From Ethiopia to Morocco

to Nigeria to Tunisia

Africa Prefers Turkish Technology

Africa Prefers Turkish Technology

Turkish exports to Africa, currently, stands at around 25 billion dollars per year. Within this decade, the target is 75 billion dollar mark. One reason for this sharp increase is the Turkish military platforms. Africa prefers Turkish technology from Ethiopia to Morocco to Nigeria to Tunisia.

China used to be the sole competition across the board, against America and Western interests, in the dark continent. Now, increasingly, Türkiye is second to none and fast growing. Meanwhile, France is the biggest loser no matter how one slices this Western dilemma.

Africa Prefers Turkish Technology

Armed Industry

Tunisia and Morocco are the first to receive Turkish drones. They confirmed. Ethiopia and Nigeria did not confirm yet. Nevertheless, they are most likely in the process of receiving them as well, if they do not have them already. Yet, they are not the only four countries that are interested or in the process of getting them from Türkiye.

There are 54 countries in the dark continent. When the third Türkiye-Africa Economic Business Forum convened in Istanbul in October 2021, 41 countries attended. 21 heads of state or government, accompanied by more than 100 cabinet ministers, mainly inquired about the Turkish military platforms.

Turkish Technology

German Sophistication Chinese Prices

Nowadays, beside America, China and Russia also face the Turkish technology brunt when marketing their platforms. Türkiye has German sophistication with Chinese prices. Yet, that is not the only problem that Turkish technology presents. For example, in Ethiopia, when Turkish drones appeared, there was no more West instigated separatist movement in the north! Get it?

Turkish technology does not end up in Africa solely because of its quality and value. Africans like Asians, Latin Americans, and Europeans also receive one additional benefit alongside. The genuine win-win relationship is further reinforced with culture, history, but also humanity.

In that regard, poor France gets the worse end of the stick from the rising Turkish power in Africa. By the way, France still collects something called “colonial tax” from 14 African countries to this day, and age! No wonder ever since Turkish technology became available, former French colonies started to call: “Down with France.” Now, they also demand a reset in Africa.

Africa Prefers Turkish Technology

Türkiye Makes it Win-Win

The West colonized Africa in the 19th century. In the 21st century, China also appeared on the horizon. Unfortunately, China came like a hole in the head for Africa, when Russia and America’s tug of war was already causing enough quandary to the locals.

Then, suddenly, Turkish technology showed up out of nowhere. Plus, it came with no strings attached. Now, from trade to the exploration of natural resources to investing in agriculture and infrastructure, there was a fair deal for all 54 countries to explore and enjoy.

Türkiye, meanwhile, had a common heritage with northern half of Africa where the population was predominantly Muslim. Yet, the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan regime that was in power since 2002 was preaching win-win for everyone. In other words, there was no discrimination or favoritism.

First, Turkish Airlines, Europe’s Best Airline for a number of years, offered regularly scheduled flights to all African capitals. After that came the lethal Turkish drones, called TB-2 and Anka. As a result, it is no accident now that Africa prefers Turkish technology that comes with sophistication, practicality, convenience, pricing, and so on.

America’s Destiny

Colonialists and Globalists

In summary, Africa found a genuine leader in Türkiye. It was willing to protect its back. As a result, Africa started to believe that it would be able to withstand Colonialism or Globalism. No matter where they came from, East or West.

On that note, it is important to note that America has never been accused of Colonialism. Unfortunately, three Globalist US administrations later since 1992, America did not look any different than the rest of the menace that was taking advantage of Africa for centuries.

George Bush (43) made a very memorable, yet only symbolic, five country visit during his term. Barack Obama had roots in Kenya. However, I, Erbil Gunasti, personally visited his grandmother Sarah Obama at her home in Kogelo more than he did during his eight years in office.

Though grandma’s lifestyle improved during the presidency of his grandson, not many in Africa can claim he made much direct impact in their lives. As for Bill Clinton, no one remembers if he did anything for Africa. His legacy somehow remains limited to his Oval Office indiscretions.

In that context, it is no accident Africa prefers Turkish technology. Apparently, Türkiye was genuinely investing in all 54 countries since 2002, when Colonialists and Globalists were either taking advantage of them or ignoring them altogether. Until the Chinese showed up, that is, to take everything away from them, reportedly.