Arguably, NATO is the brainchild of the Pentagon. That is how the US sustained hegemony in the aftermath of WWII. That is why it is hard to stomach now how NATO commits suicide and Pentagon does not do the right thing.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an intergovernmental military alliance of 31 member states. 29 are Europeans and two are North Americans.

Article 5 of the Washington Treaty says that an attack against one Ally is an attack against all. It is at the core of the Alliance, a promise of collective defense.

Article 4 of the treaty ensures consultations among Allies on security matters of common interest. However, in reality, the Pentagon reigns supreme.

How NATO Commits Suicide

With Ukraine, Sweden, and Finland

NATO began committing suicide ever since Globalists came to power in the US. NATO’s expansion to incorporate former Warsaw Pact countries has turned into a suicidal mission.

Ukraine is a perfect example. The Russia-Ukraine War brought an inordinate amount of stress to the Alliance. The Swedish-Finish accession attempt became the second nail in the coffin for the Alliance.

Two years into the misery, the detrimental journey of the Alliance is noticeable. “Resurrecting NATO Before Killing” and “Swedish-Finish NATO Hypocrisy” explain how NATO commits suicide.

How NATO Commits Suicide

By Losing Türkiye

If Türkiye is not part of the Western alliance, NATO will not exist. The Pentagon knows this well. So does everyone, with some brain cells, among the 29 other members. Nowadays, there is a possibility, Türkiye may leave the Alliance.

Sweden is one of the reasons. Atrocities in the Gaza Strip are the other. Globalist regime in Wash DC insists on what Türkiye does not want when it comes to Sweden and Israel. So, what if Türkiye leaves then?

During the Cold War, NATO worked because Germany and Türkiye were in the Alliance. So, if the entry of Sweden will force Türkiye out, how will the Alliance exist exactly? How will Israel survive?

Here is Footnote to Keep in Mind!

About Turks

“Türkiye in the 20th century was ten times less resourceful and powerful when the West relied on Türkiye. Now, it is a formidable challenger, bigger, better, stronger, more powerful than one cannot imagine.”

“Mehmed II, commonly known as Mehmed the Conqueror (Ottoman Turkish: ابو الفتح, romanized: Ebū’l-fetḥ, lit. ’the Father of Conquest’; Turkish: Fâtih Sultan Mehmed), was twice the sultan of the Ottoman Empire from August 1444 to September 1446 and then later from February 1451 to May 1481.”

Mehmet II is known to have said: “It is difficult to be a Turk, because Turks have lots of enemies. However, it is more difficult to be a non-Turk, because they have to face Turks.” It is good to keep in mind what Mehmed II said then.

Mehmed II is also the one that replaced the name of the city “Constantinople” with “Istanbul”. For those that are not familiar with, he conquered it in 1453. Ever since, it is the most cherished Muslim city in the world and still is to date.

Enough Questions to Ponder

How NATO Commits Suicide

You think?

Without NATO there will always be the United States of America. However, the United States of America will not be the sole superpower of the world without NATO.

I explained it well in the Gamechanger, my book, published in 2020, in the US and Australia, simultaneously. Do not have a copy? Here are the summary headlines!

Demographic Reasons

Demographically speaking, the population of Asia and Africa will increase by 2 billion in this century. That means there will be about 3 billion Muslims on Planet Earth.

3 billion will make about one third of the world’s population. Same as the population of Christians who were two to one larger than Muslims only a century ago.

The US as a Christian Republican will not be able to reign over anymore no matter how one slices it. As a result, the US will continue to retreat to North America.

The last bastion of Christianity will receive more from the Old Continent. They will be running away from the flood of Asian and African refugees legal and illegal.

Economic Reasons

China and India, projected to become number one and two economies in the world will have nearly three times bigger combined economies than the US.

At the height of the US hegemony, the US controlled nearly half of the world’s economy. Together with the Europeans, they had 75 percent of it in their control.

The fourth and fifth economies in the world will be Muslim by the end of this decade or so. Among the G-20 economies, there was only Türkiye in the 20th century.

In the 21st century, 7 Muslim countries will replace 7 Western economies in the top 20. Some dropping from the list will not even make the top 30 anymore.

Military Reasons

When economy goes down, next comes military demise. With the US, it is already very apparent. Economic decay since 1992 nowadays reflects the consequences.

The “Air Superiority” is already showing the vulnerabilities to come in the future. The US still has massive and overwhelming air, ballistic missile, and aircraft carrier power.

Yet, the US does not have a reliable fifth generation fighter anymore. Drones are prohibitively expensive and not war tested like the Turkish drones.

Finally, advances in electromagnetic warfare makes the ballistic missiles useless. Does Israel or the US would like to prove if this argument holds water?

How NATO Commits Suicide

How NATO commits suicide is not the right headline for this article. How the US commits suicide is.

It starts when NATO commits suicide then it goes down the drain fast. That is why I would suggest one more time.

Please, read Resurrecting NATO Before Killing few times. Then, try to understand the finer points!?

After that you can always read the GameChanger for the larger perspective. It is for your own good if you are living in the West but also in Israel.