Toppling Regimes & Coup D’états 

Globalists Continue Disgracing America

In the 2020s, Globalists continue disgracing America with their pathetic statements. Not knowing how America would be paying for their indiscretions, when they have no capacity to back their words, is even worse. At least, if it is an old timer that has already run his course in life that is making the statement, it could be dismissed, as washed-up. However, if the statement also comes from the highest executive in the country, then it presents a problem. Especially when the country is not in a position to back words with deeds. Pay back in the unruly international system becomes complicated, but more importantly costly.

Globalists Continue Disgracing America

Talking About Toppling Regimes & Coup D’états

Joe Biden, the 46th President of America, did it in 2021. John Bolton, one time Bush (43) top dog in the US State Department, and briefly in the Trump Administration, also did it in 2022. Biden talked about toppling the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan regime in Türkiye as soon as he arrived White House. Bolton recently did it on the sixth anniversary of an American disgrace committed by Globalists against Türkiye.

America in Türkiye

Not A Proud History

Consequences of such ill-advised statements are costly reminders. Bolton does not need to revive what took place in Türkiye in 1960, 1973, and 1980. Paul Henze, a CIA operative, then, unwittingly admitted on video broadcast, saying: “Our boys in Ankara did it” in reference to the last coup d’etat.

As a result, forty years later, Henze’s unfortunate statement is widely being used around the world to denigrate America. No telling what kind of negativity Bolton’s statement will create over time. Add to that, a statement from President Biden when he does not show much reassurance everytime he is in public.

Rising Eastern Powers

Exact Payback

Not Türkiye

Unfortunately, American leaders, in the 2020s, do not have the luxury to challenge friends and foes like if we are still living in the twentieth century. For example, they would be nonplussed if they knew how Türkiye advanced ever since the 1980 coup d’etat. In 1985, the Presidency of the Turkish Defense Industries became fully operational.

Today, it is futile to try to sanction Türkiye. Military platforms from America, Germany, or France are no match. Turkish drones and electronic warfare alone already demonstrated how superiority has changed hands. Lately, the Russia-Ukraine War also proved that Turkiye delivered to Ukraine, not America.

As a staunch ally, Türkiye, nevertheless, continues to collaborate with America. Better yet, despite misfortunate statements and deeds, Türkiye in fact still tolerates America. Like the disastrous week in Europe showed, what is more to come in the international arena for America could be even worse. Visit to the Middle East two weeks later reflected it yet once again. 

Vote Better America!

In short, it is neither time or place for Globalist Americans to swagger anymore when there is no American hegemony to hide behind. Rising powers of the East now have the means to exact excessive payback if they are pushed. They started to set their red lines and they are constantly expanding them. With such nonsense from our Globalists, they will surely speed up their expansion at our expense.

In that regard, not everyone in America or in the West must pay for the irresponsibility of these half-witted Globalists. Hence, what is left for us to do? I think nothing than voting better next time!