Who’s Idea Were These Objectives?

Getting Rid of the US Foreing-Policy-Objectives

Who’s idea were these US foreign-policy objectives for the past thirty years? They first made the US lose face. After that, they began forcing  the US to pull back from the world. Now that these failed US Foreign-policy objectives already proved costly, the US has no alternative but to return to the “Realpolitik.” It must avoid morality and ideology because they became luxuries. The US cannot afford to pursue them anymore.

Failed US Foreign-Policy Objectives

Failed US foreign-policy objectives have plenty of examples in the Middle East.

The Bill Clinton Administration had the “Dual Containment” policies against Iraq and Iran. The two countries, by the 1990s, had half a million people dead in a decade long war. As a result, there was nothing to contain. They were already depleted to no end.

After that, George Bush (43) decimated the US Armed Forces. Eight trillion dollars and fourteen years later, the US had nothing to show for in its policy in the Middle East. Barack Obama and the Arab Spring gave the final blow to the US hegemony in the region.

In other words, three Globalist stooges later, there was one reality in the Middle East. Türkiye was standing tall as the domineering economic and military power of the region.

Replacing Failed US Foreign-Policy Objectives Now?

In a thirty year span, the US hegemony in the Middle East came in full circle. By 1992, when Clinton became the 42nd president, the US was the sole superpower in the world.

When Joe Biden became the 46th president, Globalists did not even understand what was wrong with “Over the Horizon.”  No sooner, they proved to be fallacies. Two consecutive overseas trips later, Biden’s foreign-policy objectives became embarrassments.

For example, the Russia-Ukraine War and the Swedish-Finish membership application to NATO did not yield desired results. In the NATO Madrid Summit, Türkiye was hailed as the victor. After the Saudi Arabia visit, Türkiye, Russia, and Iran kept the US on the sidelines.

Finally, on 22 July, the Secretary General of the United Nations sat next to President Recep Tayyip  Erdoğan. Defense ministers from Türkiye and Russia joined them. In the absence of the US, they resolved the world’s most pressing problem, agreeing on grain shipments from Ukraine.

 Circumventing Türkiye

Not A Policy

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s regime has been in power since 2002. Ever since, Globalists attempted to bring his regime to an end with Cold War tactics like coup d’etats. They miserably failed. That is how the US lost face and started to lose ground against Türkiye, ever since.

Three US Globalist administrations later that couldn’t shoot straight, the pathetic Biden Administration showed up. As if it was a joke, the 46th President publicly stated that it will interfere with the internal affairs of Türkiye. However, there was more insult to the injury to come.

The Biden Administration also started to redeploy US troops and military supplies all around Türkiye. From Georgia to Iraq, Syria, Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece now there were US bases. They were now beyond the point of irritation for Türkiye.

A Death Sentence

Not For Türkiye

It was unvelievable that the Biden Administration would be this idiotic. Although some smart Alecs would have recommended pushing Türkiye to the brink of breaking point. Like they did to Russia with Ukraine. These half-witted advisors never paid attention to one fact. Türkiye was no longer the fledgling republic hundred years ago. It was not even the helpless subservient state of the Western Alliance twenty years ago.

How Türkiye

Manhandled Israel?

Wasn’t it Türkiye that was asserting its economic and military muscle in the region in an increasing fashion over the years? For example, how come Israel could not ship one penny worth of natural gas from its Mediterranean Sea finds since 2009? Wasn’t it Türkiye that prevented it saying either you will tranship it via Türkiye or no go?

Enough Turkish Examples Yet?

From Iraq to Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh, eastern Mediterranean Sea, Ethiopia, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine: Haven’t the world seen enough Turkish examples, yet?

  • Didn’t Türkiye take half of Libya away from the claws of France, Russia, Egypt, UAE, Israel?
  • Haven’t we seen how the US stayed away from the confllct in Libya, just to avoid embarrassment?
  • Isn’t Türkiye now cleansing “proxy fighters” of the US and the rest from northern Syria and Iraq?
  • What about the declaration of “Mavi Vatan” in 2019 that sent French and US warships away from the eastern Mediterranean Sea?
  • How did the West instigated separatist uprising in northern Ethiopia suddenly dissipated when Turkish drones appeared on horizon?
  • What major powers helplessly cringed when the “Turkish Manifesto” in the NATO Madrid Summit in 2022 was tabled by Türkiye?

In light of what has been transpring with Türkiye all throughout 2010s, the West should have gotten the hint. For the Biden Administration to embark on a  foreign-policy in 2020 as if no memory of history of any sort, is sickening. So much so that, one wonders how the US will pay for this, as the sole superpower in the world. No one knows at this time but there will be a price to pay. This is a US weakness that will be exploited by the likes of China, Russia, India, and others, small and large.

2023 May Be Too Late To Replace

Failed US Foreign-Policy Objectives

I really wonder sometimes how much history do smart people in Wash DC know? Whether they really read, listen, watch, better yet, understand what is transpiring in the Middle East over the past few years?

Apparently, they are being continuously manipulated and have not much access to any worthwhile facts. Maybe they should take their head out of the bubbles they are getting their information from every so often.

Someone should advise the Biden Administration, and quickly. Come 2023, this list of Turkish examples may get longer, if this idiotic “circumventing” policy continues any longer.

At that stage, no one in the West should not even think about interfering into the domestic affairs of Turkiye. These same Globalists from America already did it on 15 July 2016. Consequently, lately, we have been paying the price ever since with the Mavi Vatan, Manifesto, and so on.

Fortunately for us in the US, in 2021 and 2022, Türkiye may be limiting itself with a Manifesto here and an ultimatum there. However, come 2023, Türkiye may no longer be so benevolent anymore.

What is even worse, the 2024 presidential election will be two years away. Nevermind about the integrity, until then, no one knows what else the US may lose in the international arena as a result.

Not A Trivia

Rather It Is A Matter of Fact

Here is a question for “remedial” purposes, so that maybe it becomes easy to comprehend that “circumventing” or “interfering” have been futile efforts for centuries.

“When exactly did a Christian army beat Muslim Turks in a thousand year?”

“Never” is the answer.

Here is a simple tally:

  • Turks first met Christians in 1071 and effectively defeated them.
  • After that, they terminated the Byzantine Empire in 1453 when they conquered Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul in 1453.
  • In 1683, they ran out of gas at the gates of Vienna. As a result, their 16th empire disintegrated into independent countries which now makes up 54 of 193 of the countries listed as members at the United Nations.
  • Türkiye inherited the Ottoman Empire and then proclaimed the 17th state as a Republic in the history of Turks.
  • The Ottoman Empire was an ally of Germany during its last days when WWI began.
  • Germany lost the war. Turks defeated Brits and French.
  • Türkiye remained neutral during WWII,
  • During the Korean War, Turkish military contingent saved the 2nd Division of the US from total annihilation.
  • In 1974, Türkiye took one third of Cyprus and a decade later it announced the proclamation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  • Recently, Türkiye.demonstrated some examples from modern day warfare.
  • The Northern Iraq and Syria, Libya, eastern Mediterranean Sea, Nagorno-Karabakh, Ethiopia, and lately Ukraine witnessed Turkish power once again.