Getting Noticed

President Erdoğan and SG Guterres

Once upon a time in the West, America was the leader of the “Free World.” It was also considered to be policeman. It used to employ the services of the United Nations. Like it did in Korea in the 50s or in Iraq in the 90s. They were for a “good cause!” Suddenly, one day, a stranger arrived out of horizon. Soon everyone learned. There was a “New Sheriff in Town.” He immediately deputized the right man from Planet Earth. From then on, President Erdoğan and SG Guterres were the new face for everyone seeking justice and order.

President Erdoğan and SS Guterres

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the “New Sheriff in Town,” now on Planet Earth. He already “buried” enough egos when he made his case from Syria to Libya to Nagorno-Karabakh. Before his arrival he also did it against American stooges in the Middle East when they threatened Qatar. In Africa, he manhandled France. In the eastern Mediterranean, suddenly there was no sign of any banditry of Western warships.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres appeared like the wise man next to him. He long realized old barons of the West were no longer a match to the “New Sheriff.” Plus, in his new role, he was even better off. Now, he did not have to convince countries to make things right. Rather, all he had to do was to hang around by the New Sheriff and enjoy peace, quiet, and order like everyone else.

Looks Like a Duck

Quacks Like a Duck

It is a Duck

Erdoğan came to the podium at the UN General Assembly on 25 September 2014 to make his speech. He said: “The World is bigger than five.” Previously, in 2010, he was on a panel in Davos.

There, he, undiplomatically, interrupted a head of state and said: “One minute. One minute. One minute,” and walked away from the panel, leaving everyone stunned on live TV.

Erdoğan did not have to say anything after that. Much like any gunslinger, new sheriff in town would not. His actions spoke louder than words from there on.

For example, he came up with the Turkish Manifesto in the NATO Madrid Summit. After that, he joined with the Iranian and Russian leaders in a trilateral meeting to decide the fate of the region.


Lately, resolving the energy crisis of Europe and grain shipments from Ukraine are on his table. New Sheriff Erdoğan keeps everything under control.

Deputy Guterres is always present next to him like he should be to keep things manageable. After all, with all the Globalist evil and malfeasance in the world, nothing is a safe bet on the unruly Planet Earth.

Henry Fonda

Once Upon A Time In the West

Henry Fonda, in the movie, plays Frank. He is the henchman to a crippled tycoon named Morton. In one of the very first scenes, he brutally murders a frontier family because of a land dispute. After that, he frames another bandit. Frank goes on to terrorize more people in the film. He eventually dies at the hands of the iconic Charles Bronson’s character Harmonica.

That is one of the most memorable Hollywood movies. However, the role that Henry Fonda plays reminds us how the world remained the same. On the other hand, “Once Upon A Time In The West” also conjures up “Globalists with a henchman like Fonda,” starring. Considering, Globalists are at the helm in the West since 1992.

Back to Reality

President Erdoğan and SG Guterres

Surely, when Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, saw Erdoğan and Guterres in Kiev, it was a relief. Erdoğan appeared like the New Sheriff in Twon with Deputy Guterres. They were reassuring to the much besieged president of Ukraine. With wide media coverage, the message also reverberated around the world: “Hope shall never die!”

They were surely the last thing Globalist willany and banditry wished to see, blocking their plans. Today, President Erdoğan and SG Guterres were there, making the point on the grain supply. Tomorrow, they will be on the case of energy supply to Europe. After that, they will turn their attention to other problems on Earth, hearing the cry of the needy.

On that note, one would wonder why wouldn’t Sheriff Erdoğan and Deputy Guterres also to stop by in California? We have a Homeless problem here in Socal. We really do not know how to resolve it with all the Globalists in charge. With all the banditry that is going on in the Golden State, we surely need a New Sheriff in Town and a Deputy like them.

In that regard, that is also what we need in Wash DC.