For the US Senators

Ismail Demir: A Name to Know

Ismail Demir: A Name to Know

For the US Senators to say that, they know Ismail Demir, is a contradiction, if not a fallacy. Ismail Demir: A name to know that the US Senators, in fact, have no clue about.

The problem is that the US Senators live in the twentieth century. Ismail Demir like names have already elevated themselves to the twenty first century.

As a result, the US Senators cause a debilitating effect to the economy of the sole superpower, where as Türkiye excels with the likes of Ismail Demir.

To put it in another perspective, the economic growth in Türkiye compared to the US is a lot faster. How fast? Five times faster to be exact over the next decade!

That is why there is all the more urgency why the US Senators must really learn who exactly Ismail Demir is and what exactly he does.

Ismail Demir:

A Name to Know Talks About 20 Indigenous Engines

Ismail Demir, Head of the Turkish Defense Industries Presidency, recently said that Türkiye is in the process of developing indigenous engines. Approximately, twenty of them to be exact! They are to be used in the Turkish-developed drones, missiles, helicopters, fighter planes, and tanks, to name a few.

When will these engines be available in use, exactly?

Starting early 2023, like January!

Ismail Demir:

A Name to Know for the US Senators

What is ironical is that Ismail Demir is a name to know but he is not the only one. He only sits at the top of the hierarchy which is full of dozens like him. They are all congregating and developing an industry soon to challenge mainly the US economy. Maybe their “collateral damage” in America will not be felt next year, but surely in the ensuing years, and exponentially.

Much like what happened with the Chinese since 1990s. Within a decade, the US economy realized that so much research, development and manufacturing shifted overseas. Now, with Türkiye, the problem is even worse. Simply, Türkiye is now ready to take away more from the likes of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and General Electric.

The role of the US Senators in this problem?

They not only do not know who exactly the likes of Ismail Demir are but they do not know much about what the problems of the US Defense Industry giants are either.

Do they?

If they knew, Lockheed Martin would be selling two thousand F-35s by now, not few hundred.

Raytheon would not be facing “Patriot” problems and so on.

The list goes on and on, and will become longer soon.