Not Knowing What to Do Against Turkey

Sad To See France Depleted

As a Francophone Turkish-American, I cherish all three cultures and history equally. So, it is so sad to see France depleted once again. Venturing into unchartered territories will surely come back and hunt the country and the nation. For some reason, France has done it all throughout its history, never realizing what the limit is. Maybe that is part of the culture it has to live with.


France came to the help of America fighting its war of independence against the United Kingdom of Great Britain (UKGB). America went to the help of France twice, in return. During World War I, the first 14,000 U.S. infantry troops landed in France at the port of Saint-Nazaire. Then again on June 6th, 1944, when the Allied invasion of Normandy took place.

The mess France left behind for America in Vietnam was such that it did not know how to get out of! In Algeria, America finally put an end to the misguided French adventures. In 1962, JFK simply ended the grand plans of France there. That is how Algeria gained its independence. France became a minuscule power next to America and the Union Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

Yet, France never stopped its mischiefs like an ever-spoiled child. It entered into a quasi-relationship with the USSR, temporarily walking away from NATO in 1966. France sought to side with Russia to counter the UKGB or the Prussians/Germans before as well in the 19th century. None of them did any good to France.

Sad To See France Depleted

This Time Against Turkey

Despite all the failures, it seems extremely hard for France to break from old habits. Nowadays it decides to harness unrealistic dreams like dominating the Mediterranean Sea. Knowing full well, the UKGB or the Federal Republic of Germany will never tolerate it, France still pursues a path to oblivion. Yet, lurking danger in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea may not be as forgiving. Especially if poked, France can easily become a scapegoat.

The modern Republic of Turkey is the domineering economic and military power of the region. It has already carved half of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea as an exclusive zone. Plus having effectively and punishingly finished off the Russia-Iranian Hezbollah-Bashar Assad axis in Syria within few days is a warning. One would suspect, France would heed the message after the ferocious and sophisticated military assault.

Plus, Turkey did something similar in Libya. There the odds were even greater against Turkey. Yet it still brought everyone down to their knees. There was a dozen country facing Turkey. That should have been big enough notice.

No! Not France of today! Instead, France commits an “unforced-error” by falsely blaming Turkey in NATO. Turkey, in return, impeccably counters the move and now demands a humiliating public apology from France.

Sad to See France Depleted

Never Taking a Lesson from History

What are the options for France under the circumstances? Apologize, cut your losses, move on, and do not ever think of raising the ante! But this is France of today. It decides to raise the ante even though the consequences are dire in European Union with Covid-19 and other ingrained problems.

On top of that, France raises the ante by seeking help from Russia! Instead, it should have done what France did from 1515 to 1547, during the reign of Francois I. Then France sought help from the Ottoman Turks against the ever-expanding Habsburg monarchy when the Muslim empire was the arch-enemy of Christianity.

But look at the wisdom of King Francois I! That is how France became a major power income in the 20th century.

Insatiable but also Inoperable

Nature of Russia, America, France Relationship

France always sought close bilateral relationships with either Russia or America. Neither has ever been suitable partners. In the twenty-first century, instead of dealing frankly with the rapidly rising Turkey, seeking help from either Russia or America is incomprehensible.

Sad Picture

France to Seek Help from Russia Against New Turkey

Having faced military debacles in Syria in the pre-Corona, and Libya during the Corona, Russia is in no shape to confront New Turkey anywhere. But worse, Russia knows very well, in the post-Corona, New Turkey will come with more demands from Russia. It will ask to lower the prices of the natural resources that it is exporting to Europe via Turkish pipelines. Considering New Turkey also buys nuclear plants and military platforms from Russia worth tens of billions of dollars, it is unbelievable for France to think Russia will have any leverage over New Turkey anytime soon.

Moreover, seeking help from Russia against New Turkey will exact further consequences from France. Trying to flank an adversary will only force the adversary to return the favor with a counter flanking. New Turkey will naturally meddle deeper in Africa. France, having already lost the Middle East and now Libya is also practically gone, cannot tolerate any more losses. Unfortunately, nowadays Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco are in a quasi-alliance with New Turkey, Next in the cross-hair are “former” or otherwise still de facto French colonies in Africa.

Even Worse

France to Challenge New Turkey in a Naval Bravado

What is worse, New Turkey knows full well, neither Russia nor America will come to help. Especially when there is military warfare! Neither will want to fall out of favor with President Erdogan, never mind crossing or confronting him outright. Russia needs a close alliance with New Turkey against Western pressure. The US needs its close alliance to continue in the face of rapidly rising China. Neither has a better option than New Turkey for their national interest.

President of France Emmanuel Macron became the most ribbed leader of current times. He also has a reputation that he does not have the capacity to be embarrassed. General consensus, he simply does not understand the consequences of his actions. Friends and foes are tolerating him. Yet, no one also knows how much longer this may last. Time will tell.

Macron is a point of no return from two decisions he undertook in the Eastern Mediterranean. First, he ordered the Charles De Gaulle carrier to steam to Create at the entrance of the Eastern Mediterranean. President Erdogan of New Turkey issued a statement that he will sink it when it comes there. Macron immediately ordered De Gaulle to return to port for mechanical problems. When Macron sent frigate Courbet instead to save face, something worse took place.

French frigate left powerless in the middle of the sea when it got near Turkish frigate. Helpless, it requested an escort Wessel to go back to homeport. Macron then thought what is lost at sea can be won at the table. There too, NATO proved him wrong.

Ignorance: Bliss No More!

Simply put, it is sad to see France depleted once again. It is time to open eyes and see the realities clearly. Especially, when many other global powers have already noticed that times have changed.  One, the dynamics of the international system have been evolving past two decades. Two, New Turkey is becoming old-self like in the 1500s in this dynamic.

France not wanting to admit it and acting instead as if “brain dead” is not the answer. Much like some in America continues to be delusional ends up with ill-fated foreign policy objections. Ignoring how the 24-year rule of the Globalists ruined America and the West, much like Macrons of Europe will surely bring calamity one day.