Price of Double-Standard Against Türkiye


Edward “Ned” Price is an American political advisor and former intelligence officer. He is serving as Spokesman for the United States Department of State since 2021. He worked at the Central Intelligence Agency from 2006 until 2017. Recently, “unusual” members of the media pressed him on an “extraordinary” subject. Everyone had the “Price” and the price of double-standard against Türkiye, in their mind!

Why would these “unusual” members of “mainstream” media from America press “Price” like that? Even more worrisome, why would they press “Price” in such a way that he would validate Turkish claims with his non-answers. Aren’t we the leader of the West or Christian Club or all powerful NATO? Isn’t the primary job of our Spokesperson at the State Department to dictate to all these little countries, nevertheless “diplomatically”?

Why push into a corner one of ours like that? That is the million dollar question. Why now is the other question.

Price of Double-Standard Against Türkiye

One thing comes to mind. Maybe some in Wash DC finally decided to calculate the price of double-standard against Türkiye! Surely, we have some of the great brains there. However, the question is why did they indulge with this problem now? On the other hand, maybe it was a fluke. Maybe they were a series of “Freudian Slips” for these members of the media to come up with such pressing questions.

I would notice such a thing because I attended “noon press conferences” at the United Nations. Not once or twice! I attended at least 4000 times. Yes, four thousand times and each lasted about half an hour or so. I heard every single question and answer any member of the media posed, including prominent Americans. So, I understand what could go wrong or unintentional or out of ordinary or by mistake or as a fluke.

These members of media posed repeated questions to Spokesperson Price on one topic. They pressed “Price” on the price of double-standard against Türkiye. To my mind, they were worried as intelligent minds. They were conscious working for conscious bosses that also began to worry about something. Finally, maybe some in America started to realize that certain international factors have changed for the worse.

Price of Double-Standard Against Türkiye

Could Be Very Expensive From Now On

Let’s put it into perspective.

Türkiye is a rising power of the East but it is not China or India or Russia. It does not have the population or economy or military or technology or know how they might have. However, Türkiye also develops and mass manufactures at Chinese prices with German efficiency. Plus, it has technologies that are able to stop the world’s second mightiest Russian military dead on tracks in Ukraine. Never mind, Türkiye also provides Europe with significant energy and food supplies in these “Dark Ages” like the winter of 2022.

So what gives?

Maybe some of these members of the media and their bosses finally decided to calculate the bottom line. What if Türkiye does not cooperate and says it is time to break away from the West altogether! Like I came to the conclusion and authored “GameChanger” a couple of years ago. Maybe some already picked a copy and arrived at the same conclusion like many others in America. There are some heavy prices to pay if we do not come to our senses fast. There are some extraordinary factors in play we have no control of out there.

So far, in the past 30 years, when Globalist plans went bust, we already lost a lot.

Today, we don’t have American hegemony to rely on anymore thanks to Globalist Americans that couldn’t shoot straight. Currently, we are paying the price with all the domestic problems we have from high energy prices to homeless problems to the Opioid crisis. Too many problems to list here. Even then, they are peanuts when it comes to the price of double-standard against Türkiye we may end up paying. Maybe some of us in America began to calculate what the price we have to pay may be.

GameChanger Explained

Price of Double-Standard Against Türkiye

I argued in my book that America will not remain the sole superpower in the world for a decade if it does not collaborate with Türkiye. It is plain and simple. Now the question is when does the breaking point come in. That is when the price of double-standard against Türkiye will be on the table for us to see and decide.

Are we going to pay the price, no matter what it would be? Better question: should we pay such a price because of the misdeeds of Globalists? If so, how do we get out of this mess? I recently began making another suggestion. Maybe it is time we start voting better in 2022 and 2024. Maybe, it will not be too late.

Maybe not. For that, visit Tayfun: God’s Whip Attila! Maybe Türkiye already tabled the price but we did not notice it yet. Maybe these journalists did and that’s why they pressed “Price” extraordinarily first time ever for an “unusual” reason. After all, they pressed on “Price” only 72 hours after the fact, meaning after the maiden flight of Tayfun no one saw it coming literally and physically!