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Turkish Gas Hydrates Saving Europe

Who could have imagined Turkish gas hydrates saving Europe one day?

Tons of it, surely, will be available, soon.

Natural gas reserves form the basis for the gas hydrates.

There are enough of them in Turkish domain to free Europe from the claws of Russia.

Turkish Gas Hydrates Saving Europe

It is called Clathrate hydrates. Gas hydrates to you and me.

It is in deep seas under vast natural gas reserves.

They are shipped in containers. 1 m3 of it becomes 163 m3 natural gas with easy conversion.

What country is able to extract and export it now?

Only, the United States of America! It requires access to reserves and technology.

Turkish Gas Hydrates

Turkish gas hydrates should be available soon and enough of it for everyone in need. According to the US based reports, apparently there are vast reserves in the surrounding seas around Türkiye, called Mavi Vatan.

That also explains why Türkiye has invested over the past two decades into four drilling ships when no country has more than two of them. Moreover one of these four ships has that particular technology for hydrates.

Abdulhamid Han” is one of seven ships in the world that can extract it from deep seas. Reportedly, Türkiye soon is projected to become a net energy exporter. It will challenge the likes of Qatar, S. Arabia, and Russia.

The amount of gas hydrates available in the Mediterranean Sea that belongs to Türkiye is projected to be few times bigger than the Turkish Black Sea domain. Türkiye, so far, discovered there 520 bcm.

All told, there are enough reserves for Türkiye that cannot be depleted in the next two thousand years. Hence, it is projected that Türkiye will have enough of it available for export to everyone that needs it.

Turkish Gas Hydrates Saving Europe?

 What a great story isn’t it in light of the Russia-Ukraine War that is about to cut oil and gas flow to Europe?

Not so fast!

Don’t be so complacent or gullible!

Instead, just read some more, what I post here regularly since Globalists came to power in 2021!

You will understand, for example, why I posted the likes of:

More importantly, you will also understand why I authored “GameChanger.”

I argued: “Türkiye will play a Zero Sum Game against anyone in the eastern Mediterranean Sea!”

It will play it to control gas hydrates. Rightly so, because according to the international norms, regimes, and laws they are in Turkish domain.

The Western powers desperately would not want to leave these hydrates to Türkiye. The reason? If a legitimate one is required, they do not have it.

It is also important to note. 2022 is not 2002 when the Erdoğan regime came to power. 2022 is not 1922 either when Turks in Asia Minor were at their weakest point.

Yet, Turks were able to deal with major and proxy powers. That is how the Republic of Türkiye was proclaimed. No one in the West thrilled about it.

In 2022, Türkiye is a domineering economic and military power in the region. It also has a significant leverage on the future of Europe and the Middle East.

Plus, it has already demonstrated that it has a military edge. So what seems to be the smart thing to do at this stage?

Let, Turkish gas hydrates save Europe!