Changing Times in the Western Alliance

It Is Türkiye, Stupid!

What changed in the Western Alliance lately? Ever since the early 1990s, voters in the West insisted on electing Globalists to power. In America, in a twenty-four-year span, three novice presidents did untold damage. One destroyed morality. The other decimated the military. The third drained economy. Currently, another is reigning since 2020. According to one of the leading American TV personalities, “it feels like there is no bottom.” How low could it go under this current administration in America? In Europe, the picture is not much different. Globalist leaders much like in America are en-debting Germany, France, and Italy. That is why one of the major powers in the alliance left the pack so to speak. No, it is not what you think. It is Türkiye Stupid!

Look at G-20:

It is Globalists Stupid!

Globalists have done a lot of damage. America used to control twenty six percent of the global GDP in 1992. When Barack Obama left office, it was down to fifteen percent. The 42nd, 43rd, and 44th presidents, with their Globalist agenda, eroded American power in the world.

Now, the 46th president is continuing strong in the same path, further undermining America. Meanwhile, rising powers of the East from China to India, and for that matter Türkiye, continue to prosper. As a result, they are able to leverage and project their strategic interests in their neck of woods.

Much like Russia is doing in neighboring countries, China is doing it in the South China Sea. Türkiye is doing it in the surrounding seas, called Mavi Vatan. After that, all three join at the G-20 meetings and coalesce even more with the rest of the rising powers of the East.

Winter of 2022

In the winter of 2022, the energy crisis and grain shipment mess will surely elevate the status of G-20. By then, Russia and Türkiye will be the two key states with hands-on food and energy supply of the world.

In other words, Russia and Türkiye are not the problems of the West. One is producing tons of energy and grain. The other is making sure that they are delivered to the West and beyond uninterrupted.

So then what is with this Russia – Ukraine War?

It is Globalists Stupid!

Look at NATO:

It is Türkiye and Erdoğan Stupid!

I authored “GameChanger.” I argued that America has to work with Türkiye to remain the sole superpower in the world. Otherwise, within a decade, America will be relegated to third spot in the world. After that, erosion of military superiority will also become a problem.

European security and economy, in the meantime, are in dire straights. See “Resurrecting NATO Before Killing” and then “Swedish-Finish NATO Hypocrisy.” I argued what Globalists are up to. They have been on the same path for the past three decades since early 1990s.

In the GameChanger, I explained how Globalists tried to destabilize the world with examples from Türkiye. I also explained how their attempts backfired when I detailed who Recep Tayyip  Erdoğan is. In other words, in the 2020s, it is  not the Covid-19 or the Russia-Ukraine War, or Swedish-Finish membership application to NATO.

It is Türkiye & Erdoğan Stupid!

They spoil it for the Globalist regimes everytime. Ukraine with ten million people displaced, will Sweden and Finland wait to enter NATO a decade or two? It is Turkiye & Erdoğan that will decide.


Since the turn of the Millennium, Türkiye &  Erdoğan have become a “GameChanger” duo. It is not that Globalists were not at work all throughout the world. They were but Türkiye and Erdoğan were confronting them at every turn. From Africa to the Middle East to Central Asia, the duo was there.

They still are everywhere from northern Iraq and Syria, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh, Ethiopia, eastern Meditteranean Sea to Ukraine. Let’s see what Globalists will try next! Just observe if Turkiye & Erdoğan are a step ahead of them doing the thing that they do best: Spoil it for them!