Created China-Turkey Tag Team

Colosal American Miscalculation in Pakistan

Colossal American Miscalculation in Pakistan created the China-Turkey tag team. Current American ally India is ironically the most to lose from this development. India now faces a greater challenge from its nemesis Pakistan in the company of China and Turkey. They are sure to fill the vacuum America left behind which is win-win-win for all three countries.

Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world. It is the eleventh most powerful military. Within a decade, it will become one of the top twenty economies in the world as well. So it makes a ton of difference if Pakistan is an ally or foe. For America, abandoning Pakistan has an untold number of consequences, never mind bringing China and Turkey together for economic reasons.

Yet neither what India goes through nor China-Turkey rapprochement matters next to what will transpire in 2024 and beyond. American miscalculation about this date is bewildering. Not paying attention to history is the problem. Globalists in particular ignore what the rest of the world values the most. In that regard, ignorance has colossal consequences.

Colossal American Miscalculation in Pakistan

Created China-Turkey Tag Team

Pakistan has always been a natural ally of China. The countries always had a common adversary in India. Pakistanis are also eternal brethren of Turks. Yet, now America out of picture, there is a vacuum to fill. Absence of America has become their single common denominator to proceed forward. It opens tremendous opportunities. Nothing could have brought these countries together. As a result, the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) will benefit the most.

Gwadar Pakistan presents China an essential alternative for the BRI. The corridor via Pakistan creates a direct link to the Arabian Sea for China. After that, the Basra-Istanbul route brings the BRI to Europe. No influence over Pakistan, Turkey, and Iran, Iraq also becomes a big problem for America. Iran in the south and Turkey in the north will ensure Iraq stays in the mold for China and the BRI.

In this environment, Pakistan will  surely grow fast. It will become an economic and military power sooner than widely projected. Joint projects will move ahead unhampered and new horizons will appear for the country. China will market military platforms through joint ventures with Pakistan. Turkey too will enter into joint ventures to improve economies and military edge mutually.

Colossal American Miscalculation

Gave Russia Free Hand

Russia will equally benefit. Did not alliance with Pakistan, help war in Afghanistan against the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics and eventually end the Cold War? Russia now has no Pakistan to worry about in its backyard. Plus, Turkey in the south is a great strategic partner thanks to the recent US foreign policy mishaps. As a result, it can solely focus on the pressure coming from Europe. In that regard, there is no reason why Russia will not increase its mischief or power projection, for example, over Ukraine.

Pakistan Free From American Yoke

Pakistan free from American yoke will surely go through phases to adjust to the new environment. When all is said and done, America may come to a realization that losing Pakistan was equally monumental like losing Iran and Turkey were.

In the first phase, Pakistan will form a wide ranging union with Turkey. Defense industries of two of the most powerful Muslim militaries will embark on indigenous projects. Pakistan is a nuclear power with intercontinental missiles. Turkey has an edge in 5.0 nano and future technologies. It now focuses on miniaturization of platforms and products. Their heavy industry is also in place. Plus, they have massive labor force that is young and hungry. Combined power of these two countries will surely produce wonders for the world to witness.

In the second phase, Pakistan will also join Azerbaijan and Qatar in the company of Turkey. Two leading energy suppliers of the world, coupled with tons of funds to invest, will make the union of these four countries even more formidable. The bind among these four Sunni Muslim countries will find lots of room to grow. They will also exert inordinate amount of leverage over the entire Muslim ummah under the leadership of “New Turkey.” America will have no bearing on their initiatives.

Final phase may be the toughest to swallow for America. Pakistan, in the company of “New Turkey,” may move forward with decisive moves. Considering 3 March 2024 is the centennial anniversary when fledgling Turkey abolished the Caliphate, it is a significant date for Pakistanis as well. History would tell you how the Muslim mass was affected from the abolishment. Ignoring 1924 is a colossal miscalculation but not understanding its impact on Muslims everywhere and in particular in the sub continent is mind boggling.

3 March 1924

Timing of this post has nothing to do with the fast approaching 3 March 2024. Yet, it is a centennial that will affect the lives of billions on Planet Earth. Muslims will debate what transpired a century earlier. Others with differing faiths will also indulge in the discussion. Pakistan will be in the center of it, together with Turkey.

In 1924 Muslims from the region made up the main portion of ummah. The Ottoman Empire was the Caliphate. The Republic of Turkey inherited the empire and abolished the Caliphate on that date. The decision caused indignation among the billion-strong ummah. Now nearly two billion will mark the centennial. In ten years,  three billion will surely take up this issue again and again.

How and why Turkey abolished the Caliphate will be questioned as well as if the Grand National Assembly has ever ratified the abolishment in 1924. Soon, there will be more Muslims on Planet Earth than Christians for the first time ever. In 1924, Muslims were nineteen percent. Christians were thirty three percent of the global population. Percentages will be thirty five to thirty four in favor of Muslims.

They will be everywhere in big numbers from Asia to Africa to Europe. Nearly half a billion of them will be living inside Russia, India, and China. Pakistan, in the middle of this Bermuda Triangle with three hundred million population, will matter even more. Together with Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics, they will be a mass of humanity with common values.

Benazir Bhutto

This post is for the memory of Benazir Bhutto. She passed away on 27 December 2007. Daphne penned a cover story two days later for the leading London daily, Daily Mail. It also became a book, called: “My Benazir.”  The other side of the coin is the fact that Asif Ali Zardari became president of the country. Right after Benazir was “murdered” in the bombing in Rawalpindi. But that is a story for another time!

For the moment, let it be sufficient to say that Daphne and I, we spent two years with Benazir Bhutto and her husband Afi Ali Zardari to her passing, rather murder. In view of colossal American miscalculation, it now looks all the more necessary to go back and emphasize how important what transpires in Pakistan with Imran Khan at the helm.

If only, more others in Wash DC had the wherewithal to understand the magnitude of it sooner than later and not make these mistakes anymore!