End-of-NATO End of US-Supremancy

The US became a superpower in the second half of the twentieth century. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) simultaneously came to being in 1949. It was the brainchild of the Pentagon to ensure that the US-Supremacy would be lasting. So, it is not rocket science to figure out the dilemma that the Republic is in nowadays: End-of-NATO: End of US-Supremacy!

History tells us that the US has become a global power after three wars. The first was in 1898 against the Spanish Empire. The next two were World Wars. By 1945, the US economy was a quarter of the world economy. However, it was the  Pentagon that made the US Superpower not these wars.

End-of-NATO: End of US-Supremacy

The Korean War started with NATO. Turks played a vitally important role for its success. That is how the Pentagon established itself and NATO as an organization to sustain the supremacy of the US. Today, divided America is pulling NATO apart. Globalists on both sides of the Atlantic are putting their best effort to get rid of NATO.

I summarized their ill-attempts. One has been “Resurrecting NATO Before Killing.” The other is the ongoing “Swedish-Finish NATO Hypocrisy.” In either case, Globalists insidiously took advantage of the Pentagon. Nevertheless, much to their chagrin, the Pentagon seems to have understood their ploy and played along with them.

Pentagon Strategy to Prevent

End-of-NATO: End of US-Supremacy

At this time in America, Globalists and Nationalists alike give the impression that they are pursuing Swedish-Finish entry to NATO. While Globalists are doing it to weaken NATO by causing greater rift with Türkiye, their counterparts are doing it as a future strategy.

In the Western Alliance there is a widespread belief that NATO cannot exist without Türkiye as an active member state. Reportedly now, there is also notion that Swedish-Finish entry would pressure Russia further on the Western front and not focus too much on collaboration with China.

Abandoning Balance of Power

End of US-Supremacy

Opening another front against the Russian Federation may surely cause pressure. However, does not extra pressure from the West make Russia collaborate even more with Türkiye or China? What is the logic of trying to pressure China, Türkiye, and Russia on all kinds of fronts?

All four Globalist US presidents sought to pressure each one of these formidable Eastern powers as a strategy to date. What is the tally? Since the early 1990s, China and Türkiye have become the fastest growing, more importantly, domineering economic and military powers in their region.

The Russian Federation, meanwhile, simply recuperated. After that, smartly, it decided to collaborate with both China and Türkiye. Now, all three are on the brink of forming an even more formidable quasi union, having put aside most of their outstanding disagreements.

Abandoning the balance of power in Europe and the Middle East will surely cause further demise of US-Supremacy in the world. I explained this in the “GameChanger“. No one needs a brain surgery to understand arithmetic.

That is how the Pentagon made America the superpower that it is today with NATO. NATO stood on the European and the Middle Eastern pillars to project its power. Absence of balance of power in Europe and the Middle East, where would NATO be tomorrow?


Did you know that both the balance of power in Europe and the Middle East have one common denominator. It is called: Türkiye. The one in Europe has been between Germany, Russia, and Türkiye. In the Middle East, it has always been between Persians, Arabs, and Turks.

Forgetting this equation simply would mean End-of-NATO: End of US-Supremacy. What part of any of this is not clear? Unless of course if someone is not a Patriotic American, surely abandoning the balance of power would be their argument.

It is that simple to understand who is who from this perspective. Isn’t it? Someone could either be unpatriotic or may not have enough “faculty” up there to arrive to common sense. Right!