Tayfun: God's Whip Attila

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Türkiye made a statement on 18 October 2022. He said that he is a “conservative revolutionary”. A day earlier, Türkiye fired a short range ballistic missile (SRBM) from Rize, a city on the eastern end of Black Sea. Namely Tayfun: God’s Whip Attila hit a target in a roughly double the range of what Bora was known for. Bora has been the tactical missile of Türkiye with the longest range in the arsenal until then.

Tayfun: God’s Whip Attila 

Tayfun, the threat power of conservative revolutionary Erdoğan, is a GameChanger. Unless Globalists in America come to their senses, there will be a price to pay in the international arena.

Tayfun: God’s Whip Attila will open a new chapter as Türkiye enters into the annals of history. Tayfun is the first of more of the same, except they will be deadlier and longer range.

SRBM Tayfun: God’s Whip Attila

Successful test firing of Tayfun on 17 October 2022 elevated Türkiye among the top ten countries that can produce ballistic missiles. Tayfun sailed little less than 600 km. However, no one will ever know its exact range. Much like no one knew its existence until the test fire. Never mind what kind of war head it will be carrying, including nuclear tipped.

Türkiye previously unveiled Bora, the longest range tactical ballistic missile that hit targets in the range of 300 km. Unveiling of Bora was also sudden, unexpected, dead on target. When it was “demonstratively” test fired, it probably was already in the Turkish inventory. In that regard, what is to stop Türkiye from unveiling the next set of ballistic missiles anytime just to raise the ante one more time?

Tayfun: Stealth Technology

In fact, President Erdoğan in his speech mentioned it: “Now, we have our ‘Tayfun’ and we are working to develop it further.” Did he mean that Türkiye is working on the next version of Tayfun? Short answer: He could have meant both.

However, there is one other thing about Tayfun that President Erdoğan did not mention. Reportedly, it has an advanced technology compared to all other SRBMs that are in service in the world at this time. Since SRBM is a basic technology that dates back to past century and does not go through transformations like an IPhone, what could that be?

Short answer: Stealth Technology.

Long Answer: Stealth technology much like fifth generation aircrafts or warships or Turkish TB2s possess. The kind that makes them invisible until it is too late. Considering an SRBM travels four times the speed of sound compared to an aircraft that is barely supersonic, it makes a big difference for an SRBM to have a stealth technology.

So the question is how do the Patriots, S-400s, or THAADs counter it or don’t they? On that note, it is no wonder why three were immediately alarming reports from Russian sources as soon as Tayfun was test-fired. That also explains what Ismail Demir, the head of the Presidency of Defense Industries in Turkey has been saying all along.

“To see without being seen and to hit without being hit! That is what Tayfun is, at the end of the day. It is simply a GameChanger!


In the GameChanger, published in 2020, in the USA and Australia, I stressed the fact that Türkiye will resort to brinkmanship. I also pointed out where and when Türkiye will play Zero Sum Game in the region.

However, I did not mention how it will play its cards. In other words, I did not talk about Bora, Atmaca, Gezgin, or Tayfun. By then, they were state secrets. How would I know! However, if Türkiye unveiled four of such in only two years ago, more is sure to come in the next few years.

So then, it follows. Türkiye has not unveiled its first SRBM Tayfun with this test fire.  In fact it also announced that it is now in a position to attain the Misak-i Milli goals. In other words, Türkiye simply put everyone on notice with this SRBM and Erdoğan’s statement that the new chapter in Turkish history has begun.

Tayfun: God’s Whip Attila 

Threat Power of Conservative Revolutionary

In that regard, the treat power of conservative revolutionary on his 18 October speech could not be clearer. Türkiye has long stopped playing Catch-22 with the West. Now, with Tayfun, it is ready to play a Chicken Game in earnest.

That means, Türkiye simply raised the ante in the region. Now, Western antagonists have two options. The ideal outcome would seem to yield to Turkish demands and avoid the worst outcome.

The other option would surely be a catastrophe for all concerned. Greece and Türkiye would be the last to prefer the second option. However, Europe, America and Russia may come out as the biggest beneficiaries, nevertheless.

Here is the caveat, though!

Türkiye will not play a Zero Sum Game unless it knows it will end up with the best outcome. That means two things. One, Türkiye unveiled Tayfun to send a message in particular to America.

Two, Erdoğan as a conservative revolutionary has other cards to play. It would be insane for Globalists in Wash DC to make their next move before seeing the full deck.

Türkiye for sure would not have begun playing this Chicken Game with only Tayfun in the inventory. Turks would know “when the war starts”, would not they?

They have been warring, viciously, past two thousand years.