America: Autocracy Replacing Democracy

America: Autocracy replacing Democracy is not a cry wolf! It is a fact with two clear examples. One is at the federal level. The other is apparent when two liberal states are closely observed. In either case, both the federal and state governments are dictating people in America from top-down.

In other words, people are not sovereign and they do not seem to have a way to replace the “dictators.”

Merriam Webster defines “autocracy” in three ways: the authority or rule of an autocrat, a government in which one person possesses unlimited power, and finally a community or state governed by autocracy.” Dictionary.com tries to do more justice with “unlimited authority, power, or influence of one person in any group.”

The number of dictators at state and local levels are steadily increasing across America. Their mandate in the hands of an elite, composed of entrenched and interdependent few, becomes less representative over time. Hence, the meaning of Democracy remains in an ideal but not in practice. Autocracy simply replaces Democracy.

Autocracy Replacing Democracy


The road to replace Democracy with Autocracy began in the early 1990s. That is when, what was until then assumed to be “politically correct”, was weaponized. Thirty years later, America talks about “cancel culture” and “no no rhetoric.”

That basically signifies the end of an era. Now, America is onto new and better things, like Autocracy, for example.

This is not an opinion or suggestion. It is becoming a fact more and more mainly in liberal states. California and New York are taking the lead as usual. By virtue of being the two most populous and wealthiest in the Union, they become the “flagships.”

California and New York

In California and New York, nowadays, in 2021 October, it is not possible to enter a restaurant or a hotel lobby without two sets of IDs. It very much feels like a socialist in that respect.

A patron must show a vaccination card. after that, a driver’s license type of government issued ID is also necessary. Additional new rules and restrictions also apply inside before enjoying the premises, of course.

Nothing wrong with that, considering how the COVID-19 epidemic restrictions drastically changed life on earth in one year. Coupled with these, two liberal states not applying the same stringent rules when it comes to elections, something becomes a miss though.

As late as March 2021, a Rasmussen national telephone and online survey clearly showed it. 75% of likely U.S. voters believe voters should be required to show photo identification before being allowed to vote. Only 21% are opposed to such a requirement.

Autocracy Replacing Democracy

What is currently transpiring in two of the fifty states in America may soon become more of the same in half of the rest of America. The other half will surely resist it like they have been all along. They still believe in the fact that “America is the land of the free.”

Hence, the rigid divide that already exists in America today will eventually become more institutionalized. In other words, “politically correct,” and ensuing “cancel culture” and “no no rhetoric” strategies will have achieved the goal.

America will move from piecemeal moves to wholesale transformations. Large portions of the society in America nowadays view such transformations simply as “Socialism.”

They are afraid that the production, distribution, and exchange soon will be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. That in itself will be considered by some as an imposition, meaning “Autocracy.”

Nothing Set in Stone


Nothing is yet set in stone, but what transpired from the 1990s to 2020s is a clear indication. Three Globalist administrations reigned in the White House from 1992 to 2016. In 2020, there is trifecta Democrat control in Wash DC, both branches of the US Congress in the mold.

Republicans in control of the Supreme Court with a six to three majority give some relief to the non-conformers.

Yet, the struggle in the federal bureaucracy, alongside state and local levels reflects how America is “struggling.” So much so that the great republic is clearly divided into two rigid, competing and unwavering camps.

“Struggling for One America”

Revelation of the Gravity

I and my partner Daphne Barak wrote “Struggling For One America,” published in America in 2021. There we talked about “racism”, “Trump persona”, and “political divide.” We argued that instead of “fighting” for America, citizens must now “struggle” for One America.

The Failing US Justice System

During the process, we learned that the problem in America is more precarious. We noticed that Autocracy is creeping into prominence. Especially, when we came across examples in the US Justice System, it was all too clear. It was easy to see in America: Autocracy replacing Democracy was already a fait-accompli, a forlorn conclusion.

For example, what has been revealed to us in California and New York jails was horrifyingly worrisome. Both cases involved the US Federal Courts. The infringement of the human rights of  “detainees” was incomprehensible. An amendment to the US Constitution may even become necessary to correct these wrongs.

Otherwise, there is no way to justify what the Autocracy is doing in California and New York to human rights. Never mind the human dignity, reportedly, many forms of daily “tortures” are taking place. That means a person may be detained for “unclear” or “unexplainable” reasons. Then, detainees can be tortured in custody while no one can reach them in person.

Could these actually be taking place in California and New York?

In Autocratic California

California, currently constituted, is Autocratic according to large masses in America. In the 2020s, the state of California may detain someone and the detainee may have no rights. A detainee may also be easily forgotten in the system. Much like in the nation-states that America used to confront to instill justice. Instead, nowadays, the same crime is becoming widespread in California and the rest of America.

No one is hearing the cries of detainees in California. Ironically, in the trifecta control of Democrats, the authorities have no reason to listen to any cry. In fact, it is prudent that they play with the tree monkeys. Already a much-corrupted jail system may cause them to fall through the cracks.

In Autocratic New York

Autocratic New York is doing even the worst. There too one can be detained and end up behind bars without bail for months. How about sixteen months of detainment in an isolated cell with no sunshine? All the while a worldwide publicized murderer will get a prompt bail.

So much so, even the U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) finds this reality cringing. The same UNHRC that the former president Donald Trump denounced. The very that gave a seat in 2021 to America in an uncontested election. The irony is heart-wrenching. This world body has always been famous for guaranteeing spots to countries with abysmal human rights records.

America with Democrats in Charge

America Goes Far

Now that America made it to the board of the UNHRC, America came in a full circle. It simply became one of the esteemed members of the international organization that it used to despise. All the while, New York and California became exemplars in this precious membership.

About the Two Human Rights Cases in America

About those two cases in New York and California, one might ask! For that, you have to wait for the Daphne Barak documentary. It will be at your doorstep sooner than later. As quickly as within weeks, they will be prominently promoted in the so-called “fake news” network stations and print outlets, no less.

Nonetheless, you have to give kudos to those that will print and air about two “Autocratic” cases in America. After all, there is still Democracy in America to report about the Autocracy or the justice system. Whether these broadcasts, prints, or reports will go far in questioning the justice system or Autocracy in America is not the issue.

The fact that in America: Autocracy Replacing Democracy and the justice system is adopting autocratic rules and norms, as fast, is.