30 Year Globalist Plan

Has there been a 30 Year Globalist Plan since the disintegration of the Soviet Union? If so, what was it? Better yet, did it go bust already?

To understand the question, what has already traspired and been unraveling globally must be first observed. One, Covid-19 arrived and disappeared from our lives within two years. The other is the still ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and the grain crisis, soon to emanate from it.

After that, one must be able to ascertain facts about Globalist leaders, reigning in Germany, France, and Italy. One became a chancellor in 2005 until recently, the other a president in 2017, and the last one prime minister in 2021.

Who are they exactly: Popularly elected heads of nation-states or appointed managers of nations? Aren’t they much like the Biden Administration now, or for that matter, like the Clinton, Bush (43), and Obama administrations have been?

30 Year Globalist Plan:

Covid-19 and Grain Crisis

Some claim Covid-19 and the current grain crisis are part of the 30 year Globalist plan. The Covid-19, in theory and practice, promptly began and suddenly ended, much like the Russia-Ukraine war that started out of blue.

Those that covet the sovereignty of nation-states believe that Covid-19 was a fabricated crisis. They also believe the current grain crisis is the second chapter under the same scenario.

Others that disagree have a variety of reasons. They, instead, simply feared from Covid-19. Now they worry a lot about the Russia-Ukraine war, believing Russia is the evil and Ukraine is the victim.

From another perspective, Covid-19 and the energy, migration, and grain crisis of the Russia-Ukraine war appear to be part of a bigger plan.  One conveniently began a year before the 2020 presidential election in America.

As a result, Donald Trump lost the reelection. Until then, the economy was booming and a second term seemed to be a sure bet. What Globalists could not achieve with the Russia Collusion and Ukranian Whistleblower scandals, worked on the third try.

The other is perfectly timed for the midterm elections in 2022. The 30 year Globalist plan may see yet another set back if Republicans were to win the House and the Senate.

Consequently, the 30 year Globalist plan at best would have mixed bag results.

30 Year Globalist Plan:

Germany, France, Italy, and America

In Europe, Germany, France, and Italy are facing similar economic and migration problems like America. It is curious how Europe and America under the 30 year Globalist plan are trying to resolve them through similar means.

In 1992, the US National Debt was four trillion dollars. Thirty years later it stood at thirty trillion dollars. Under Angela Merkel, Emanuel Macron, and Mario Draghi reign, three biggest continental European economies also incurred unprecedented debts.

Meanwhile, open border policies continue to cause havoc on either side of the Atlantic. In Europe, the aging population problem is to be resolved with massive migration of Asians and Africans in the next three decades.

Since, the world population will increase by two billion because of the birth rate explosion in Asia and Africa, it will resolve the European problem. If only one hundred million of them were to end up in Western Europe, the aging population crisis would be over.

Xenophobia may become an even bigger problem by then but that is another story. In 2016, more than a million Syrian refugees caused irreparable damage in European parliaments. They were Muslims and darker skinned.

Meanwhile, the Globalist plan to infuse five to ten million Christian white Ukrainian will not go further than a band aid to the fundamental problem. Yet, that is not the biggest headache that would make the 30 year Globalist plan to go bust if it didn’t already.

30 Year Globalist Plan:

NATO, Türkiye, Israel

I explained this Globalist handicap with two earlier postings. I put it clearly in the “Resurrecting NATO Before Killing” and the “Swedish-Finish NATO Hypocrisy.” Globalists did not get good return on investment, so far.

All the while, Turkiye, for example, countered Globalist moves with increased economic, military, and diplomatic activity. Second to China only economic growth, coupled with war time like military exercises like the EFES-2022, Turkiye made the point. 37 countries participated.

It must be noted, the İncirlik air force and the Kürecik radar bases are in Türkiye. What if Türkiye were to do the unthinkable and keep NATO out of them? What happens to Israel? How does the Western European security needs replace the void?

Meanwhile, there is another full year to the 2023 presidential election in Türkiye. The staunch NATO ally is sure to unravel more or flex muscles even in additional places in the region.

From energy explorations beyond Black Sea to next generation military platforms, the world is yet to see it all. They are sure to come out like dreadful messages to Globalists, mainly, but as hard to digest truths nonetheless.

30 Year Globalist Folly

China Is Not The Only One

China built a “Wall” about two thousand years ago. It was primarily against the Turkish hoards. The world nowadays is supposed to know it as the touristic “Chinese Wall.” Yet, when “Chinese Wall” is Googled, nothing of that sort comes up anymore.

Instead, some mumbo jumbo called: “ethical barrier between different divisions of a financial or other institution to avoid conflicts of interest” pops up. Pages after pages the same thing, nothing about the real Chinese Wall.

In that regard, Globalists achieved a lot. They brain-washed the world. As a result, it can be concluded that the 30 year Globalist plan worked! But did it really?


Wasn’t China less than a trillion dollar economy only two decades ago? Isn’t China going to have twice the size of the US economy in about a decade? So, what gives?

Some may believe the 30 year Globalist plan worked and made China an economic superpower. Yet, there are also widely publicized reports that China long left Globalism.

Ironically, it took place exactly when Germany first elected, sorry appointed, Globalist Angela Merkel in 2005 to power. What a coincidence! On that note, can anyone claim for sure if China is anyone’s lackey these days?

Three Headed Monster

In the absence of NATO, a fully independent Türkiye will exert its presence in the world. With four hundred million Turks and nearly two billion Muslims in tail, it will be formidable.

In that respect, how will the West deal with the three headed monster? China, Russia, and Turkiye will surely form a quasi working union. Balance of power will easily tilt to the East against the West.

That is exactly what I argued in the “GameChanger.” If that is what the 30 year Globalist plan considers as an accomplishment, one wonders what would be the odds against the West when the Globalist plan goes bust.