A Swedish Dilemma

Who Killed Olaf Palme

Olof Palme, the Prime Minister of Sweden, was murdered in 1986. No one knows who the assailant is. To put it into another context, everyone knows rather well who killed Olof Palme. Unfortunately, no one can spell it out in plain words. The truth may still cannot be made public for a while, so long as the Swedish membership to NATO continues to linger.

Sweden stayed independent all throughout the Cold War. Today, it pays a heavy price for it. Successive regimes allowed radicals to emigrate to the Scandinavian refuge. The country admitted migrants with less scrutiny compared to the rest of the Western European countries. As a result, Sweden, over time, surrendered to radicals.

Globalists Took Advantage of Sweden

Sweden entered into Globalist crosshair because the country was a win-win for the purpose. Nemesis Türkiye was sure to veto Swedish entry to NATO or would have threatened to get out of the alliance upon Swedish entry. Hence, it was a great way for Globalists to weaken the Western Alliance.

Meanwhile, if NATO did not want to lose Türkiye, Sweden had to face the music. Türkiye was demanding thirty three fugitives from Sweden which was harboring them as “freedom fighters.”  In other words, Sweden was to open the Pandora Box because radicals were enjoying extraordinary freedom everywhere in Europe.

Who Killed Olof Palme?

Oddly, on 10 June 2020, something extraordinary took place. Swedish prosecutors suddenly named the killer of former Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986. They said the killer was Stig Engstrom, a graphic designer who killed himself in 2000.

What made the Swedish prosecutors move rapidly like that after leaving the case cold for half a century? Coming up with a  witness, talking about a confession of someone that committed suicide two decades ago! And the confession was the murder of the prime minister which took place another two decades earlier than that.

Nothing else could have been as convoluted. As a result, the question about who killed Olof Palme did not fade away. Rather, it may even become the linchpin that may hunt the European conspiracy: How the West supported terrorists all along, especially for Globalist ideals everywhere around the world!

Swedish Dilemma

The Swedish dilemma does not make anything winnable for the new NATO prospect. If Sweden becomes a member of NATO, Sweden will have two eternal problems. One is domestic. Besides radicals looking for another Olof Palme to seek answers, the country will no longer be the same. Trust factor will disappear among various groups in the country. The other will be international. The ire of Russia will constantly be at the tipping point. As a result, Sweden will be armed to teeth, and ready, more than ever.

Meanwhile, entering into NATO would eventually mean that Türkiye would be leaving the alliance, short of its demands are fulfilled. How would this serve Swedish interest? Türkiye has always been one of two raison d’être of the Western Alliance with Germany. With Türkiye out, Russia will have nothing to worry about, but to turn its full force against Western Europe and Scandinavia. Isn’t everybody in the old continent and the UK aware of this reality, including Russia? The answer is “Yes”. That is why, some loudmouths in America that suggest about kicking Türkiye out of NATO are nothing but doing “bubletalk”.

So what gives?

Maybe the spirit of Olof Palme is demanding justice!

Desperate Globalists sought to make Sweden an easy and convenient victim when Ukraine-Russia War did not bring the desired result. Unfortunately for Globalists, Türkiye not only did not fall into their trap but also spoiled both of their attempts.

First, Türkiye chose to be a mediator in the Russia-Ukraine war, instead of resorting to the military alliance against Russia. Second, it came out with a manifesto of demands from Sweden and the rest of the Western Alliance members to allow Swedish membership.

As a result, now Sweden has to come up with answers like turning over Turkish fugitives in the name of NATO spirit. Consequently, Sweden will also be forced to come up, eventually, with the truth about who killed Olof Palme. And when Sweden does that the Pandora Box will surely divulge more Globalist misdeeds.

From GameChanger to Struggling for One America

I authored GameChanger in 2020 to explain the value of Türkiye to America. I also insisted that those who are trying to divide and further weaken America, first target demolition of NATO. They believe that the best and easiest way is to take Türkiye out of the equation.

I also co-authored, with my partner Daphne Barak, Struggling for One America: The Two White Houses, published 2021. We talked about racism and division in America, plus the Trump persona. Twenty-four Hollywood stars and entertainers, from both ends, joined us in the Trump vs Hollywood documentary. The book became the genesis of it.

Simply put, Globalists are out to get America via destruction of NATO and they exploit divided America to achieve their goal. So far, they were successful sucking Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, and Finland in a vortex of self destruction and demolition. Next, Greece is in their crosshair and for that they will entice Türkiye in order to kill two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately for Globalists, like the guilty that make the mistake of visiting the crime scene, now the question of who killed Olof Palme may be hanging there like the Sword of Damocles! Oh Boy! Wouldn’t it open the Pandora Box like nothing else can open?