Syria-Greece: Behind the Explosion-in-Istanbul Istanbul

Türkiye announced who the woman is that detonated the bomb in Istanbul on 13 November 2022. With the help of 1200 video cameras and police work within ten hours, the crux of the case became clear. 6 people died and 81 wounded in the heinous attack. So much so, the question now is if Syria-Greece are behind the explosion-in-Istanbul.

The indiscriminate bombing took place in the busiest “İstiklal Caddesi” near Taksim amid strolling Turkish and foreign visitors. In the ensuing searches, Türkiye further announced that more than 50 suspects have been taken into custody so far. Their confessions are sure to reveal enough to incriminate other individuals and agents alike.


Syria-Greece: Behind the Explosion-in-Istanbul

Why to blame Syria-Greece: behind the explosion-in-Istanbul? Couldn’t this be an ordinary terrorist attack like it always is?


One, the international structure at this time makes both Syria and Greece expendable. Two, when a terrorist attack takes place against Türkiye and inside Türkiye, it never is. Finally, the suspects that committed this crime were apprehended and they confessed.

One other important confession came from the intermediary that ordered the woman to detonate the bomb. Now authorities also know that the order for this inhumane attack came from someone known as “H” in Kobani, Syria.

So how does Greece figure into this equation then?

H apparently implicated Greece with text and voice messages. The original plan was to smuggle the woman who detonated the bomb to Greece. Plan B was to kill the woman and smuggle the “intermediary” to Greece.

Since both are already under custody, together with more than fifty accomplices, enough beans are sure to spill not only to implicate Greece. However, it may also go beyond that. Hence, it is time to regroup for the America led West before this international intrigue becomes an even bigger vortex.

So what better than simply implicating Syria-Greece over this explosion-in-Istanbul?

Saving America From Disgrace

Ill-advised foreign policy objectives of the sole superpower America finally came back to hunt. Whose idea was it to support non-nation state proxies since early 1990s? Didn’t Christianity lose many wars only because it relied on proxies in its fight with Muslims in history?

All the Globalist leaders that reigned in America since 1992, supported Kurdish proxies in northern Iraq and Syria. They deceived poor souls for their ill intent. All the while, they also fooled themselves, believing they could win with the help of such non-state proxies against Türkiye.

Now, their ploy came back to hunt them. Kurdish proxy history clearly implicates Western powers.  The Globalist tally since 2020 with this explosion-in-Istanbul also justifies Turkish arguments. Worse, now it also strengthens the hands of Türkiye.

Kurdish Proxy History

In the 1980s, American agents in Türkiye created an organization called PKK. After twenty years, PKK was outlawed in the West because terrorist attacks by PKK against Turkish regimes became indefensible. So the West recreated the same organization under other names like for example PYD and YPG.

Unfortunately for America, these decades long intricate games finally came to a head with this explosion-in-Istanbul. The woman who detonated the bomb in Istanbul on 13 November confessed that PYD ordered her. However, she is not alone. There are fifty others in custody concurring with her statement.

Moreover, there is audio and voice recorded evidence of the guilty and conspirators. Possibly, when all the confessions are completed, the list of suspects will extend from Kobani Syria to Lavrion Greece. Lavrion, for those who have no clue, is the other PYD/YPG/PKK stronghold in Greece much like Kobani is.

Globalist Tally So Far Since 2020

In view of the explosion-in-Istanbul and the mess American leadership in Wash DC finds itself at this time, let’s look at the tally so far. Since the Globalist Joe Biden Administration took the reins, there has been war in Europe. Dark Ages like 2022 Winter threatens everyone with grain and energy shortages.

Then there is the Swedish-Finish application to the NATO membership mess. Ironically, it is also bogged down by Türkiye because especially Sweden has been harboring all the YPG and PYD “terrorists”. Up to this moment, Sweden was in bed with America, claiming that they were ‘freedom fighters” unlike PKK terrorists.

Finally, there is the issue of what to do with Russia when no one in the West has direct communication anymore. In the meantime, in the past four months Türkiye proved itself as the sole deal maker or breaker in the world for everyone involved when it comes to Russian menace.

America to Collaborate with Türkiye 

Since Syria-Greece: Behind the Explosion-in-Istanbul

Hence, it is easy to come to a conclusion. In view of what transpired so far within hours after the explosion-in-Istanbul, it is better for the West to come to a quick decision. It is time to designate all non-state proxies in Syria as terrorists or face the music in the hands of Türkiye, growing ever powerful by day.

Plus, considering how the 2022 midterm elections made America even more divided, consequently vulnerable, there is urgency. The Biden Administration will now have even weaker hands in the next two years in the international arena. In the face of ever stronger Türkiye, what better option would there be but to collaborate with Türkiye?

Much like Donald Trump Administration has decided to do since 2018. Ever since, it was smooth sailing for the 45th Administration in the international arena. President made great achievements on bilateral relations in the G20 Summits in Bueno Aires, Argentina and Osaka, Japan.

Enough With Globalist Shenanigans

In the end, perhaps six people, including two children, would not have died in vain. Like President Erdogan stated clearly upon his return from another G20 Summit in Bali, Indoneisa. “The West now has blood in its hands.” The training and bomb that created the mayhem in Istanbul intentionally and wrongly delivered to the terrorists by the Western regimes in power to date.

Time To Save Greece

On the other hand, the tragedy that arrived with the explosion-in-Istanbul, may also provide a positive outcome. Perhaps, in the long run Greece does not become a second Globalist victim like Ukraine has become. Otherwise, short of an amicable deal with Türkiye, the fate of Greece will not be much different than Ukraine before the 2024 presidential election.

Time To Revisit Middle East Policies

Türkiye already promised to exact payback from this explosion-in-Istanbul. Reportedly, Türkiye will take the case to wherever the evidence takes. In view of the ill-advised policies in Wash DC over the past three decades, regarding this mess in northern Syria and Iraq, it is better America make the right decision now.

Syria-Greece: Behind the Explosion-in-Istanbul


Otherwise, I already listed all the consequences for America in the GameChanger.