Biden: Democracy Works in America

Recently, there was a statement from the 46th President of the USA, Joe Biden: “Democracy works in America.”

First, this statement was for one half of America. Two, the elite of that half was the essential audience. Three, it was lip service for the rest of the mass public.

For the other half of America, the Biden statement had a totally different purpose. It translated simply as “Autocrats are in control of the democratic process in America.”

As a result, the statement also meant that Republicans and Conservatives must now focus on election integrity in America.

Hypocrisy by Biden: Democracy Works in America

“Democracy works in America” is a haunting statement for some Americans.

It reminds them how Donald Trump lost the reelection in 2020.

Consequently, nearly half of America views Joe Biden’s statement as a hypocrisy.

Autocracy Replacing Democracy in America, Instead

Vivid examples of Autocracy replacing Democracy in America are in California and New York. Texas and Florida, on the other hand, represent liberal America.

As a result, the hypocritical statement by Biden also reflects how Democrats in power plan to handle the divisive mess in America. Autocracy under the guise of “Democratic Appearance” is designed to do the job.

On the other hand, Trump: GameChanger in Absentia proved that not everything is lost. The prospects of Republicans taking control of the House in 2022 mid-term elections reinforce the hope for anti-Globalists.

Maybe that is how Saving America from a permanent division will be possible. On the other hand, maybe not!

Maybe this will ironically lead for the independence of the “California Republic.” In other words, California would not be able to survive another Trump-like administration, dominated by Conservatives.

Urgency for Biden: Democracy Works

People Should Know

The urgency for Joe Biden to come out with the statement few months before the 2022 mid-term elections is important to note.

The statement basically indicates that Democrats must stay the course and win it at the “ballot boxes” like they did it in the 2020 election.

After all, it worked then with a little twist after 9 PM on November 3rd when everybody went to bed for about eight hours.

Why not to repeat what worked then, again in 2024, since experts on these “switch around” are America’s best?

With The Help of Henchmen

Remember Henry Fonda:

“Once Upon A Time In The West!”

Henchmen or America’s Best, take your pick!

They have been honing their trade over the Western Alliance “partners,” all throughout the Cold War and afterwards.

On that note, who can tell that they stopped exporting their trade after they came home to roost in 2016?

They must surely believe in the ideal of “Democracy a la Globalists,” ran by Autocratic regimes, work.

Why would not they so long as they get their marching orders from Globalists leaders in power in America?