New Beginning for France in Africa

New beginning for France in Africa requires opening a new page. This could be done if France cuts all ties to its colonial past. France cannot do this by blaming other powers making inroads in the Dark Continent. France cannot blame Africans either for looking at better alternatives.

New Beginning for France in Africa

For starters, Globalism and a new beginning for France in Africa are contradictions. The New World Order requires a center state surrounded by clusters of states. There could not be a European center state in the middle of a cluster of states in Africa. That would be called: Colonialism in the twenty-first century.

Maybe, it’s hard for France to understand this dilemma under the leadership of Globalist Emmanuel Macron. For the rest, that is not “experiencing brain death” , a new beginning for France in Africa cannot take place under the current conditions. Reconstituting Colonialism under new dogma, doctrine, or procedures will simply not work.

For France to eradicate past wrongs and to start anew is possible but not under the Globalist minded regime. In the twenty first century, Africans are yearning for Nationalism, sovereignty of people, with the coming of the New World Order. Globalist powers must find their own bubbles elsewhere to become the center state for their own cluster of states.

France in Africa Cannot Compete 

As a result, a new beginning for France in Africa would be a long and arduous road, if not impossible. Primarily, China would present a tough competition as an example of modern day Colonialism. Soon to become the biggest economy in the world, it will impose its will in certain parts of Africa no matter what.

Unfortunately, France has additional and fundamental problems to overcome. For example, France is projected to be replaced with Türkiye in the top ten economies in the world. In other words, France will have less to offer to Africa compared to the rising powers of the East beyond China.

On top of that, Türkiye, in particular, will increasingly present a tougher competition than others. Türkiye has a lot in common with Africa from history to religion to heritage. Accordingly, it already established an image across the continent as an alternative to China.

Western powers, in the meantime, are burdened with their Colonialist past. When they had the upper hand in the twentieth century, they chose Colonialism in Africa. France, unlike most other Colonialists, never let go of the mindset and practices. As a result, now it feels like it is in the crosshair of everyone.

Africa Prefers Turkish Technology

So why does Africa prefer Türkiye in the twenty-first century?

Türkiye made a foray to the Dark Continent with humanitarian aid, superior technology and win-win deals. It arrived there with the Turkish Airlines, ensuring connections to the rest of the world with scheduled flights. Most importantly, it embarked on this path without discrimination and with no Colonial past.

  • The Ottoman Turks came to Africa in 1517. They conquered North Africa. Soon, the Horn of Africa also became part of their domain. They unified the region in the name of Islam and sultans as Caliphs.
  • The Republic of Türkiye inherited this history, heritage, and culture and decided to revisit the Dark Continent but his time in its entirety. As a result, it presented an alternative to the Europeans.
  • The superiority of Turkish technology was most visible in drones. They were useful but they also started to become a threat power to protect their territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Macron Has Baggage

What’s More, No Resources

First, France must terminate the disgraceful “Colonial Tax” against 14 African countries. After that, it must reconcile its complicated past with Africa.

Meanwhile, Nationalism is the “Soup of the Day.”  How will Globalism be introduced when the idea is already in deep trouble in the West?

At a time when the “Old Continent” is in chaos and heading “back to the Dark Ages,” there is a credibility factor.

What can the “Old Continent” offer to the “Dark Continent” when it does not even have enough energy and food supply to sustain life at home.

So It Begs The Question

What exactly Macron was thinking to offer “a new beginning” to have-nots, when France does not have any of it?

On that note, his memorable quote never escape us: “Macron experiencing brain death!”

Sorry, it is a Freudian slip: “NATO alliance experiencing brain death!”