Global Calamity Year Two

The Russia-Ukraine war that began on 20 February 2022 was the global calamity year one. The earthquake that took place in Türkiye on 6 February 2023 qualifies as global calamity year two.

Did the third world war start with the 2020 presidential election in the US? If so, what does calamity “year one”  have to do with “year two”? Are they related by any chance?

Global Calamity Year Two

The earthquake in Turkiye will go to the annals of history as a global calamity simply because it will have worldwide consequences. Some of them will be positive. Some others will be negative. No one knows at this time what countries will get the best and worst of it.

That is why I am naming it “global” much like the first year calamity of war between Russia and Ukraine has been so far. The only apparent difference between the two is who started the first calamity compared to the second one.

For the moment, the second one is accepted as a “natural” calamity. However one has to define what is “natural” when the world has become a war zone between Globalists and the rest.

To clarify this further, let’s put it how a Globalist would explain it. One prominent now deceased explained it best: “Let them not believe in conspiracy theories, we will continue to do what we know how to do best!”

Global Calamity Year One

Russia Was Plan B

I am of the view that the Global Calamity Year One is a by-product of Globalist minds. If the Joe Biden Administration did not come to power in the 2020 presidential election, it is widely believed there would not have been the Russia-Ukraine war.

No one disputes certain facts. Globalists pushed for the idea of expanding NATO at the expense of the Russian Federation only to entice the Bear into aggression. They were successful. It took them all of 2021 to get the war started in February 2022.

Troop deployments back and forth by Russia all throughout 2021 explains it the best. I also emphasized this point in my post then in the “Resurrecting NATO Before Killing“. “Russian aggression against Ukraine was “Plan B” for Globalists.

The other Globalist plot, as I explained in my “Swedish-Finish NATO hypocrisy” post, had a double purpose. One was to entice Russia further into aggression against its bordering countries in Europe. The other was to put Türkiye at further odds within NATO.

Global Calamity Year Two

Second Try on Plan A

Here is the dilemma for everyone to ponder at this stage! One, does the earthquake calamity in Türkiye give Globalists a second chance to go after the long time NATO ally? Two, does this calamity create the next global calamity, irrespective if this calamity was natural or “unnatural”?

In either case, Globalists, naturally, will look forward to the opportunity to undermine Türkiye in the wake of this “natural” disaster. Wouldn’t Türkiye, but also Russia, in turn, having gone through two calamities in between them, join forces even more from now on?

In other words, how could Globalists, having failed with Plan A in enticing Turkiye to go after Greece resorted to Plan B, could not have been tempted with the current earthquake calamity?

Global Calamity Year Three

2024 is a presidential election year in the US.

The question is if there would be incentive or appetite for a third year in a row of calamity on a global scale?

If Globalists feel desperate why wouldn’t they?

Why not?

Didn’t Globalists want chaos on Planet Earth in the first place?

Didn’t they create enough of it so far with years “One” and “Two”?

Why stop when all is well and going according to plan?

In that regard, it is also easy to conclude.

After all, the rising East has already caught up with the long decaying West in the hands of Globalists since 1992.

That is why I authored in the first place “GameChanger” arguing, unless the US collaborates with Turkiye it will not remain much longer the sole superpower of the world.

I was right.

In conclusion: Desperate Globalists proved it.

They are already knee deep with these global calamities “Year One” and “Year Two”.

And they are not finished!