Heeding The Turkish Operation in Syria

In 2016, Türkiye decided to establish a buffer zone alongside its southern border. Setting up a thirty-kilometer-deep corridor inside a neighboring country may never sound Kosher. Yet, wide ranging threats from terrorist shelling to mass migration would leave no nation-state with a choice. Let alone, Türkiye has long been a staunch NATO ally that saved the West once or twice from calamities! Remember the Chinese during the Korean War or the Soviet Communist expansion! How about a million Syrian refugees walking across the continent to Western Europe, as if it was a reality TV show? It had paralyzed half a dozen Western European democracies in the ensuing parliamentary elections. In that regard, heeding Turkish operations in Syria should have always been very important to America. Alas, not for Globalists. Ironically, they are the problem today.

Brief History and In Retrospect

To put it into another perspective, WWI was not a fair game for Turks. Almost a century long Western hegemony further aggravated historic problems emanating from the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire. Türkiye inherited all of them. Consequently, wounds never healed.

The arrival of Globalists in the 1990s was a lot more than a salt to the wound. Rather more so, it was like gashing the wound with a dagger. Hence, it is no surprise that a regime, led by the likes of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, would come to power in Türkiye by 2002.

Ataturk, the founder of the republic, originally had diagnosed the problem in 1920 and resolved most of it by 1922. The rest of the task was left to the following 26 prime ministers to complete. Yet, none had the leverages or circumstances ready for action like Erdoğan now have them.

Hence, at the centennial anniversary, the onus is on Erdoğan. In that regard, what could be more natural than to expect the Turkish operation in Syria to come to a conclusion at around 30 August 2022?

Ataturk finished Greeks off and replaced the Ottoman Empire with the Republic of Türkiye with a war in August 1922. In retrospect, he followed a similar path and result like Sultan Alparslan in Manzikert in 1071 and Sultan Mehmed, the Conqueror, in Istanbul in 1453.

All three Turkish victories were all or nothing wars. They were all Zero Sum Games when wars began.

Heeding The Turkish Operation in Syria

A Zero Sum Game

Zero Sum Game means Türkiye has no option but will play the “game” to get the best desired outcome at all cost. For that, it must have military capability and political will against all challengers.

To that end, President Erdoğan already made a bravado statement early in 2022. Then, he also announced that the “game” may begin as soon as and anytime without a heads up.

Surely, the leaders in Russia and America already received the message loud and clear. As of early June, there were wide ranging reports that Russia and America pulled their troops out of Tell Rifaat.

Türkiye, meanwhile, was expected to go after four major cities in the region. Some suggested that Aleppo might well be in play as well. At this stage, neither Russia nor America would explicitly acknowledge their stand, except behind closed doors.

On the other hand, it has been common knowledge that Russia has been in dire straits due to war with Ukraine since February 2022. All the while, Globalists never realized that the Zero Sum Game could not be played between proxy fighters and a standing army.

Considering, Syrian Armed Forces backed by Türkiye, are said to have been consisted of heavily armed 25 thousand soldiers. Hence, it was no brainer how Türkiye would achieve the desired outcome in northern Syria.

Globalist Malaise

America lived and died with proxy fighters ever since the disintegration of the Soviet Union. That was the modus operandi for Globalists. In Syria, Kurdish militia, galvanized as “freedom-fighters” of sort, became their main proxy fighters.

Variety of additional rogue fighters, mostly black sheep from Western societies, coupled with locally stolen or deceived youth, made up the rest. Anyone with a grudge against Türkiye turned these poor souls into their expandable victims.

The George Bush (43) era was largely an exception to this rule in the region. He employed the services of the US Armed Forces and invaded Iraq. Consequently, he revived the hegemonic past of America in the minds of antagonists.

As a result, a case against the West became widespread and divided the world between “us and them”. Meanwhile, next in line president Barack Obama made sure that the environment in northern Iraq and Syria quickly came to the boiling point.

In short, Globalist administrations in America and regimes in Europe played their hand miserably to arrive at the current mess. So much so, Globalists, as a last ditch effort, also tried to derail Turkish nationalist rise with one final evil deed.

Unfortunately, when their 15 July 2016 coup d’état attempt to topple the Erdoğan regime failed, they came home to roost. Hence, it is no accident that the divided America in 2016 became worse by 2020.

The latest live TV broadcast of Congressional hearings also reflected how miserably America was still divided in the Summer of 2022 when the Turkish operation was expected to take place.

Globalist Mess

In short, conditions in 2022 have been in place for a long time for Türkiye to move forward with the operation in Syria. Coupled with Russia bogged down with war and Europe in total disarray, divided America was making it a “Perfect Storm”.

In other words, for Türkiye, it was the most opportune time to play the Zero Sum Game to make history right again. The Russia-Ukraine war and Swedish-Finish membership application to NATO were like a double whammy.

Russia-Ukraine War

The Russia-Ukraine war always would have made a compelling reason for Türkiye to conduct a cleansing operation in northern Syria in 2022. Three months into the misplayed Globalist hand in the Russia-Ukraine war, Türkiye surely would have acquired more leverage across the board.

Promptly, Russia began to scale its military operations back in Syria before Summer of 2022. Simultaneously, everyone understood well that the grain crisis would eventually cause a global catastrophe because Russia and Ukraine were supplying nearly one third of global demand.

Türkiye, no doubt, was the only country that could bring relief to everyone because it controlled the shipping lanes. Much like the only “interlocutor valable” role Türkiye was already playing between two warring presidents ever since the war started.

Swedish-Finish NATO Membership Application

All the while, as if these were not enough to strengthen Türkiye’s hands, Globalists threw another Gimme. In short, NATO membership applications of Sweden and Finland were now sure to find their place in the annals of history as yet another major Globalist blunder.

The Turkish veto threat not only prevented their NATO membership but also delayed the chaos Globalists wished to create all along. Moreover, the membership application opened a Pandora box for Türkiye which promptly came up with a “Manifesto.” It demanded Sweden not to recognize or support “terrorists/freedom fighters” in northern Syria anymore if it wished to enter NATO.

Irony of Fate for Globalists

In truth, it is the irony of fate for Globalists. They failed miserably all throughout their efforts against the Erdoğan regime until 2016. Then, they again partially failed in their domestic agenda in America until 2020. Albeit, since then, they continued to mess everything up for everybody.

Their attempts to sucker Türkiye, for example, to go after Greece militarily, failed in 2021. Instead, they were able to lure Russia to go to war against Ukraine in 2022. After that, they turned towards Sweden and Finland. They intended to throw them into fray with NATO membership and cause havoc.

More Turkish Zero Sum Games To Come

Heeding the Turkish operation in Syria has always been important for America because it would not be the first or last Turkish Zero Sum Game in this decade. Furthermore, it will always take place when a Turkic state deems it is time. Simply put, it is the nature of the beast.

Hence, it follows. Next two Zero Sum Games, after the Syria operation, will come sooner than later. After all, 2023 is only a year away! The current Syria operation would be only a very small part of the process towards a bigger agenda set by Ataturk.

As a result, it is normal to assume that Globalists must not provide any more wild cards for Türkiye to convert them into gains. As to where Türkiye would go for the next Zero Sum Games: They have always been clearly defined in the Misak-ı Millî.

I also explained them well in the GameChanger, published in 2020. As for the timing? Just ask Globalists, when would those be! Globalists have been hand delivering them to Türkiye ever since they made appearance to the world scene in a plater, like they did in 2003, 2009, 2013, 2016, for example.


Not Heeding The Turkish Operation in Syria

In the final episode, Globalists did very well. They first enticed Russia to invade Ukraine, and then, Sweden and Finland to apply for NATO membership. All were done within the few first months of 2022.

In that regard, so long as Türkiye would have enemies like Globalists, who would need friends! Even the analogies go tipsy topsy when they involve Globalists…

In other words, it seems to be inconceivable for Globalists to understand that Türkiye would never dare to play a Zero Sum Game unless it already figured it out how it would win it.

History Repeats Itself

History had plenty of examples. 1071, 1453, and 1922 Turkish victories involved proxy fighters on the side of Turkish enemies. Not that Turks, the vicious warriors of the past two thousand years, did not fight each time against insurmountable numbers and won. Proxy fighters and Zero Sum Games are contradictions.

In 1071, the Byzantines were four times the Muslim Turks in the battle field and they lost. In 1922, Turks fought against seven major invading Christian armed forces at the same time. Within one year, the war was over and Türkiye was proclaimed as a free and independent republic.

Come to think of these wars, who were the proxy fighters fighting against Turks in 1071, 1453, and 1922? If only these Globalists were to pay a little attention to history. Some in the Pentagon would happily indulge!

Germany, France, the UK, and Russia

Heeding The Turkish Operation in Syria

In Europe, currently constituted, Germany and France are better off by not interfering with what Türkiye does in Syria at this time. In fact, they have been very quiet until June.

Apparently, they were conscious of the gravity of the situation and adamant to keep Türkiye on board. Much like the rest of Europeans and China, for example, they all benefit from Turkish leverages.

The UK, on the other hand, unlike its continental counterparts, had the wisdom and vision to go with Brexit long before. Ever since, the UK has been walking the walk, smartly, with Türkiye.

As for America, as I regularly stressed, collaborating with Türkiye would always be vitally important. Türkiye is part of the two balances of power in Europe and in the Middle East that America depends on.

Considering, there is not only China and India, lurking in the horizon but also, there are other rapidly growing eastern economies to worry about. Seven of them will soon replace the Western European economies in the G-20.

Unfortunately for America, the next presidential election is not until 2024. With this track record of Globalists at the helm, there should be no problem for Türkiye to stay on course, It would certainly complete the next two Zero Sum Games with the best outcomes within 2023.

God help America!