Turkey Can-Save F-35 ButIn December 2020, the US Senate passed CAATSA 231 against Turkiye. The body outright kicked the long time staunch NATO ally from the trillion dollar F-35 Lightning program. Two years later, what was once touted as a marvel of a fifth generation aircraft, simply went kaput. Then I had asked: “what were they thinking”  with the US Senators in mind. Now, I have news for them. Turkiye Can-Save F-35 but the US Senate must cleanse itself from parasites first.

Turkiye Can-Save F-35 But

The good news is that the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkiye that was their “pain in the behind” is reelected for another five years. It was true then what is true now, but this being the last call for the US Senators to do the right thing to keep this marvel of an aircraft flying. This unlikeable, unacceptable, and unteachable president has always been and continues to be the salvation for the US and this project.

When these US Senators passed CAATSA 231 Turkiye was basically making the F-35 fly. Since then it does not fly. By now, there should have been more than three thousand of them in the air. Instead there are about five hundred of them grounded. Most were delivered before Turkiye was kicked out. Since then they have issues only Turkiye can fix much like build the rest of them with indigenous Turkish technology.

Turkiye Can-Save F-35 But 

US Senate Must Cleanse Itself

Turkiye now can be invited to take the slack and revive the program. Maybe building three thousand of them is no longer viable but with Turkiye on board at least a thousand of them may serve everyone well. The reason for that is that Turkiye in the interim unveiled its own F-35, called KAAN. This year it will be in the air but also at a much cheaper price and with even further advanced technologies on it.

What is key to understand for those with thick skulls at this juncture, Turkiye can make the US F-35 affordable. After all it is still the marvel of an aircraft though it will be second to KAAN, nevertheless it will fill a void. KAAN is not expected to be fully in mass production for another five years. Turkiye itself can buy 150 of the US F-35s and make great use of it with additional technologies it has developed ever since.

However, there is one caveat. Surely, CAATSA 231 will have to be dead and buried so deep that Turkiye would indulge to come back to the deal. Along with that Ismail Demir will lift his objection, in addition to the grace of President Erdogan. Finally, the US Senate must cleanse itself from all the parasites so that none of such nonsense would repeat again coming out of the Russell Building.

November 2024 Matters

Parasites from the US Senate will surely take time to be cleansed if not medicated until then. Plus, it would be good to have a Republican president in the White House. After all, the record of the Globalist presidents from George Bush to Barack Obama to Joe Biden is suspect when it comes to the F-35 saga. One other point of importance to note is that Donald Trump was the president when CAATSA 231 passed the Senate.

The 45th President then pleaded to the US Senators, Democrats and Republicans alike, not to pass it against Turkiye. He had the vision and wisdom to see the horror story we are now witnessing. Overwhelming majority in the Senate did not. Hence, it is clear how severe this “parasite” problem has been over there. On that note, this parasite has nothing to do with the South Korean movie that won an Oscar in 2019.Turkiye Can-Save F-35 But

Rather, the US Senate must go to the root of the problem when it comes to this disease. That is what I am referring to. Fact one, without a host, a parasite cannot live, grow, and multiply. Fact two, it is a transmitted disease, meaning one parasite settles in a “host” and then infects all others who were healthy up to that moment. In this case, it is unfortunate that this vicious “parasite” chose the US Senate as the host to settle.


I published my book GameChanger in 2020, I did not mention anything about “parasites.” However, I made it clear that unless the US collaborates with Turkiye, it will not survive as the sole superpower of Planet Earth. Donald Trump understood this well. He could have perhaps helped get these parasites medicated if Joe Biden did not replace him. Unfortunately, the number of parasites has increased in number ever since.

As a result, cleansing in November 2024 has to be a thorough work. The host has to be altogether cleansed from all parasites. Otherwise, Turkiiye will not join the party in such an unhealthy environment. Consequently, the US will not get tens of thousands of high paying jobs. By then, loss of such jobs will be the least of problems the US will face when China, Russia, and Turkiye will enjoy air superiority.