Ukraine War 

Hence, weren’t Globalists behind the Russia-Ukraine War?

How Ukraine was lied to with Javelins entire time. In other words, America spread false hope since the beginning. In fact, it was only Türkiye that could have helped Ukraine. Also, how Russia was sucked into it and by the time it realized it was already too late.

Four months into the war, Ukraine knew how it was fooled by the West in the first place. In other words, Globalists played both sides of the warring parties until the war was joined. After that, they were acting ostensible, as if they had nothing to do with it, as usual.

What About Swedish-Finish Application

In retrospect, pulling two “innocent” Scandinavians into fray became necessary when the Russia-Ukraine mess got out of control for Globalists. In the Swedish-Finish membership application to NATO, the primary goal was to suck Türkiye into the European dilemma. The idea was to get an unreasonable reaction from Türkiye.

Globalists were trying to achieve their evil plan by asking from both Türkiye and the Scandinavians the impossible. They knew very well that they had irreconcilable differences between them. Either side winning this unwinnable game was going to damage NATO all the same and that was the best outcome for Globalists.

In Türkiye 

Unfortunately for Globalists though, the buck always stopped with Türkiye. Somehow, their plan have always came to a dead end whenever they came face to face with this scourge. The track record of Globalist failures against Türkiye was long unassailable.

Globalist plots in 1993, 1997, 2003, 2007, 2009, 2013, 2106 stood like a series of accolades in a hall of shame. They were trying relentlessly to bring down the regime in Türkiye by any means. Yet, repeated failures were no reason to give up the effort either.

Much like their behavior was against Trump or for that matter against Johnson, but also against Shinzo Abe, apparently. Globalists did not have any other mission in life but to finish patriotic leaders, and nationalism, one at a time.

Assassination of Shinzo Abe

It is not for no reason I argued: “Globalists came home to roost in 2016 in America when they failed miserably against Türkiye.”

Much like it was their radical case against Trump during his four year term, they also accomplished the task against Johnson with a coup d’état after three years long effort.

As for the assassination of Shinzo Abe, what could be the insinuation that Globalists committed this evil too with no evidence whatsoever this early?

It is in the DNA

for the Globalists

To get a better picture, just visit how these Globalists did it in Türkiye. First, they hired a Turkish policeman. He assassinated Russia’s ambassador to Ankara in front of a live TV broadcast.

After that, they interfered electronically and made the Turkish Air Force shoot down a Russian fighter on the Türkiye-Syria border. At the time, a decade ago, Turkish electronic warfare was not what it is now.

Unfortunately for Globalists, neither was enough to cause a rift between Russia and Türkiye. By then, at least, Türkiye had learned a lot about their evil operations, and did not fall to their ploys anymore.

Nevertheless, all these games, including what transpired against Boris Johnson or Shinzo Abe of late, give enough credence that a malice was in play every time.

On that note, it is no surprise that a large portion of the world now also believes that Globalists might have been behind Covid-19 hysteria as well. But that is another story for another time!

At this stage, the question is with all the evidence out there, and a “rap sheet” equally long, how do we prove that Globalists were not behind any of this?

Better yet, how could we give them the benefit of doubt, even if we wanted to, and tried hard for it?