Growing Conspiracy Against Turkiye

The latest campaign against the current regime in power in Turkiye began with an explosion. It was a bomb. A string of terrorists and agents, reportedly supported by the Western powers, detonated it. It took place in the heart of Istanbul on 13 November 2022. Three months later, on 6 February 2023, two massive earthquakes shook Turkiye. The enormity of destruction and the ensuing ever growing number of dead and wounded were equally unprecedented. As a result, some summarized this stretch of mayhem from November 2022 to February 2023 as a “growing conspiracy against Turkiye”.

In fact, for the majority, from the get go it was not so. The facts were so incomprehensible to the human mind that simply turned them numb. However, one thing was clear. For example, bombing Times Square Friday night when Broadway shows are in fashion would be an act of war. The other abnormality was the fact that there were two 7 plus in magnitude earthquakes within a few hours. To explain their effects better, these two earthquakes were like atomic bombs but 130 times the size that America dropped over Nagasaki or Hiroshima in Japan. The fury of nature has never been this ferocious.

So much so, some have already turned to the Quran, Bible, and Torah for answers. However, there was no immediate solace there either. Consequently, the gravity of the atrocities inadvertently turned attention towards the “usual suspects” in the mind of the helpless. In the international arena, there is no shortage of them when the targets were Turks, Turkiye, Turkish Council, and Muslims. In that regard, I did not author GameChanger for nothing, published in 2020 both in the US and Australia. There, I listed a series of them against Turks among the usual suspects in the West.   

Growing Conspiracy Against Turkiye

Today, there is a widespread belief about ill-intent in the Globalist led West. Getting rid of Turks, Turkiye, Turkish Council, and Muslims, for example, are presumed priorities. Meanwhile, the other side of the reality is that Turks have been a resilient race all throughout. The 1071 victory of Seljuk Turks in Manzikert against Christianity and the fall of Constantinople in 1453 to the Ottoman Turks highlight their remarkable advances.

Finally, the demise of the Ottoman Empire in WWI became a brief respite for the West. However, it did not last long. “Modern” Turks replaced their rapidly decaying empire with their 17th state in history, namely, the Republic of Turkiye. The transformation was not cosmetic. Constantinople and Manzikert still belonged to Turks as Istanbul and Malazgirt. So were the two of the four straits that make the Middle East strategically vital for the world powers.

As a result, historic defeats alone make Westerners eternal and bitter enemies of Turks. Yet what else the modern Turkish republic controls makes it even more enviable, consequently hated. Basically, the Fertile Crescent where Euphrates and Tigre rise allows Turks to dominate the entire region. Coupled with the control of three seas surrounding the Asia Minor, it is no wonder. Turkiye is the economically and military dominant country of the region.

In short, there could be no growing conspiracy against Turkiye at this time. There could only be open and ever growing hatred against Turkiye. Consequently, anytime a bomb explodes in the middle of Istanbul or an unprecedented earthquake, for instance, with the impact of 11 on Richter Scale takes place, Christianity and the West will surely be viewed as the “usual suspects”.

“Usual Suspects”


WWI and WWII and atrocities like in south east Asia or the Middle East instigated by the West warrant the reputation. So is the November 2022 bombing in Istanbul: The confessions of agents caught in the criminal act are equally damming for the West.

All the while, reports about the “usual suspects” on board of one of the four biggest warships currently steaming in a hurry to Istanbul also do not help. They are, reportedly, the very agents that perpetrated and failed the 15 July 2016 coup d’état in Turkiye.

On a normal day, Turks will prevent warships entering “Mavi Vatan” for no reason and surely after through examination and determination. In that regard, this Trojan horse of a warship may possibly fall into the “wolf trap” Turks are famous for, under the circumstances.

After all, recently Turks have proven their superiority in electronic warfare against the best of the best from Russia to France. In war time, what is to stop them not to respond in kind and display what else they have in the arsenal and with ferocity?

Turks bombed the entire region in Iraq and Syria for days. Hundreds aircraft sorties and missiles, dropping tons of precision bombs were a massive response for a single bombing in Istanbul! Wounded Turks with such calamity will be like a “lone wolf” looking for an excuse.

At this stage, one would pray that no idiot on our side would be implicated with this atrocity in appearance, never mind with clear cut evidence of a malfeasance of sorts!

Not a Conspiracy

But What a Coincidence?

Meanwhile, it is worth revisiting the 1999 earthquake in Golcuk for a refresher!

Golcuk was, and still is, the main base of the Turkish navy. The earthquake there too was a 7 plus on the Richter Scale and it was very timely. It took place when the Turkish navy was rapidly building to dominate the region. The devastating “natural disaster” then reportedly decimated many warships and submarines.

Kahraman Maras Earthquake, a quarter century later, this time points to another Turkish military build up nearby. Turks widely reported that they gave a deadline to the Western forces, in northern Syria that there will be a military incursion. The West had been dreading this Turkish ultimatum, helpless.

Simply put, regarding earthquakes, there could be no conspiracy against Turkiye. However, what a coincidence that these two formidable Turkish military build ups would be tested with an earthquake of magnitude each, never before seen, if ever?

Golcuk Navy Base vs. Military Incursion to Syria

In retrospect, by 2009, Turks faced a further “insider’s job” against their elite naval officers, a decade after the earthquake. What is now known as “Ergenekon” falsely imprisoned many good officers. A decade after that in 2019, Turks not only cleaned their house but also insulated their officers from a future international intrigue and accusations.

They also rebuilt a formidable navy that now dominates the eastern Mediterranean Sea like no other navy in the world. Along with that, Turkiye also declared sovereignty in the surrounding seas, calling the area “Mavi Vatan”. The ensuing Türkiye-Libya Maritime Agreement effectively made the Mediterranean east of Crete a closed sea to the Western navies.

In that regard, in view of what transpired ever since the last massive earthquake in 1999, does anyone in the West believe this earthquake in 2023  will prevent Turks entering northern Syria? What are the chances now Turks will not promise to fulfill the goals of Misak-i Milli?

Surely no one can expect them to wait for a third earthquake, possibly in Istanbul, for example, before another military incursion, never mind build up!

Growing Conspiracy Against Turkiye

It is hard to say if there were any Western conspiracies against Turkiye during the earthquake in Golcuk in 1999. However, if anyone is planning to exploit this vulnerable time in Turkiye one must think twice.

The Golcuk earthquake and the ensuing Ergenekon intrigue should have already taught valuable lessons.

As I put it in the GameChanger, conspiracy against Turkiye was a modus operandi in the twentieth century. Turks ever since the turn of the Millennia switched the game into “Chicken” from “Catch-22”.

I also predicted that Turks will also start playing “Zero Sum Games” in the twenty-first century.

Just have a look at the GameChanger, you will see! Meanwhile, let me emphasize for those who are still slow to understand, especially those in Wash DC.

Turkish Zero Sum Games will come into play, earthquake or not.

Get it?