For China, Iran, Turkey, England

London Basra Orient Express

In America, Globalists thought dividing Iraq into smaller countries was going to serve their interest. In 2003, George Bush (43) sent US troops to Iraq but by 2014, Barack Obama (44), instead, pulled them out prematurely. As a result, they paved the way for New Turkey, Iran, and China to take over Iraq. The London Basra Orient Express became a reality.

A decade after Obama mess by around 2023, this new express line will be one of the main routes. The Belt and Road Initiative will heavily depend on it. It will primarily serve the interest of China and New Turkey. Iran will also benefit from it considerably. It will carry a lot more than legal and illegal migrants to Western Europe.

London Basra Orient Express

This Orient Express, unlike the original one in 1883, will be a bit longer. The maiden trip of the original express was from Paris to Istanbul. This will continue beyond Istanbul to Silopi or Nusaybin in eastern Turkey and it will end up in Basra, Iraq.

New Turkey already renovated railroads from Istanbul to its eastern borders. Soon it will have the second-longest high-speed train network in the world with 10 thousand km. It will only be second to China with 30 thousand km.

Now, China and New Turkey will ensure Iraq also arrive to the modern times. Railrod from Basra to the Turkish border will achieve that. It will be built  much faster than Globalists worked to destroy the country.

China already invested more than 60 billion dollars to connect its Westernmost border with Gwadar port in Pakistan. This Orient Express will be the extension of that route. It will carry not only migrants to Europe but also goods. It will be an important portion of the new silk road.

Takes America Out of the Middle East Equasion

Globalists did not put a nail to the infrastructure in the same period in the USA. All the while, they bragged and continue to do so for having destroyed the Middle East. They never realized that they fell into folly as the Arab Spring became. All they did was to kill the US legacy in the region. New Turkey, Iran and China promptly came in and filled the vacuum. Today, five countries are primary beneficiaries of the London Basra Orient Express. The US is the sole odd man out with anything to show.

The Name of Progress Becomes China

The attempt to destroy Iraq and the rest of the Arab Middle East under the US leadership served China well. Trying to divide Iraq now further into smaller pieces will only be another nail in the coffin. China will altogether replace the US in southern Iraq because Iran and New Turkey will incorporate the rest. From there on it will not be difficult to see more often port calls to Iraq by the Chinese navy.

Cohesion in the Middle East

Iraq will be the place where the three-headed monsters of the East will start becoming a cohesive unit. New Turkey, Iran and China will have the opportunity to bond better and faster. These three countries, having nothing in common except historic and cultural animosities, now will prosper together and cooperate. Together, they will surely keep the West at bay and make the 21st century theirs in Iraq.

New Turkey to Incorporate Iraq Like Libya

New Turkey will be the biggest beneficiary like it became in Libya. Thanks to the Clinton fallacy during Arab Spring there, in Iraq, the Globalists fell into a similar ploy. Trying to send Arabs back to the dark ages only allowed the lion to come out of its den so to speak. Same as in Clinton’s war in Libya, New Turkey will, this time, incorporate northern Iraq into Turkey proper.

Clueless American Naysayers

What transpired since 1992, when the Globalists came to power in the US, is a testament, how New Turkey was lost. It is also a testament to how New Turkey became independent and dominant in the Middle East. The goal of turning the Middle East become no man’s land like it was in the 7th century only served New Turkey.

Now it will also serve Iran, China, Pakistan and the UK. Brexit in 2021 will make the UK the second-biggest trading partner of New Turkey after the EU. London Basra Orient Express will also have a lot to do with that. The incorrigible naysayer Americans will see their plans going bust again and for the worst.

Unfortunately, there are still those in Wash DC that believe they can sway Iranians over Shiites in Iraq. Some others on the other hand never understand, the more they play with the Kurdish card, the stronger New Turkey is becoming in Iraq. Finally, it is pitiful to see some in the US focus on Iran and New Turkey when China is behind both countries with a single goal. Getting the US altogether out of Iraq is the priority and it will not derail so long as the US and New Turkey do not cooperate.

Competing Against Iran Defies Logic

Iran is next door and the US is seven thousand miles away is one thing. Iran is Shiite Muslim and the US is Christian is. How do the naysayers expect to win this battle in the heart of divided Iraq? Plus, there is New Turkey in the north and China in the south to worry about.

Nothing to Stop New Turkey Rising

New Turkey in the north will not stop until it takes total control of Kirkuk and Mosul. Arabs know that. So do the Kurds be it Barzani or Talabani once the integrity of Iraq is compromised.

No one is doubting that New Turkey will play a Zero Sum Game in Iraq and win. But worse comes after that. Forcing New Turkey to a Zero Sum Game anywhere will be fatally detrimental for the US. New Turkey will play it simultaneously in Syria, E. Mediterranean and Aegean as well.

The Ottomans, then, finished the job in the Middle East in less than a decade. They incorporated all of the Arab lands into their empire in only 8 years. That included countries in the Arabian peninsula, Levant and Egypt.

What a coincidence the name of the third bridge on the Bosporus that is part of the BRI connecting Asia and Europe today is also Yavuz Sultan Selim! He is the very same ruler of the empire then.

Lots of people on this planet know what does that means! New Turkey can do the job in the Middle East better and faster now than Sultan Selim.

Better Understand Fast What Moves China in Iraq

China on the other hand will not want to see a Zero-Sum Game takes place in Iraq. It knows very well how it will end. How New Turkey will solely dominate Iraq whereas now it will work with China.

Unless, the railroad is built to perfection and fast, the tied in Iraq will be on the side of New Turkey. China knows the time pressures and will not let anyone jeopardize it.

If only some in the US understood what moved China!

China will prevent division in Iraq:

It will build the London Basra Orient Express!

It is not for no reason the BRI in Pakistan is called China’s flagship economic corridor. China is projected to spend upwards of 60 billion and that is not the final tally. The road, railroad, and pipeline will go from the Chinese-Pakistani town of Khunjerab to the port of Gwadar. Ending by the Sea of Oman is not the end of the road.

It will continue through the Arabian Sea to Basra, Iraq. From there to Silopi or Nusaybin Turkey is the final destination. It would be naive to think China did not figure how to connect the Pakistani section with the rest via Iraq. Only a fool can believe that China did not take advantage of the novice “Globalist” US presidents since 1992.

China invested heavily in Iran and New Turkey, capitalizing on the misdeeds of the US in Iraq. The plan for the London Basra Orient Express was there for a long time. If only some in the US knew their geography or history a little better!

The other main route going over Central Asia which is the best alternative has one big pitfall. It is called the Uyghurs in Eastern Turkmenistan. Both China and New Turkey know very well how that plays into the Iraq railroad. That is the single biggest reason why China will build the route over Iraq against all odds.

Uyghur Turks

Bigger Problem for China

Not Keeping Iraq Intact

Uyghurs of Xinjiang are a bigger problem for China than the US in Iraq. Uyghurs will not stop until they gain independence from China. In Iraq, all China has to do keep the integrity of the country.

Against Uyghurs, China is alone and has to fight against everybody from Turks to Europeans to Americans. In Iraq, China is with everyone and all it has to do is to confront the US in Iraq.

These naysayers in the US have a lot to learn. Until then, we, the rest, in the US, do not have to pay the price of their ignorance and short commings. But that is for another article when we can talk about the likes of USNI and their idiosyncrasies.