For Not Voting Better,

Complacency, and Inhumanity  

Price to Pay for the West

There is a price to pay for the West for not voting better, complacency, and out right inhumanity. The only problem is that the 2020s is little too late already to make amends. From now on, the price to pay will also be heavy and get heavier with every passing year. Was Covid-19 the first payment and Ukraine crisis second for the West? When will these payments end is the ultimate question.

Not until faith returns is one answer. Not until inhumanity and complacency stops, America takes the lead and votes better in 2022 and 2024 is another. Otherwise, it is difficult to envision what the future would hold for the Western Civilization. The decay in the West long began. The East will not let up, unless America comes to its senses. Or, we can all read this post again in a decade and wish we paid attention to it long before.

Not Voting Better

Price to Pay for the West

America, Germany, and France did not vote better in the past two-three decades. Britain did not either, except in the recent past with Brexit. As a result, there is an economic collapse in Europe, Now, the continent is also on the brink of military destruction. That is before the demographic invasion from Asia and Africa yet to begin in full force!


In America, people have voted for Globalists since 1992. The result was complacency and economic decay. It lasted twenty-four years until Donald Trump came to power. He halted the downward vortex for four years. America saw for the first time over three percent economic growth Barack Obama never reached in eight years.

Obama also incurred eight trillion dollars extra debt. No other president in history ever indebted America like him. George Bush (43) before him simply decimated the mightiest military. Bill Clinton before him made sure there was no more moral high ground for the superpower to stand on.

In short, in America, people did not vote better for a long time. The result is clear to the naked eye in the 2020s. America will no longer remain the sole economic superpower in the world. Within this decade, China and India are projected to surpass and take number one and two slots in economic ranking.

Next to lose will be the military superiority for America. Free Press is also the latest casualty in the 2016 presidential election. By the way, it had nothing to do with the quarrel between the 45th president and Hillary Clinton.


In the West, people did not vote better in general. In Germany, in 2005, Globalists came to power. By the time Angela Merkel decided not to run again, she had well understood the problem. As a result, in her later years, she assumed the role of a mediator. She played a balancing act across the continental Europe. In other words, she evolved on the job. Unfortunately France was not as lucky. Emmanuel Macron never got it right.


Before Macron, between Nicholas Sarkozy and Francois Holland, France could have elected Segolene Royal. Perhaps, she could have been better for France, considering. Who knows! Maybe it was the fate of France to be depleted under the circumstances. Nevertheless, Macron could have learned something from Francois I that reigned from 1515 to 1547: He decided to cooperate with arch enemy the Ottoman Turks.

Boris Johnson & Donald Trump

In the UK, people voted better and took Britain out of the European Union. In view of the mess Europe is in since the Ukrainian crisis, Brexit seems to have been an excellent choice. Much like with Boris Johnson in Britain, the superpower America also got a break. Albeit briefly, Donald Trump won the election in 2016 and was able to stay in power only one term.

Trump persona aside, policies of the 45th president were beneficial for America. There was no Russian aggression against its neighbors during his tenure. There was also a lull in N. Korean and Iranian ballistic experiments. China did not grow economically more than three percent either for the first time in two decades. All four countries are on the mend now during the first year of the Joe Biden Administration.


Price to Pay for the West

The problem is that there has been complacency in the West since the 1960s. As a result, there is a price to pay in the 2020s. There will be a heavier price to pay in the 2030s, when the rising eastern powers will really show their muscle. China and India will, by then, become military superpowers.

Indonesia and Türkiye are projected to become the fourth and fifth biggest economies in the world. Two Muslim countries, one at the helm of Turks and the Muslim Ummah, sure to display combined military might as well. How will the West counter this mass of humanity when there is also Russia to add to the equation?

China and India

China and India are to become economic superpowers very soon. They were considered Third World countries with less than a trillion dollar economy each, only two decades ago. Isn’t it Western complacency that made them what they are today, soon to dominate the world?

Corporate Culture has become the by-product of the Western ingenuity at the hands of the very Baby Boomers in America. They elected an easy life in the 1960s and 1970s, much like the Millennials are doing nowadays. Considering how the service industry replaced manufacturing in the past three decades, and Opioid became part of the life of today’s generation, as a result.

22 US veterans die every day in America in one of the latest counts. In 2020, fifty thousand died from Opioid. During the first year of the Joe Biden Administration seventy five thousand died in America. By 2029, over a million per year is projected to become victims in America alone. Didn’t China begin manufacturing them first in massive numbers for Western consumption by companies also owned by the likes of Baby Boomers?

If this is not an example of complacency then to call it something worse should not offend anyone in the West.


Türkiye is projected to become fifth biggest economy and military power in the world, according to some Western sources. Others sure to place it prominently in the top ten on both rankings, no less. The prospects , with soon to be revealed major energy finds in the so called “Mavi Vatan” make the fifth slot more probable.

Turks and the Muslim Ummah

It must be noted that Türkiye, a staunch NATO ally, was intentionally dormant in the twentieth century. Nowadays, it looks like it is coming “behind the veil” in the twenty-first century as if it is the Sword of Saladin. Mythology or history aside, Türkiye is a reality to reckon with. So do the Turks in Central Asia that are soon to join forces in more ways than one. Finally, there are the three billion Muslims to put into context.

Wasn’t it complacency by the West, believing Turks can be subjugated? They have a two thousand years statehood history with seventeen states to their name. They gave hell to the Chinese, Arabs, Russians, and the Christian West. Who in their right mind could not figure they will rise again? More importantly, they may now seek answers for the past sufferings in the hands of domineering West.

Plus, there is the Muslim factor to incorporate into their rise. First time in history, Christianity will be second behind Islam in numbers. Only a century ago, Muslims in the world made up 19 percent of the world population. At the end of this decade, Muslims will be at around 35 percent. Christianity will remain at 34 percent with not much growth from 33 percent in more than a century ago.

This massive humanity will need but also look for leadership. Türkiye, having already begun to exploit possibilities, lately and loudly, calls for an end for the idiosyncrasies of the West. Otherwise, sooner than later, Turks will appear, as spiritual leaders, before the West with their economic and military means behind the yearning Muslims.

An Economic Power 

It is widely reported  for Türkiye to emerge as the fifth biggest economy in the world in the coming decades. Already with over two hundred billion dollar exports, Türkiye is soon to grow exponentially. Economic model based on invest, employ, manufacture, and export will yield incredible returns in many sectors. From industrial revolution 5.0 to military industry, Türkiye will reflect its economic growth.

Coupled with energy explorations in the “Mavi Vatan,” Türkiye will surely become a net exporter of energy. Finally, Türkiye will sell primarily to the Muslim world like no one else will be able to do. Türkiye will also sell competitively to Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. They already began to demonstrate their edge also in the military sales, even though Türkiye has a very varied economy from agriculture to industry 5.0.

A Spiritual Leader

Meanwhile, it is on the record. Turks delivered to the Muslim Ummah one of the most glorious histories. The Seljuk and the Ottoman Turks were different from the Arab empires before them. They dominated the entire second millennia and ensured tremendous growth of Muslim population. Türkiye now builds on this past. Wasn’t it complacency for the West to ignore this potential Turkish contribution to Muslim heritage?

A Military Might

Turks did not build seventeen states in the past two thousand two hundred years because they were not brave and able soldiers. Türkiye began to demonstrate a new will and capacity, reflecting a heroic past. The growth of the military industry over the past two decades achieved unparalleled results. Major military platforms aside, the wide ranging complementary products and self sufficiency are extraordinary.

Lately, drones seem to be what is talked about when it comes to Turkish military might. Yet, they make up only a very small portion of it. They are the tip of the iceberg, considering what the Turkish Armed Forces is composed of. Nevertheless, what  the TB2s are doing in Ukraine against mighty Russia only puts it into perspective.

To understand the role Turkish drones play, a quick look at Syria, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh, Ethiopia, Eastern Mediterranean Sea is helpful. Worse of it, TB2s are not the major threats. Wait for the Aksungurs, Göksungurs, Akıncıs, TB3s, TB4s, and Kızıl Elmas. They are all under mass production. Even then, they are not the only ones. These belong only to the Baykar and the Turkish Aerospace Industries.

There are half a dozen other equally formidable Turkish corporations with incredibly competitive, deadly, and technologically advanced drones. If six TB2s do so much against Russia, the second military power in the world, what can five hundred of them in Turkish hands do within a year or two?


Price to Pay for the West

It is not the complacency of the West that would make it a heavy price to pay for the West. It is inhumanity in the hands of Globalists of late and “slavery” mentality of the past that did it and does it. There are faithful and unfaithful people in the world. There is also humanity and inhumanity. At this stage, there is a price to pay for inhumanity.

Like David Rockefeller had once said when he was over 100 years old and about to pass: The world enslaved four billion people to give a good life to one billion people. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay now that the world is double the size, nearly eight billion. Worse news is that there are now seven billion living in miserable conditions while the ones enjoying the good life are still around a billion.

There is a price to pay for the West because most of this one billion live there. What is important to note, seven billion will soon have access to the Turkish drones, for example. Yet, drones will not be the only resources they will have. They will also have better economic means and spiritual leaders. Turks will be at the front row, empowering everyone without discriminating against Muslims and Christians alike.

Heavy Price to Pay for the West

I authored “GameChanger,” published in 2020. I argued that unless America cooperates with Türkiye, it will not remain the sole superpower much longer. America voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. America now is paying the price and will continue to pay a heavier price. Turkish drones are only a very small portion of what is to come.

Russian aggression at this time is also only an opening salvo. What may come from the likes of N. Korea or Iran may not even be worth worrying about at this time. What China and India will pose soon as a threat can not even be envisioned either. Yet, nothing will be as devastating as the massive humanity walking through Türkiye. Even worse, irregular masses of migrants will arrive from Asia and Africa in hoards.

If only 5 percent of them make it to Europe, nothing will be the same in the Western world. America will become the last bastion for the Christian white. Voting better, getting rid of complacency, and working for humanity, only then will matter. Unfortunately, it will be little too late unless one billion in the West acts now, and with faith.