Syria Milestone for Retreating-America

Once upon a time, there was a US hegemony, spanning around the globe. It lasted half a century, until Globalists came to power on both sides of the Atlantic. Thirty years later, superpower America began retreating. The second Syria milestone for retreating-America arrived on November 13, 2022 at 5:20 AM PST.

Barack Obama and his cohorts, on that Labor Day weekend in 2013, never understood the international implications of their decisions. The debacle of “Red Line” will always mean two different things. Domestically, whether Obama made the right decision by not using military means in the face of Syria’s atrocities.

Internationally, his decision will register as the first Syria milestone for retreating-America. America, vacillating with Red Line baloney in August 2013 and being caught red-handed in 2022 will become eternal liabilities. For example, history will show that Türkiye has taken them to the bank as part of its Misak-ı Millî objectives.


Syria Milestone for Retreating-America

A bomb exploded in the heart of Istanbul. As a response, Türkiye conducted massive airstrikes, hitting nearly 100 targets. After that, it continued shelling more than 400 additional targets for a whole week. 900 US personal in Syria stayed in safe shelters until bombing stoped.

Ensuing conflicting statements came from Wash DC. They reflected further ineptitude of America to friends and foe. Now, suddenly, retreating-America had no direction but to go home. Much like a fellow from the “Hudson Institute” said in 2016: America is only a guest in the region, until the real owners of the estate return.

A former Israeli general was recently more specific. He said that when Turkish ground forces march, no one can stop them in the region. That also includes Americans and Russians. It is not for no reason Chinese formally asked via United Nations for Türkiye not to enter Syria after week-long bombings by heavy artillery.

At this stage, one looks for Donald J. Trump. He would have seen the prospects ahead of time, much like he did in December 2018 when he tweetted. He announced that he was pulling the US troops out from Syria. What wisdom! Three years later, America faces the same prospect and will most likely be forced to do it, instead.

Short Sightedness of Joe Biden

Much Like Ineptitude of Barack Obama

Joe Biden reversed DonaldTrump’s tweet in 2021. He ordered “business as usual” in Syria, reversing Trump’s decision to bring everyone home. No vision and wisdom now became apparent with this second Syria milestone for retreating-America in play in the aftermath of terrorist attack in Istanbul in November.

It is no use at this time to debate the debacle at hand much like the “Red Line” quarrel that continues forever. Listen to the fellow from the Hudson Institute and the former Israeli general! They know their history much like most of the rest of the world when it comes to Turks. They have been writing it for two thousand years with their military forays for everyone to read.

At this time, it is wiser for America to walk the walk with Türkiye instead of trying to confront. I also argued this generously in the “GameChanger“.  Many people read it and took it to heart and mind. However, there are many more that continue to live in oblivion. They will perhaps one day read it as well. Alas, a decade later, they will realize how they missed the boat!