Libya-Turkey Maritime Deal

Erbil Writes Libya-Turkey Maritiem Deal

In 2010, there was an agreement between Libya and Turkey. It was to be called Libya-Turkey Maritime Deal but it was not put in effect. At the beginning of 2011, “Arab Spring” began and chaos took over North Africa. The regime in Tunisia fell in January. Next in line was Egypt and it was long gone too, by February.

Finally, on 20 October, Muammar Gaddafi was deposed and murdered by “rebels” in his home town Sirte. Chaos endured in the region for the next eight more years until Turkish forces arrived in Libya. No sooner, the agreement was in effect in 2019.

The United Nations registered the maritime delineation deal reached between Turkey and Libya’s U.N.-backed government. With that, two countries started to claim an exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean Sea. Now, they have rights to ocean bed resources, they first sought a decade ago.

Libya-Turkey Maritime Deal:

The victory of Nationalism over Globalism

Originally, Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed the deal in 2010. He was then prime minister of Turkey. His counterpart Muammar Gaddafi was the leader of Libya. By all accounts, they were then subservient to Western powers.

Not getting a nod from Western masters!

According to norms, they were not supposed to have signed any deal between themselves. They had to get the nod from their “Western masters” beforehand. But they did not, and as a result, they paid the price: One with his life. The other clearly learned what the West will never fairly allow him to do. The West was not going to let him explore the riches of the Eastern Mediterranean on his own.

Globalists were at their best since 1992. They reigned in America until 2016.

Nationalists in bed, together!

A  maverick called Donald J. Trump, a businessman no less, pulverized everything in 2016. He had nothing to do with politics but swept tens of millions from their feet. He became the 45th president of the US much to the dismay of Globalists and he was preaching Nationalism.

Meanwhile, Nationalist Erdogan was still in power. By 2018, there was a referendum in the country and the presidential system was adopted by a slim margin. In the ensuing elections, Erdogan won and became president for five years. Now he had more powers and authority.

When these two patriotic presidents met in Buenos Aires, Argentina, they realized that they were on the same page on many issues. By 2019, when Libya-Turkey Maritime Deal officially entered the annals of history, victory was complete for Nationalists. Was there tacit approval of Trump when this agreement went into effect no one knows at this time?

On the other hand, the question is not whether two patriotic presidents, pursuing nationalism, were in bed or not. Libya-Turkey Maritime Deal simply showed the victory of Nationalism over Globalism. The sovereignty of Libya mattered!

Series of Globalist Defeats 

The win against Globalists was nothing unusual for Erdogan. He had been taking care of business at the table with diplomacy and on the field with brute force. What transpired from 2010 to 2019 aside, Erdogan was being tested over and over again all throughout ever since he came to power in 2002. The results were always the same. He smothered the Globalists every time.


Testing Ground for Turkey

Erdogan began his military feats in Syria where he challenged the Russians in more ways than one. Initially, Turkey shot down Russian military aircraft on the Syrian border. Then, it confronted the Russia-Iran-Syrian regime tandem in Idlib. After that, it warned America not to interfere when he entered the northern portion of the country with two military forays. By then he had long sent the German aircraft away from deployment in the region. France was also nowhere to be seen anymore.

European Union

A Joke in the Hands of the Globalists

The Globalists never had a chance to play a Chicken game against Turkey because it controlled the “floodgates” of Europe. Erdogan effectively threatened to open them every time European Union (EU) insisted on playing Catch-22. There was a price to pay for the West for not admitting Turkey to the Christian Club. Unwelcome migrants showed up before the gates in hoards.


Last Nail in the Coffin 

Most recently in Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan cleansed the region from Armenia-backed forces. The Minsk Group was protecting the status quo there for the past 28 years. Russia, France and America were in charge of that group.

They were the remnants of Globalism from the early 1990s. They finally got a lesson of a lifetime when they could not confront New Turkey economically or militarily.

Russia, Germany and France:

They Tested New Turkey and Failed

Maritime confrontation against Erdogan was no different than land battles. Economic pressure or military bravado was not enough to push Erdogan back in the eastern Mediterranean.

Erdogan had to be tested with brute force where the West had the edge. The West was supposed to have overwhelming superiority when it came down to navies. Turkey had a reputation to be mainly a vicious land force.

Yet, no one was paying attention to what was transpiring on the battlegrounds. Turkey was playing Zero-Sum Game against Russia since 2015 but they were not land battles. Turkey was winning the war in the air. France and Germany should have gotten the hint.

This was New Turkey not the modern Republic of Turkey anymore. Turkey was now resorting to Chicken Game every time the West was playing Catch-22 and winning it every time.

Maritime Deal Triggered Brinkmanship

Turkish advances in Libya were too much for France and Germany. The maritime Deal between Libya and Turkey had no holes to exploit. It was going to be a game lost at the table.

That is when desperate France and Germany resorted to the unthinkable one after the other. They had finally come to a decision that they had no more cards to play against Turkey.

France was first. It thought it can still impose its will on Turkey with its navy and sent an aircraft carrier to the region. When Erdogan threatened to sink it, the carrier never made it far from the port and was immediately called back.

France sent a frigate in its place. No sooner, it was also helpless when it was suddenly left dead in water. Superior electronic warfare, employed by Turkey, was in play. The frigate had to ask for an escort to go back to home port.

In the face of these successive embarrassments, Germany did the unthinkable. It tried to trick Turkey. Much to its dismay, Turkey did not bite the bait. It did not react with a military response and violate the norms, as hoped for by the West.

Instead, it launched a diplomatic protest against Germany and the European Union. Turkey simply argued that Germany did an “illegal” seizure and interfered with freedom of the seas. The incident showed maturity on the Turkish part and embarrassed Angela Merkel’s leadership.

New Eastern Mediterranean Sea:

Post Libya-Turkey Maritime Deal

Playing Chicken Game on the eastern Mediterranean coast dearly and every time. The end results certified the Turkish resolve. They effectively set the natural boundaries for the new eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The Libya-Turkey Maritime Deal set in stone a simple fact. Eastern Mediterranean belonged to seven countries with borders as it should have been all along.

Yet, this agreement goes beyond that. It also sets the old and new regimes in this closed sea right once and for all according to the realities in place.

Simply put, post Libya-Turkey Maritime Deal becomes the first step of the new world order in the region. Nation-states take control of their sovereignty in the waters they have a coastline. They enjoy exclusive rights in their continental shelves.

7 Countries

New Maritime Borders & Destiny

Reciprocity of sea borders, that does not infringe the third country, makes it fair for all seven

Egypt, Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, North Cyprus, South Cyprus and Turkey are the only countries with boundaries in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. A formula that splits this closed sea fairly among all seven is the only answer.

Next comes a similar agreement between Israel and Turkey like Libya and Turkey signed. After that one should expect another agreement between Egypt and Turkey. That is how the Eastern Mediterranean will be divided among the sovereigns bordering the sea.

Lebanon and Syria will also get their fair share. Palestinians are to receive their portion from the Israelis. North and South Cyprus are also allocated their proportional shares.

Greece is out

Libya and Greece are two countries at the edge of the Eastern Mediterranean. Libya is the eight-country with some claim to eastern Mediterranean Sea, albeit very minimal presence. Greece on the other hand has only islands of Rhodes or Crete with no significant continental shelves in the area.

Libya-Turkey Maritime Deal made it fair for the seven true owners of the sea in the region. It made Greece an odd country out in the region. This agreement became the boundary that split the eastern portion of the Mediterranean from the rest.

Now a clear picture sets in.  Most everyone finally realizes how South Cyprus and Greece were trying to take advantage. They were claiming continental shelves at the expense of Israel, Egypt, Turkey, and Libya.

Setting precedents

In that regard, Libya-Turkey deal goes further than borders. It also sets precedents. Old regimes in place are to be reinforced to ensure open sea lines in the region. New regimes are to be negotiated in order to ensure increased traffic to go smoothly.

Regimes from Eastern Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea

Two centennial agreements will also welcome the Libya-Turkey deal, settling.  One of them is the Treaty of Lausanne. It is a  peace treaty negotiated during the Lausanne Conference of 1922–23 and signed in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 24 July 1923. The other is the Montreux Convention, regarding the regime of the straits in Turkey. 1936 agreement gives Turkey control over the Turkish Straits and regulates the transit of naval warships.

China and Belt & Road Initiative Influenced Regimes

China has an interest in what transpires in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Belt & Road Initiatives pass throughout the region to reach Europe. The main route is overland from the Caucasus and via Turkey proper.

Then there is the prospect of the London-Basra Orient Express. It requires China – Turkey partnership. Some in the US are against it but most in the UK are for it. Iran, Iraq and Pakistan are also in play.

Finally, a peaceful eastern Mediterranean Sea is vitally important for everyone in the region and beyond. Otherwise, there is no reason why Chinese warships will not start making port calls in the eastern Mediterranean.

A Globalist Folly:

Making Muammar Gaddafi Live Forever

Simply put, the legacy of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will be bigger than ever with the help of the Globalists. Even if the colonel himself had envisioned it, he could not have done it this good.

Globalists thought to discard him like trash that no one would even remember his name. Instead, they ended up making him come alive and with a bigger credit to his name.

The Libya-Turkey maritime deal then would have gone to the annals of history quietly. In 2010, it would have been a simple agreement between two heads of government.

Instead, Arab Spring will live in infamy. Gaddafi will be elevated as one of its heroes alongside Tarek el-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi. Together they marked a new beginning to determine the destiny of the region.

Bouazizi was a Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire on 17 December 2010. He became a catalyst for the Tunisian Revolution and the wider Arab Spring. He was falsely portrayed as a poor slob, protesting against an autocratic regime.

In reality, he was a victim of Globalists with imperialist ideals. His passing will shed light on what really transpired in the hands of evil. His name will eventually live as another hero putting the legacy of  Globalists to shreds.

How ironic!

Turkey-Libya Maritime Deal

Turkey-Libya Maritime Deal made history. It is a lot more than a simple agreement between two countries. It marks a new beginning, not only for Libya but also two other countries: Tunisia and Israel. They will become richer only because of this deal. Erdogan made it possible for all three. Clinton delayed their prospect for a whole decade!

Israel will finally start selling hydrocarbon finds after the ten-year delay. Libya will enjoy the riches of its natural resources. Tunisia will cherish the role and rip benefits when New Turkey invests there again. Mohamed Bouazizi will be the catalyst for everything.