2022 G-7 Germany & NATO Madrid Summits

Disastrous Week Hunting Biden

In 2022, the Supreme Court ruling 6-3 and overturning Roe v. Wade will not go as the week with the biggest blow in America. Bigger and more damaging week is sure to follow right after that. Disastrous week hunting Biden Administration will have one-two punch. One is to take place during the G-7 Summit in Germany, held through June 26-28. The other is the Madrid Summit of NATO from June 28 to 30.

One Disastrous Week Hunting Biden Forever

The last week in June 2022 will go to the annals of history as the week how the US lost Europe. In other words, the hunted and wounded Biden Administration, in fact, will display to the world the misery index of the West. The picture would surely look like a calamity, marking the beginning of the long expected end of G-7. Globalists could have learned from the 45th president and promptly avoided this embarrassment.

President Trump, in that regard, had vision and wisdom. He minimized the importance of G-7 Summits, hence avoided display of the US weakness before the world. The US did not look vulnerable, in fact reinvigorated, when he favored G-20 as more important than G-7.  Larger participation and audience gave the US more and better cover, as still the sole economic, military, and technological superpower in the world.

G-20 Rules G-7

Hunting Biden 

It has been a fact all throughout the 2010s that G-7 has completed its purpose in life. It was time to move on to a new platform with G-20. The economic decay among the major powers in the West had already made G-7 irrelevant. Soon, six countries from the G-20 were going to be the biggest seven economies in the world anyway.  By then, the US would surely remain as the only one from the G-7, relegated to third spot.

In other words, rapidly rising eastern powers are taking over western powers. In the wake of the misguided US foreign policy objectives Vis a Vis expansion of NATO, picture looks even bleaker. The Russia-Ukraine war, as a by-product, brought upon the already besieged Western powers two additional economic burdens. One has to do with the looming energy crisis. The other is yet to unravel the grain supply mess.

As a result, the G-7 Summit in Germany in June 2022 will create an unwanted platform to display economic problems. The G-7 members are sure to look helpless. The ensuing NATO Madrid Summit will also reinforce how pitiful the Western powers have also become on the military front.

All the while, Türkiye will shine as if it is reigning in the alliance. The treatment of fugitives from Türkiye as revolutionary heroes will come to an end for Sweden and Finland. They will arrive to modernity, not that the rest of the Western civilization in the interim did not get closer to what these two Scandinavians were practicing all along as odd man out from the other end. But that is another matter for another time.

NATO Reigned By Türkiye

Disastrous Week Tally 

At this time, it is the fear of some in the alliance that Türkiye may be reigning over NATO these days. The ironic state that NATO finds itself in the Madrid Summit in June 2022 reflects certain realities. Türkiye has demonstrated over and over the past few years its drone power, coupled with superior electronic warfare capabilities. France, Russia, and the US could not find the inner strength to challenge or counter Türkiye.

Meanwhile, ill advised foreign policy objectives of Globalists, led by the Biden Administration gave yet another Carte Blanche to Türkiye. Militarily empowered, Türkiye came up with justifiable demands from Sweden and Finland but also from the EU and the US. Unless they are delivered satisfactorily, NATO and the US will continue to deal with Türkiye from the point of weakness.

Türkiye, meanwhile, will shine like a David in the East among four hundred million Turks and soon to go over two billion Muslims. Nothing could be bigger in specter than the mighty US lose face in front of the world public opinion. Hence, the disastrous-week tally for the Biden Administration will have ripple effects until the next presidential election in the US. Türkiye will simply establish its firm stature in the interim.

Disastrous Week Hunting Biden

The tally for the US, as far as June 2022 is concerned, are twofold. It gives the impression that the Biden Administration is failing both on domestic and international fronts. The Supreme Court ruling 6-3 and overturning Roe v. Wade was a natural progress in history. What transpired since 1973 with a 7-2 ruling by the Supreme Court simply came in full circle. 

The Biden Administration, having elevated G-7 to prominence, put the US under magnifying glasses. Coupled with NATO failures, there was nothing good to show for the US anymore. In other words, suddenly, the Supreme Court ruling, the Russia-Ukraine War, and the Swedish-Finish application for membership to NATO mess were strikes one, two, and three.

Never mind the negative publicity G-7 highlighted the miserable state of the economy for the West. Now, the world had the clear view of how troubled but pitiful this US Administration was. 

Survival of the Fittest

In the international system there is no law and order. Survival of the fittest rule there. It is a concept that the US long put aside since the Globalists came to power. Hence, never ending international challenges will take their toll from a wounded US Administration.

For example, rising powers like Türkiye would find more opportunities to exploit. The tally of the last week in June at Madrid 2022 Summit reflects it best. On that note, if Türkiye can do it, why would not the current giants of the East?

In short, there will be a price to pay for the US from the magnified G-7 and NATO Summits. Disastrous week hunting Biden will in a sense be the everlasting legacy of his administration.

Surely, so long as Globalists keep ignoring the survival of the fittest. If only they remembered, what makes the world go around!