American Hypocrisy Must End

American hypocrisy must end, and fast.

Rising powers of the East would not tolerate America’s pinheadedness much longer. The Joe Biden Administration must come to its senses to recognize that there is no more American hegemony out there.

In fact, America is not even in a position to size up the military might of the rising powers of the East. For example, does Russia have the scramjet powered maneuvering anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile?

What about the Turkish drones that prevented the mighty Russian armed forces entering Kiev! Does the Chinese J20 have the combined features of F-35 and F-22?

What other technological marvels do China, Russia, and Türkiye have short of going nuclear? In light of these new realities, no American president can have the luxury to become hypocritical.

The days when America played a “Catch-22” with a lesser power are over. Now, the rising powers of the East quickly revert to a “Chicken” game that “selectively” further turns into a Zero Sum Game.

American Hypocrisy Must End

It Is Time For Realpolitik

For these various reasons, American hypocrisy must end fast. Now, it is time for Realpolitik.

Otherwise, Russian aggression may very well continue elsewhere. What would the American strategy be this time to counter it in light of hypocrisy displayed in Ukraine?

China, on the other hand, will eventually make a move against Taiwan. For example, there won’t be a Turkish brigade there to save an American division against Chinese troops this time.

This won’t be another Korean War. Simply because American hypocrisy against Türkiye since Turkish troops saved American lives became an epic betrayal.

Donald Trump Understood 

Joe Biden Does Not

The 45th President Trump understood the severity of disarray with Türkiye. As a result, he made an overture to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Buenos Aires during the G-20 Meeting. In the Osaka G-20 Meeting, he gave further assurances.

Unfortunately, the 46th President Biden arrived at the Oval Office oblivious. He continues to behave as if he is a tattler, entertained with candies for no reason. He frivolously came up with ill-advised statements against the long time staunch ally Türkiye.

As if ignorance or being dumbfounded could be a bliss, he continues unhinged. Meanwhile, Türkiye, alongside China and Russia, continues business as usual and capitalize at the expense of ever diminishing American superiority in the region.

American Hypocrisy Must End Fast

I authored “GameChanger”, published in America and Australia in 2020. I explained how America can no longer rely on 20th century prowess. In the 21st century it must collaborate with Türkiye. However, it must also do it fairly and squarely.

Currently constituted, Türkiye has the resources and leverages to penalize America in the international system, per se. Türkiye will not do it by attacking American interests. Rather, it will continue doing it by example that will force America to retreat with each mistake it makes.

When retreats against Türkiye, for example, coupled with Russia and China advances elsewhere, the avalanche against America can not be prevented. As a result, that will be the end of the Republic as we know it. I explained this in the GameChanger.

Hypocrites in Wash DC

America’s problem is the hypocrites in Wash DC. Mainly, they are clueless about international transformations. They range from a senior advisor to the President to the head of the committee at the US Senate.

From White House to the US Senate, America can and must do better with candidates. Otherwise, longtime staunch allies like Türkiye will not put up any longer with American charade.

In the worst case scenario, Türkiye will also walk the walk together with Russia and China. Not that any of these powers cannot undermine much of anything for the sole superpower of the world these days on their own.

Again, I already put everything with as much detail in the “GameChanger”. Indulge yourself and read it or do it in another decade and despair!