China-Russia-Türkiye Air Superiority

I authored GameChanger in 2020, published in the US and Australia. In it, I argued that if the US does not collaborate with Türkiye, it can kiss good-bye the sole superpower status in the world. Two years removed from my book, China-Russia-Türkiye air superiority looms.

The US has not collaborated with Türkiye since the 2020 presidential election. Türkiye waited to see if the 2022 midterm election in America will make a difference. Unfortunately, nothing changed in Wash DC, if not for the worse. Joe Biden summarized it best: Why should anything change until 2024!

As a result, Türkiye together with Russia and China decided to embark on a joint path in 2023. On that note, I had made another argument in the GameChanger. I said if the US did not collaborate with Türkiye, Türkiye will enter into a quasi-alliance with Russia and China. That now seems to be unfolding!

In the GameChanger, I made other predictions. After all, like Jon Voight, some with intelligence, read it and reminded me that my book  has 275 pages. He, in particular, also told me that there was either an original information or an argument or a conclusion in each one of those pages. He was very appreciative of the book.


China-Russia-Türkiye Air Superiority

On 14 December 2022, Kızılelma took off from Çorlu, Tekirdağ in Türkiye. It was a maiden flight and lasted 18 minutes. Call it a sixth generation aircraft, it was a subsonic and unmanned. First of its kind, it made history in more ways than one.

Kızılelma flew three years after Akıncı, another Turkish unmanned aircraft. That is five years after TB-2, a Turkish drone, Ukrainian soldiers, today, continue singing a folk song about it for saving their behind in the face of Russian military might.

All in all, one is a flimsy drone and the other two are unproven-unmanned aircrafts of some sort. Some would define them like that in Wash DC if you ask the question to the US Senators, Republicans and Democrats alike. Unfortunately, they would not know any better.

Well, much to their surprise, they are not so! The drone and the two unmanned aircrafts are technological marvels like no other in the world. So much so that, China and Russia with all their industrial and economic might are ready for military technology exchange with Türkiye because of these out of this world innovations.

As a result, the China-Russia-Türkiye combo will have air superiority, over the US led Western Alliance. Is it possible? You can bet your livelihood but also your life. Just give them another year or two! They are smart and open minded Eastern powers, unlike their counterpart in the West that have been decaying for decades.


In the GameChanger, I did not write about China-Russia-Türkiye air superiority. Instead, I wrote about extensive collaboration among these three Eastern powers in the absence of the US-Türkiye collaboration.

I did not write about any such details because China-Russia-Türkiye will not solely cooperate on the air superiority over the Western powers. They will coordinate their effort on energy exploration and distribution, in addition to the monetary policies that would replace the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

They may also collaborate on space technology. Since China and Russia already transferred quite a bit missile technology to Türkiye. Now, Türkiye can return the favor by providing some innovations it made on the miniaturization technology of missiles. Turkish Roketsan is among top one hundred defense companies in the world.

Surely, China will be open to work with Türkiye in more areas. For example, the most viable path of the Belt and Road Initiative passes through Türkiye. Meanwhile Russia may also soon start building the second nuclear power plant in Türkiye. The first one that it has been building past four years, is becoming operational in 2023.

Simply put, in the GameChanger, I talked about balance of power, Catch-22, Chicken Game, Zero Sum Game and the likes. I tried to put the predicaments America is in vis a vis its relationship with Türkiye. I wrote them as  a heads up. Those in charge in Wash DC should have known better. They should have already gotten the message or the hint.


No One Is At Home In Wash DC!

Unfortunately and apparently, no one is at home in Wash DC since Donald Trump left the House, altogether, on January 6th. As a result, the US has been in a quandary ever since. Plus now, there is a deadlock in the US Congress. However, there is also bad luck. Republicans did not win it big enough in the midterm elections. Moreover, they lost it with the slimmest margin.

What could be even worse than that?

The lame duck Biden Administration accepted the midterm election loss as a win. Having lost the midterm elections with the smallest margin than his predecessors gave him a new life: “In his mind”.  Considering he is now about 80 year old man who does not really accept or recognize his handicap with all the power bestowed on him, the predicament America is in is before everyone in the world to see.

Do you think, China-Russia-Türkiye will sit idle until Americans get their act together?  Not in your life! Air superiority is only the beginning. We will all see in the next two years what else will pass from the control of the West to the East!