With the US Senate and Globalism in Charge

Lutansk and Donetsk: What Next?

If it is another Globalist regime in power in America, it must be ‘Disney’ time for Russia. Last time, Russia supported the independence of North Ossetia and Crimea. It took place during the Obama Administration between 2008 and 2016. After four year respite during the Nationalist Trump Administration, Russia went to work again. This time, within one year into the new Globalist administration, Russia recognized independence of two more territories in Ukraine. Bad news, the Biden Administration is in power for three more years. That is plenty more time for Russia to register a lot more gains at the expense of the Western interest. Hence, it is natural to ask, having completed the work in Luhansk and Donetsk: What Next?

Luhansk and Donetsk: What Next in Ukraine?

Like the thirty fifth president of America JFK said: When the economy is bad nothing will be right. Continuous economic decay of the West since 1991, began paying military dividends to the rising eastern powers in the last decade.

For example, Russia first took away North Ossetia from Georgia in 2008 and Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. In 2022, Russia continued to exact two more territories from Ukraine. Russia did it short of brute force, nevertheless through brinkmanship.

It also did it when the U.S. national debt topped $30 trillion dollars. Plus, Russia’s central bank reserves stood at a record $640 billion. In that regard, it would be naive to think Luhansk and Donetsk could be the end of Russia’s adventure during the Biden Administration.

Russia could continue to poke piecemeal until it wrangles all of “New Russia” out of Ukraine. One, Russia has the means and momentum. Two, demographically speaking, more than fifty percent of the designated Ukrainian provinces are ethnic Russians.

After Luhansk and Donetsk: What Next for Russia?

At this stage, emboldened Russia can also turn its attention to other parts of Europe. From the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea there are a number of weak spots in the NATO periphery encircling Russia.

Plus, there are other factors that make Russia’s expansion or mischief timely. First, there is the US Senate that plays into Russia’s hands. Two, there is the divided America. Three, the disgruntled major NATO allies take threat power away from America.

On one hand, Germany and France show more tendencies to side with Russia than America. On the other hand, repeatedly short changed by the West, Türkiye would have no reason not to remain neutral when Russia and America are on bitter ends.

As a result, there is no reason for Russia not to make further moves across the board. In fact, Russia continues to play heavy hand in Syria and Libya, as well as across the Atlantic and Pacific regions. Not even, S. America is spared.

Read “GameChanger” Now!

I authored “GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan.” President Trump of America read it. So did President Erdoğan of Türkiye. Ignorant Globalists surely did not. As a result, they continue to act like students that need to attend “remedial” classes.

Here is a quick refresher. Who does not know in this day and age that NATO cannot survive without Türkiye on board? In view of what the US Senate did against Türkiye with CAATSA 231, who in the right mind could expect full cooperation from Türkiye?  

Add to that, what I argued in the GameChanger. Unless America cooperates with Türkiye, it can no longer remain as the sole superpower of the world within a decade. Russia and China have long made great strides to prove this argument right.

Türkiye alone proved America is a toothless giant. Examples are plenty. Aside from Ukraine, a quick visit to Ethiopia, Libya, northern Syria and Iraq, Nagorno-Karabakh, eastern Mediterranean Sea displays plenty of realities and fait accompli.

In the GameChanger, I further pointed to the necessity of having two balances of power in place. Without either one, America can never reign supreme in the world.

Both involve Türkiye. One is between Germany, Russia, and Türkiye in Europe. The other is between Turks, Arabs, and Persians in the Middle East. Only then there could be a viable balance of power between China and America.

Don’t Read “GameChanger” Face Calamity!

The alternative for America is to rely on the US Senators and continue electing Globalist leaders. The result will be nothing short of further calamity, but worse, they will rather seem like like Greek tragedies.

With the US Senate in charge of appropriations and bills that make up the US foreign policy objectives, the prospects do not look promising to say the least.

What Next: With the US Senate and American Globalism in Charge?

Republicans and Democrats alike, the US senators are the main problem of America, as much as a Globalist Administration. Unfortunately, the record of the US Senate on Ukraine and Türkiye alone is enough to explain what next for Russia as far as power projection.

Instead of “GameChanger,” first read the following articles then! “Russia Steals US Jobs” “Turkey Acquiring More S-400s”Kicking Turkey out of F-35: What were they thinking?

They are shorter and easier to understand, especially for Globalists that need “remedial” classes on the subjects of history and geography, never mind political science or philosophy.

According to Jessica Elis, the purpose of remedial education is to bring struggling students up to speed. Some people look upon remedial classes as embarrassing, but they can in fact be useful tools to gain a more complete grasp of difficult ideas or rules.

Above listed three articles are only samples how Russia exploits missteps by America. Currently, there are are nearly hundred “Erbil Writes” articles that explain how decaying America looks helpless across the world when Globalists are at the helm.

So the question of what next for Russia after Luhansk and Donetsk is a little worrisome. It could be anything with these current Globalist leaders in power in America. What Next for America then? Vote for better in 2022 and 2024!

What Next?

Three more years of the Biden Administration is a bonanza for Russia but it is not the only one. China and Türkiye would also capitalize against America when it plays its cards wrong. Ukraine is a great example how Russia did it. China and Türkiye can and will do a lot more.

While China continues its pre-ordained hundred year plan to dominate the world, Türkiye automatically fills the vacuum left behind by America. China does it across Asia and Africa and soon to envelop S. America and Europe. Türkiye does it in its domain but for now!

2023 Turkey: Fear or Not explains where China and Türkiye stand in this fast changing world. They compete in the Central Asian Republics and Africa. They also work cohesively with the rest of the Western Alliance partners in Europe on the Belt and Road Initiative. Russia also partners in these projects with China, Türkiye, and Western Europeans.

America is an obvious odd man out. With Globalists at the helm, America does not even understand what to prioritize. At least with the nationalist Trump, America was keeping Russia under control and focusing on China, soon to become number one economy in the world.

Now, with the Biden Administration in power, what next is easy to discern. Russia and China in particular will make greater gains against the interest of America across the world. Türkiye and the rest of the Western Alliance partners will have nothing but to look for the best alternatives.