Making of the New World Order

Russia Ukraine War & Digital Currency

What is the relationship between Russia-Ukraine war & digital currency? There are two ways to explain it. One, the war marks the first step, in the replacement of “Dollar” with a digital currency as the reserve currency of the world.

Two, how the current administration in America since 2020 could not shoot straight and surrendered to the New World Order, within one year! Since the Russia-Ukraine war started, China, Türkiye, Germany, and Britain already jumped on the bandwagon.

Now, they are all moving together away from Dollar to digital currency. They embarked with announcements and actions as they started to capitalize on the missteps of the current inept American administration since the war began.

As a consequence two of the three pillars in the making of the New World Order have found their groove. One, Russia announced that it will conduct trade in Ruble with twelve countries. Two, the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) moved up on the agenda of Britain, Germany, Türkiye, and China.

Now, it is time for these foursome to negotiate with America, reportedly about the technology transfer, involving digital currency. One of the problems though without the Russia-Ukraine War,  America could have done it from the point of strength.

What could be even worse, if one of them already has the algorithm but did not announce it yet. After all, a year nowadays is a lifetime with industrial revolution 5.0, where for example, Türkiye has significant advances among others in the East.

Russia-Ukraine War: GameChanger

I authored “GameChanger” in 2020 and argued that if America were not to cooperate with Türkiye it would not remain an economic superpower much longer. I further stressed the fact that in the absence of leadership in America, Türkiye will side with Russia and China led East.

Apparently, Britain and Germany also agreed with this assessment. They all, recently, left America to its own peril. For now, they quietly side with the rising eastern powers since war began. Accordingly, new German chancellor visited Ankara last week. It was the first bilateral visit from the most powerful European country for more than a decade.


I was right two years ago when GameChanger was published in America and Australia. Both Japan and Türkiye also wished to publish it. Yet, they were cautious what reaction they may see from the incoming Globalist administration in America. Now, surely, they are realizing how helpless America is in the light of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Russia-Ukraine War 

The Russia-Ukraine war took place because of an inept regime in power in Wash DC since 2020. The quarrel between Russia and the enlargement of NATO was window dressing.

Russia made its move against Ukraine when it noticed the weakness of leadership in Wash DC. In other words, Russia attacked Ukraine solely to speed up the process of replacing the Dollar with the digital currency that was soon to be revealed.

It is important to note, even if Donald Trump was in power, America would have still have faced the pressure of replacing the Dollar with a digital currency. Yet, the difference is significant.

In the absence of the Russia-Ukraine war, America could have negotiated a currency that it would partially control. Now, America has to settle with the digital currency that is already agreed upon among the rising eastern powers and disgruntled western allies.

I recently posted: “Price to Pay for the West.” I argued that America has not voted better since 1992. As a result, in the 2020s, divided America faces numerous problems.

Yet, America continues not to vote better. Consequently, Russia-Ukraine War will not be the end of it. Rather, it will be only the first salvo. Worse news, it came in the first year of a four year term of this administration that has already shown how helpless it is.

Digital Currency

Meanwhile, soon to be revealed, the digital currency of the world will replace the Dollar. It will contribute to end the sole economic superpower status of America sooner than later.

Will there be more than one digital currency in the world, only time would tell. Not until then, how America will come out of this mess will not be known.

Russia-Ukraine War & Digital Currency

Winners of the Conundrum

I raised an anomaly in another post called: “Turkey Helps Ukraine, Not America.” I argued that when diplomacy wins in Ukraine, ironically America does not. It is the “mother” of all ironies. One, America loses influence over Ukraine.

Two, the need for American leadership disappears in NATO. Three, the balance of power among Türkiye, Germany, and Russia grows on solid grounds. I simply concluded that free from American yoke, they will lead.

Hence, it was inevitable that the current administration in Wash DC was going to push its luck for a better result. Unfortunately, the alternatives were even worse for trying. On top of that, no one in Wash DC was able to see the consequences.

Now the digital currency and the BRI, that America tried hard to avoid, are here. What is worse, how they will evolve without much input or influence from America is even scarier to think.

Russia-Ukraine War & Digital Currency

End of America as the Sole Economic Superpower of the World

America surrendered to the rising powers of the East within a year after the Joe Biden Administration came to power. Naturally and smartly, Britain and Germany began looking for ways to jump the sinking ship and they did it so far without making much public splash.

Russia and China, meanwhile, became an even more cohesive unit. Türkiye, ever the linchpin, still extends a helping hand to America, unfortunately, no one is at home.

As a result, economic decay in America will continue unabated. Countries like Türkiye will grow, reportedly, five times faster. The New World Order will shape up without much if any input from America.

International organizations will be next to restructure with equitable representation. America will only have a say as one of the 193 countries in the world and only as much as numbers will allow.

Numbers will consist of the size of the economy and demographics, not how many nuclear warheads one has. Yes, military power will always matter but considering how the rising eastern powers have proved themselves overpowering, it is not wise to bet the house.

It is better not to open that Pandora box. America at this time has enough to worry about losing hegemonic economic superiority soon.

What a difference a month makes in the hands of an inept administration in America!

How America lost what it can never recover again with the Russia-Ukraine War & Digital Currency moves of friend and foe!