Turkish Manifesto: Time to Reckon

On 18 May 2022, no NATO member expected a Turkish Manifesto. At best, new prospects for NATO membership were to denounce terrorism and perhaps pledge good will towards Türkiye. Alas, it did not work out like that. Within four hours, Turkish demands were wide ranging. They also included fundamental restructuring of NATO. So much so that Bloomberg concluded: Turkish manifesto put NATO under Turkish yoke.

The Turkish manifesto had demands beyond Sweden and Finland. It was putting Wash DC and the rest of the Western European members at the crosshair. Twentieth century impositions by the West were no longer acceptable. Türkiye was now demanding fair and equal treatment. Moreover, to attain it it was ready to play even a Zero Sum Game or two, starting with Syria and Iraq.

Turkish Manifesto

In specific, the Turkish Manifesto of May 2022 included six clear demands. In return, Türkiye would lift the veto for the entry of Sweden and Finland to NATO. First demand: Any new candidate for NATO membership had to acknowledge terrorism concerns in Türkiye, but also in Syria and Iraq. Second: Sweden and Finland had to publicly condemn but also recognize PKK and its affiliated organizations as terrorist organizations.

Third: All export restrictions, imposed against Türkiye in 2019 to be lifted. They were imposed when Turkish forces entered Syria to push the terrorists away from border. Fourth: Türkiye had to be included in the F-35 program again. Fifth, sale and delivery of new F-16 warplanes and modernization kits to Türkiye had to be granted. Finally, sanctions, like CAATSA-231, imposed on Türkiye due to the S-400s, had to be nullified.

NATO Under Turkish Yoke or Not!

Some would argue surrendering to the Turkish Manifesto would be putting NATO under Turkish yoke. Some others would argue that the Turkish demands were not as radical as they would seem. So much so, the US and the UK were officially giving security guarantees to Sweden and Finland so long as they meet the Turkish demands.

In reality, this manifesto was nothing short of a brinkmanship. It was demanding revolutionary changes. Nothing was going to be the same again like it was when the US was alone at the top of the hierarchy. In other words, time to reckon for the West was at the door. Türkiye was even ready to play a Zero Sum Game or two to get what it wanted. It was nothing like the good old days anymore.

Time to Reckon for the West

Zero Sum Game By Türkiye

The fact that Türkiye came up with an in-your-face statement with this manifesto was a clear message to everyone. Türkiye was ready to assume its role in the New World Order with diplomacy or otherwise. The time was now. In fact, I had argued in the GameChanger, published in 2020, that Türkiye was going to play a Zero Sum Game in northern Syria and Iraq, as well as across Mavi Vatan when it warranted.

What I did not include in the GameChanger was the fact Türkiye was always going to play the Zero Sum Game for the Best Outcome. In other words, Türkiye will make sure that when it embarks on a Zero Sum Game the other three outcomes will not be in its playbook. That simply means, Türkiye will take what it deems necessary from Syria and Iraq as announced in the Misak-i Milli by Ataturk.

Turkish Manifesto Puts NATO Under Turkish Yoke

The question is where does the Globalist ploy lie in this equation? Blaming Türkiye has always been part of the Globalist ploy. Not until Russia began its expedition in Ukraine, Türkiye was at the crosshair of Globalists. Greece was the sacrificial lamb. Instead, Ukraine became the first one in pursuit of Russia.

As far as I am concerned, the Turkish Manifesto is the third step in the old “Potomac Two Steps” which is an American dance, said to run politics in Wash DC. The first step of this dance in this case is what I earlier posted: “Resurrecting NATO Before Killing.” That is when NATO threw Ukraine under the bus, so to speak, with intent. The second step in this dance was: “Swedish-Finish NATO Hypocrisy.

Globalists Do Not Even Know

The Turkish Manifesto, as the last step in this Potomac Two Steps dance, is in fact a deadly Turkish ploy. First, it aims to get everything Türkiye seeks in northern Syria and Iraq without resorting to any Zero Sum Game whatsoever. Two, even if all of six demands were to be fulfilled, Türkiye will still be free to select its next step.

In that regard, readmitting  Greece and France thought precious lessons to Türkiye. Now it will be time to apply what was then learned. Only time will show how Türkiye will play its cards. Meanwhile, the circumstances are even more dire for Globalists. In the absence of military leverages against Türkiye, resorting to economic pressure is a sign of weakness and Türkiye knows it.

Add to that what Globalists do not even know. First, how advanced Türkiye is on Industrial Revolution 5.0. Two, the fact that 2023 is first of three milestones in this Turkish century as far as four hundred million Turks are concerned. They are on the move across Europe and Asia. Finally, Türkiye seems to be playing this Potomac Two Steps so well. How come?

One wanders when did the Turks exactly learn to play this dance.  More importantly, what else do these Globalists not know about Turks?