Zero Sum Game

America's Proxy Fighter Liability

America's Proxy Fighter Liability

America won WWII. After that, it prevailed during the Cold War. Finally, it achieved the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. In other words, America did it exactly how Niccolo Machiavelli explained it in “The Prince.” The father of modern political philosophy and political science was right then. He is also right today. America’s proxy fighter liability is incalculable when a Zero Sum Game comes into play.

In 1992, Globalists came to power in America. They decided to employ proxy fighters as a foreign policy instrument. Until then, mighty America was relying on the sheer brute strength of the US Armed Forces. Morality and values were the driving force behind it. With the coming of Globalists to power, the tied changed in America. As a result, the rising powers of the East exploited the weakness.

Thirty years later, now, the rising powers of the East are ready to exploit America’s proxy fighter liability. They will resort to selective Zero Sum Games in their region, of their choosing, to expand their area of influence. Like Machiavelli argued, Prince will always lose when it relies on proxy fighters. Unfortunately for America, Globalists at the helm either do not know philosophy and history or they must not be Americans.

America’s Proxy Fighter Liability

What did the 45th President Donald Trump try to do during his four year? He primarily interfered with what Globalists were doing. He tried to pull troops back from Central Asia and the Middle East. More importantly, he tried to stop employing the services of the proxy fighters in Afghanistan and Syria.

Trump had two choices. He had to increase the number of US troops in either country by ten fold even then some to win. Otherwise, he could not have relied on the local forces when he listened to Machiavelli. He decided to pull the troops instead. Globalist Americans did not.

What about the current Globalists in Wash DC that came after Trump? They began redeploying a few hundred US troops here and there in the Middle East and Europe. However, they continued to bet on the local proxy fighters to become the main instruments in the US foreign policy objectives again.

America’s Proxy Fighter & Machiavelli

It is time for America to pay attention to Machiavelli again. Otherwise, the rising powers of the East, Türkiye included, will exploit this weakness easily. Eventually, the consequences will be costly for America and the West. On top, the “Prince” or “Princess” in America will not be able to keep the sole superpower intact overtime.

There are no ifs or buts about this. Read the “GameChanger” now or a decade later and see how history evolved. There I explained it. America has to collaborate with Türkiye which applies the  principles of Machiavelli. As a result, It will keep playing Zero Sum Games and win every time against proxy fighters. It will first finish them off in northern Syria and Iraq.

After that, it will turn its attention to Greece. How so? Look at what happened to Ukraine! Wasn’t it America’s proxy fighter in 2021 or to put it bluntly, even worse, a bait?  Six months into the Russia-Ukraine war, it simply backfired. What do the same powers in the West and US are now insinuating: “Make a deal with Russia and end this war, Ukraine!”

In other words, they are saying: “Leave some territory to Russia, so the world can get grain, energy and not go broke this winter!”  Much like what they will say to Greece after another Zero Sum Game begins. “Leave half of Aegean Sea with all islands in it to Türkiye, including two thirds of Crete, if not all of it, depending on how fast and bad the game evolved!”

Don’t believe me? Read the GameChanger or the Prince before it is too late. Unless one cares about the future of America, of course!

Meanwhile, never mind about the proxy fighters: Unfortunately these poor slobes will continue to be slaughtered and no one will care about them, other than a lip service here and there.